Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 981

Chapter 981 Business

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Li Du was receiving the treatment of an important foreign guest in the territory of this young warlord.

Brother Wolf and Godzilla were by his side at the troop review ceremony. They stood like the golden bodyguards of the protected leaders, as if everything was normal.

Li Du was completely aware that he had no authority or power here.

However, as he stood in front of the troop review, hearing the music played by the troops’ band, looking at a black general with a medal, he felt a surge of pride and emotion. He suddenly realized why men craved power.

He had become this emotional as the respected guest of a foreign diplomat. How would he feel as the leader of a great country?

There were very few troops at the ceremonyonly about fifty or sixty people in total. The ceremony ended very quickly. After Remonin saluted, they left the mountain top.

Lion Hunter quietly asked, “Isn’t it shocking?”

Li Du nodded sincerely. “Yes, it was incredible. This will be my favorite experience from my stay in Africa.”

Remonin was pleased and proud to hear this. He said, “My apologies, Mr. Li. We have very few troops and our weapons are very simple. In fact, please excuse my shabby treatment.”

Li Du was about to return his courtesy. But Remonin changed the subject and said, “But we have no choice, we have no money. If we had more abundant fundings, I would bring a true flood of steel with my great armed forces. If that happens, I will have you come again and make sure that you feel like a national guest.”

Lion Hunter smiled. “Did you not discover a diamond mine? With the right channel, getting rich is just a matter of time.”

Remonin gestured them to follow him into his Jeep, and they drove down the mountain road.

The terraced field had many buildings. Among them, there was one big house with Remonin’s portrait painted on the side. This was his government office.

The house was not very tall, but it covered a large area. Inside the entrance, there was a hall, and in front of the hall was an amphitheater styled corridor. Several steps above the corridor there was a political discussion hall that resembled one of an ancient Chinese emperor. It had a table, chair, bookshelf, and weapon rack. It seemed like Remonin usually worked here.

Right below the hall were two rows of black troops with arms at their waists, eyes looking straight ahead, and they displayed respectful countenances. It was a formidable sight in the office hall.

Remonin sat on the chair with a leopard skin draped over it. Two lions specimens laid at his sides.

He invited Li Du and Lion Hunter to sit. Glamorously dressed black ladies served them coffee. Then, they stood on both sides to provide service.

After a sip of coffee, Remonin laughed, “Everything I have here is simple. My treatment of you may be a little less thoughtful than you are used to. Please excuse my lack of hospitality, Mr. Li.”

Li Du said, “You are too kind, General. This is the best treatment that I have experienced. I am already very impressed.”

Compared to Lion Hunter’s mansion, Remonin’s campsite, office, and accommodations did seem shabby. However, he had a large group of troops and weapons. With these armed forces, despite where he lived, he would not make anyone feel that he was simple or crude.

Remonin burst into loud laughter. It was obvious that he was very pleased with Li Du’s response.

Both sides drank coffee over their casual conversations. Very soon, Remonin went straight to the point. He gazed at Li Du and said, “Mr. Li, you are a major shareholder of Harry Winston?”

Li Du said, “I am only one of the shareholders, but not a major shareholder. In fact, I am not even second in rank.”

“Then, you are the third,” Remonin responded very quickly. “Very well. The reason I invite you over is because I need your help with a certain matter. I think you know what it is.”

How could Li Du not know? He nodded. “You have a diamond mine, and you need a suitable sales channel. You think Harry Winston Inc. can provide the channel?”

“Is that not the case?” Remonin questioned.

Li Du gave him a wry smile. “Let me explain, General. Harry Winston is indeed a big player in the diamond industry, but we are known for processing and selling.”

He sipped his coffee and continued, “If you need someone to manage your diamonds, it’s better that you contact De Beers Group or DTC Botswana. They have the authority to bring raw diamonds into the market.”

Diamond was not something that could be instantly sold once found. From the discovery to appearing in the market, every sequence of processing a diamond was extremely strict. On top of that, different companies were responsible for different processes.

De Beers Group and DTC Botswana were raw diamonds purchasers. Harry Winston Inc. was also considered one but the amount they purchased was very small. Those two were the big players. They ate the meat while the other companies drank the broth.

Once they purchased raw diamonds, they did not immediately cut them. They sent them to the City of Diamonds, Antwerp, to evaluate them.

Antwerp was known as the “City of Diamonds,” and had been associated with diamond culture for nearly six centuries. It was the world leader in the trade of raw and polished diamonds.

This city had the world’s two biggest diamond banks headquarters, the world’s four most famous diamond exchanges, and over 1,800 diamond companies. For every ten raw diamonds in the world, eight of them had at one point been traded in Antwerp.

Jewelry companies would always send their employees to stay in Antwerp to purchase diamonds once their valuations were completed. Therefore, although many jewelry companies seemed bright and glamorous, they did not possess authority in the raw diamond market. Only De Beers Group and DTC Botswana had that authority.

General Remonin smiled. “I know. But Harry Winston is also capable of managing raw diamonds, isn’t it? Your visit to South Africa is also to search for a raw diamond market.

Lion Hunter nodded. Obviously, he had provided this information to Remonin.

However, Li Du had simply stated he wanted to find a diamond mine, not that he was here for raw diamonds. And he was not capable of managing raw diamonds.

The diamond market was a trading place that involved hundreds of billionsor even trillionsof dollars. It involved huge profits and great powers.

In this market, everything had to follow certain standards. There was no exception. Otherwise, be prepared for assaults from the big shots and big players

Li Du was aware of the pros and cons within the market. He cautiously said, “You have misunderstood, General. I think that you should contact the major diamond valuation companies. If you are unfamiliar with these, I can help you contact the people in charge.”

Remonin began to laugh, showing his teeth as his laugh became more and more exaggerated. “Hahahaha! Mr. Li, you are great with jokes. Really interesting. Hahaha!”

Lion Hunter laughed with him and cast Li Du a meaningful glance.

Li Du was unable to make heads or tails of it. What the f*ck was that look? What did I say wrong?