Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Run Like The Wind

"This truck is a RAM 1500 with a 3.6-liter V6 engine, an eight-speed automatic transmission, a maximum horsepower of 305, a maximum torque of 359 Newton meters, the two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive"

"This is a Japanese truck. Its equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine, six-speed automatic transmission, a maximum horsepower at 280, a maximum torque at 349 Newton meters, it is a direct-injected engine as well"

After Li Du successfully introduced the engine specifications for eight trucks, he smiled at Marate. "Come on buddy, dont go easy on me. Choose something harder, okay?"

Hans grinned. "They dont even know which ones are harder."

"How about this? You get help from a salesperson, ask him which truck engine here is the most complex and least common," Li Du said in a dull tone.

Marate didnt want to lose, but agreeing openly to Li Dus suggestion, with Sophie looking on, would be humiliating for him. So he pretended to consider, while quickly giving Taylor a wink on the side.

Taylor walked away, and within minutes returned with a salesperson.

The salesperson greeted them and pointed to a Mercedes-Benz. "This one meets your requirements."

"So this one then?" Li Du looked at Marate for confirmation.

Marate looked at Taylor, and Taylor turned to the salesperson. The salesperson shrugged his shoulders. "This truck has the weirdest engine ever. Unless someone was part of the development team, or was a really big fan of Mercedes-Benz, nobody would be able to describe its specifications."

"Okay, this one then."

"Alright", Li Du smiled, "this is a Mercedes-Benz modified pickup truck. It comes with a 3.0 V6 turbocharged engine, a maximum horse power at 180, maximum torque at 400 Newton meters. The transmission does look weird; its a five-speed automatic transmission."

The salesperson looked at the information panel as Li Du introduced the engine. "Absolutely correct!" He cried out in surprise. "This truck is just newly released to the market. In fact, it just arrived here last night!"

"Mercedes-Benz G Series SUV a modified pickup truck is not a secret amongst truck fanatics," Li Du responded coolly.

"Looks like Ive met an expert! I believe you do not need my help picking out something you like," said the impressed salesperson.

Li Du turned to Marate. "One more truck."

Marates face went pale, he spoke with difficulty. " couldnt have remembered so many details "

"Ive told you nicely that back at my homeland, the children know trucks like the back of their hand. And Ive proven it to you, right?" Li Du interrupted Marate.

Marate had a strained smile on his face. "I believe you now."

Hans took a step forward. "Hey dude, I dont care if you believe him or not, just get this done and over with. I cant wait to see someone proudly calling himself a country bumpkin."

"This is unfair!" Taylor gave Hans a glare of contempt.

"Well, losers make excuses," Hans replied, frowning.

Li Du made another suggestion: "I am fine if you want to change the rules. Just say it. I am confident that I will still win."

By now Marate had already lost his confidence; he felt powerless. He randomly pointed to a truck signaling that he would continue with the current arrangement.

"Youve made a good choice. This is an electric truck. It comes with an electric induction motor driven by lithium-ion iron phosphate batteries. It has a 270-kilowatt engine, and twelve-speed transmission."

The salesperson whistled. "This is unbelievable! Is there any truck that you dont know about? Simply marvelous."

Li Du gave the salesperson a friendly smile, and nodded at Marate.

He pointed at a truck, and said, "Its your turn now, buddy. I choose this TGX."

Marate looked at the black truck as though he was looking at a monster that was slowly showing its fangs at him.

He shuddered and spoke slowly, "This truck has a six-cylinder engine with a displacement of... of... of 16 liters"

Li Du nodded. "The engine has a horsepower of 580, a maximum torque at 3,000, and an eight-speed transmission. Am I correct?"

Marate thought Li Du was helping him, looked at him full of hope, and nodded.

Li Du immediately revealed a cruel smile. "What just said is not true. The displacement is 15.2 liters, maximum horsepower is 560, maximum torque is 2,712 and it uses a ZF twelve-speed automatic transmission, namely, a TraXon transmission. This is the correct information!"

The salesperson gave Li Du a pat on the shoulder. "Youre really good. If youre interested in selling trucks, you would be the top salesperson!"

Hans turned to Sophie and said, "Now I believe that no matter which industry successful people go into, they will still stay successful."

Hans made a gesture to Marate, signaling that he should move to the entrance. "Hey buddy, you have a mission to accomplish."

"Forget it. Im just joking. Were friends; theres no need to get so serious about the bet." Li Du took a look at Sophie and decided not to pursue the matter further.

But apparently Sophie did not agree. "No. People should take responsibility for their actions, and its as simple as that."

Taylor looked pissed. "You really want to see Marate make a fool of himself?"

Sophie replied coldly, "Whos the one thats been telling me since middle school that hes a tough guy? Did anyone force him to accept the challenge? I dont want to see anyone embarrassing themselves, but if he wont fulfill the terms of the bet, then I will never believe in what he says again."

Marate gritted his teeth. "Just shut up, Ill do it!" He strode toward the entrance.

However, when Marate reached the F-650, he didnt stop there. Instead, he sped up and made a run for the parking lot.

Everyone was dumbstruck by what they saw.

Hans swore, "Sh*t, what is he doing? Does he need to make a round before climbing onto the F-650?"

The group made their way to the entrance in a hurry; they were just in time to see a blue Chevrolet speeding away from them.

Taylor was exasperated. "Marate, you coward, youve got no balls! Stop! Ill go chase after him!"

Without giving the remaining four any time to react, he ran off like a gust of wind. Not too long after, a Ford Mustang flew by in a blur.

Li Du regained his composure and asked, "Is he really going to bring Marate back?".

Hans broke into laughter. "This is so d*mn funny! Sophie, is that guy your boyfriend?"

Sophie was upset with what Hans said. "Hes not my boyfriend, were just old middle school classmates and we go to the same church. Marates a hateful egomaniac. Natalies the one who asked me to hangoutI wouldnt have agreed to meet up with him otherwise!"

"Im sorry, Li. I didnt expect things to turn out like this," said Natalie apologetically.

Li Du waved his hands. "Oh no, nobodys at fault here. I am just curious why they seem to dislike me so much? Is it because I am a Chinese?"

"Its not that. I think he got upset because you shook hands with Sophie. And because Sophie smiled when she saw you," Natalie said with a wry smile, looking at Sophie.

Sophie laughed, "So now its my fault?"

"Well, we had 22 male classmates in high school. Did you shake hands with any one of them?" Natalie asked in a teasing tone.

Sophies faced turned red, and she tried to remain calm. "Well, I come in contact with a lot of male patients toowhy dont you mention that I touch them as well?"

"Sophies embarrassed," Natalie giggled.

Hans said to Natalie, "Maybe we should give the two innocent kids some private space. Lets go check if your boyfriend came back."

Natalie shrugged with a smile on her face. "Taylors not my boyfriend either."