Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 973

Chapter 973 Grace And Almighty

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There was nothing about these youngsters that he cared for.

Their parents and relatives were quite powerful in South Africa. The blond young man’s father was the South African ambassador of Australia. One girl’s father was an official of the Australian government in Tasmania, quite high in position. He was one of the members of parliament.

The others’ parents were South Africa’s wealthy businessmen or in senior management positions of some international company in South Africa. These family backgrounds were incredible, but Li Du did not care at all.

Even if all of them joined hands, their power would still be no match for Lion Hunter. He was not even intimidated by Lion Hunter, let alone these people.

The blond young man and the girl called, “Renata” seemed to have some uses. He was interested in the purchase of Seagull Island in Australia, and perhaps their families could be of assistance.

Then, Li Du began to calm down. He sat these two down and said, “Your friend wanted to kill us earlier. He actually wanted to kill us.”

The blond young man, Wayne, cried, “Sir, I swear to God that has nothing to do with us. We didn’t know that he would act like this. That idiot!”

Li Du said, “Alright. I saved your lives. As you witnessed, if I didn’t make a move, your friends would not have had the guts to save you. Right?”

Renata strongly agreed and nodded. She cursed, “Those useless scoundrels! Weaklings! Cowards! Always bragging about themselves being greater than holy warriors when in fact, they are just useless scoundrels!”

Li Du said, “Listen. If I am unreasonable, I would have dealt with the two of you too. As a matter of fact, I have justice and righteousness on my side. Who cares if your parents show up? I would have done the same thing. There is nothing that can be done.”

The two of them were still in shock. They did not get what Li Du meant, were not aware of his intention. He was making hints in the hopes that they would offer a deal, but they didn’t pick up on it. He had to speak directly.

“I have been to Australia. It’s a beautiful country. I like it there. I even wanted to buy an island in Tasmania.”

“Yes,” Renata responded proudly, “Tasmania is like the pearl of the world. Everyone loves it there.”

“I really like it there. I wanted to buy an island there but I ran into some complications. Perhaps your families could be of assistance.”

The two of them understood now. They gave each other a look and then took complete charge.

“We are obligated to, sir.”

“We would be happy to be of assistance.”

The two of them they were actually just stalling. They agreed to Li Du’s request so that they could leave this place. When they returned back to Australia, which was their territory, they could handle matters according to their own rules.

But Li Du anticipated this. He again spoke directly. “Listen up, Mister and Miss. This is not a request, but a demand. Put it this way: this is what you are supposed to do. Understood?”

He could tell that these two were well-protected university students. His assumption was that they had not graduated yet and that they would be naive and easy to deal with.

“Understood,” the two of them answered haltingly.

Li Du gave a friendly pat on their shoulders and said, “If you promise to help me, then we are friends. And the matter between your friends and my friends will be forgotten. There is no point crying over spilled milk.”

Renata quickly agreed. “I am willing to help. I swear, if there is anything I can do, I am willing to help.”

Li Du said, “Great. Allow me to thank you in advance. But let me give you a heads up.” He smiled and hugged the two of them. He pointed at Big Quinn, Godzilla, and Brother Wolf. “They are my bodyguards. You can go and ask them about me. I am not someone to be messed with. If you mess with me, believe me, I will eventually find a way to deal with you. Do I make myself clear?”

The expressions on their faces changed. The blond young man sincerely said, “Of course. We won’t do that. We’re friends, aren’t we?”

Li Du smiled and patted their shoulders again. “Okay. This is over. As we have agreed, I will let them go.”

Sophie was still treating the injury on the young man’s arm. Cheeks was also a doctor but not a surgeon. Thus, he could only act as her assistance.

The injury was quite serious. Thankfully, Sophie was fully prepared. She had medicine and surgical equipment with her. She performed a minor operation on him and had his arm fixed rigidly in place.

After packing, she instructed the young man, “Head to the nearest city now. Quick. Immediately ask for an emergency treatment. Have the doctor continue a follow-up operation.”

The young man cried pathetically and asked, “Oh, God. Am I losing this arm?”

Cheeks was about to speak and then Sophie interrupted, “If the operation can be done in time, then there won’t be any problems. However, if it is delayed, then it can be very serious. It could even be fatal.”

These words were extremely effectively. The youngsters immediately left and looked for a hospital.

They only had one car that could be used. The other one was better left abandoned. The engine and motor were both still fine, but the body of the car was seriously damaged, and the windshield was completely gone. It could no longer be driven.

Li Du helped as much as he could. He contacted Lion Hunter and lent them a car. Then, he had them sent out of the reserve.

Sophie said, “You are too kind. If it were me, I would have them make two trips out of here. Teach them a lesson.”

Cheeks looked at her in surprise and gave her a thumbs up. “Courageous. Impressive.”

Lu Guan laughed. “Women are malicious and vicious.”

Sophie pouted at the four little ones. Ali led the charge and gave Lu Guan a punch. Ah Ow, Ah Meow, and Crispy Noodles followed behind and scratched him.

“I am just nervous that the kid won’t make it in time for the operation,” Li Du said.

Sophie shrugged. “He’s fine. I was just bluffing. I want them to leave this place as quickly as possible. These bast*rds are ignorant and cruel. It wouldn’t end well if they had stayed here.”

This matter had snowballed into quite the event. The youngsters had abandoned a demolished off-road car when they left, so Cheeks and his men took care of it.

There were a lot of useful things in the car, including gas, tires, and some tools.

Under the leadership of Cheeks, the hunters nearly completely tore apart the car. They took away everything that was useful.

This was considered a reward, and the hunters beamed with joy once again.

Cheeks turned back and spoke to Li Du. “It’s such a pleasure to have precious guests. Great guests bring great luck. Our reward today was remarkable.”

They found plenty of useful things in the off-road car. He specially arranged five hunters to transport the things back and shifted their return journey to an earlier time. The rest of them continued to hunt.

Tearing the car apart was time consuming. They had departed very early, but it was noon when they decided to get back on the road.

Although it was winter time, the sun was shining brightly in the sky.

The hunters were not afraid of heat. They carefully searched the grassland for prey. Suddenly, someone cheered and gestured excitedly.