Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 991

Chapter 991 Rain Of Bullets

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There were unique African items for sale in the market. Li Du had never seen most of them.

Some of the hawkers could tell that he was a foreigner who had just arrived in Mozambique, and suggested a kind of item that seemed to be from the blackland. It was a soap from Mozambique. The hawker told him that rubbing this onto his body could remove dry skin, But Li Du was not interested.

The most popular product in the stall was bushmeat. This was one of the main ingredients for a unique stew in Mozambique, pepper soup.

Just from the name itself, pepper soup and spicy soup seemed to share some similarities. However, while Li Du loved spicy soup, he did not enjoy the pepper soup.

The raw ingredients of bushmeat were very complicated. It contained snake, lizard, big bugs, pangolin, wild rat, wild rabbit and mixes of various meats.

Li Du really did respect the appetite of some of the African peoples. They even sometimes ate monkey meat. Li Du saw a stall that had some curled up monkeys. He thought they were just huge rats at first, but as he got closer he realized what they were.

These monkeys were killed and then dry roasted. Their bodies curled up as they cooked, and they seemed to grimace in pain with disturbing expressions. When Li Du saw them, he immediately felt a chill. They were terrifying to look at, let alone eat.

The reason Remonin had brought Li Du to the market was to show Li Du the law and order under his jurisdiction.

They were wandering around the market. As Li Du was about to have a look at a stall with some handicrafts, a sharp sound suddenly emanated from a car. Squeak! Squeak!

Hearing this sound, the people in the market chatting and having fun immediate changed expressions. Some of them packed their things in a flurry. However, most of the people hurriedly rushed into the tents on both sides.

Li Du absently looked toward Remonin. At this moment, the troops in the market raised their guns. They aimed at the sky and pulled the triggers.

Remonin pulled out a pistol and shouted, “Defend!”

The crowd in the market immediately scattered. During the chaos, a loud humming sound appeared above them from two helicopters flying over.

Both helicopters had the same painted ornament. It was a black shield surrounded by a circular pattern, and in front of the shield was a rifle crossed with a big knife.

The helicopters hurtled over like dragons galloping across the sky. They landed and opened the doors. Pitch-dark gun turrets were revealed.

At the same time, several black men showed up on the ground. They were wearing the same army green uniform and had guns in their hands. They lifted the guns and were about to open fire.

Before they fired their shots, two of Remonin’s soldiers, who were hiding in a watchtower at the end of the market, managed to be the first ones to open fire.

Their two AK-type rifles started spraying out bullets.

One of the black men in a army green uniform was hit. As he was lifting his gun, he fell with his trembling body to the ground. Then, another bullet shot through his head, and immediately shattered half of his skull.

One of the helicopters flew at a low altitude and rushed towards the watchtower.

Both sides exchanged fire before Li Du could even react!

The watchtower was being shot at. It was blasted into pieces along with the two black men, and rapidly disintegrated.

After the brief confrontation, both sides had their main forces pressuring forward on all fronts.

Brother Wolf, who was following behind Li Du, slammed Li Du to the ground. They moved forward like snakes, and he pulled Li Du to the nearest stall to get cover.

Li Du was exhausted from the pull; he yelled, “I can manage.”

Aside from the two helicopters, a few pickup trucks drove over. Each of the pickup trucks were mounted with a double barrel machine gun. They aimed at the market and began to open fire.

Bratatat! Bratatat!

The ear-splitting gunshots went on continuously. His voice was covered by the noise. Regardless of that, Brother Wolf pulled him over behind the stall.

He lifted his head to take a look at the situation. However, Brother Wolf quickly pressed his head firmly on the ground.

Hence, Li Du was forced to release the little bug to check the situation on the battlefield.

There were about ten pickup trucks on the battlefield. Each of them had a heavy machine gun and soldiers. The army jumped from their trucks one after another. They formed a linear line and began to massacre the civilians.

Based on the little bug’s vision, it was actually not that terrible. Not many people were shot dead under the rain of bullets because the people in the market reacted very quickly. As soon as they heard the warning whistle, they hid one after another.

However, from the imposing manner of these intruders, it was obvious they were here to kill. Bullets swept over the tents and the canopies of the stalls. Everything was turned into ruins.

The mess of the broken pieces were flying around with the bullets. Eventually, some of the less hidden people were caught. As the bullets swept over, two tall women were shot.

The bullets from the heavy machine gun were extremely dangerous and destroyed everything they touched. Li Du was lucky enough to witness its power.

One of the women had half of her breast blown off and immediately died. The other one was shot in her shoulder and her leg, and started bleeding non stop as she screamed at the top of her lungs!

Remonin’s army had no chance to retaliate. Their armed forces were too weak. The opponent had close to ten heavy machine guns shooting at their army. The black soldiers could not dodge in time and were shot into pieces.

Looking at this, Remonin’s eyes turned red. He hid behind Li Du, with his phone in his hand. He screamed, “Level One Alert! Defend the camp! All units and all soldiers, attack on all fronts! Coordinate Blue Card Tahayi! Attack on all fronts!”

The soldiers around him were full of courage. One of them even wanted to fight back, to attack the overwhelming enemies. As soon as he showed himself, he was immediately shot to pieces.

One of his arms fell next to Li Du, a bloody arm. Li Du was sickened.

This was his first time witnessing someone die so close to him. The last attack at the airport, Brother Wolf had escorted him to safety in time, and he had managed to escaped the rain of bullets.

This time, he was in the battlefield, within the range of the gunfire. The bullets were flying above him, and they sounded like death. It was extremely horrifying.

As Brother Wolf guarded Li Du, he took a deep breath and screamed, “Boss, stay put. I will distract them. When I do so, leave this place immediately!”

He had a grenade in each of his hands. His eyes were as cold as the blade of an icy axe.

Li Du grabbed onto him and yelled, “Are you out of your mind? Showing yourself now? You think you’re Rambo?”

He felt hopeless. This trip had been extremely unfortunate. They actually encountered an attack more terrifying than a terrorist attack. Considering the opponent, this was a warlord trying to take over this territory!