Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 992

Chapter 992 Adverse Impact

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Gunshots, howls, screams, and many voices blended together. The busy market turned
into hell in mere seconds.
Li Du pulled Brother Wolf aside, not daring to let him get involved.
The other side’s attack momentum was too strong, Remonin’s side did not even have
the opportunity to fight back, and was suppressed at once. Brother Wolf did not have
superhuman powers, and Li Du would not let him become a target.
Two helicopters equipped with machine guns were hovering in the air, and Li Du
estimated that not even Rambo would be able to deal with them, let alone an ordinary
Machine guns ravaged the market, and in a few minutes, the place was ruined, with no
one left standing except the assailants who had descended upon it.
Li Du was racking his brains, trying to think of a way to escape from this hell. He knew
that it would be fine if Remonin’s reinforcements arrive in time, but this was uncertain,
and he could not put his trust in the warlord he barely knew.
The most formidable part of Remonin’s military force was a helicopter, but their
opponent had two, not to mention his other forces, which were clearly at least as
powerful as Remonin’s.
Just as Li Du was thinking about how to escape, the enemy’s fire suddenly stopped.
Once the bazaar was empty, a rough voice called over the loudspeaker, “Everyone get
down! Get down and you won’t be killed! Get down and you won’t be killed! Guest of
honor from the United States! Mr. Guest of honor from the United States, please come
This sudden voice stunned Li Du. The guest of honor from the United States? Isn’t that
The loudspeaker went on: “America’s diamond guests! Diamond VIP! Diamond VIP!
Please come out quickly. If you do not appear now, we will think you are dead and will
start cleaning this place up!”
Although he did not know exactly what they meant by cleaning up, Li Du had a vague
He was still hesitating when Brother Wolf raised his hands and slowly stood up. “Don’t
shoot! It’s me!”

A pickup truck roared past a stall in the market. A strong, bald black man leaned out of
the truck and shouted, “Who are you?”
Brother Wolf said, “I’m a Harry Winston Group stockholder. We deal in diamonds.”
The bald man jumped out of the car, kicked him, and shouted, “Do you take me for an
idiot? I know we’re looking for an Asian dude!”
Li Du was shocked. They came just for me! Damn it, I’m out of luck. I just went to the
market and was attacked by warlords.
One thing was certain: they were after him, and he could not allow them to take any
more innocent lives.
Not stopping to consider the possible consequences, Li Du stood up and said calmly,
“You are looking for me, and that is my brother. Don’t hurt him!”
He had one hand in his pocket and took hold of the grenade. If something went wrong,
he could pull it off and kill the savage bald man.
The bald man came up and grabbed his clothes when the shooting stopped and a
trembling man came out of a tent to see what was happening.
However, as soon as he appeared, several guns were fired at him, and before he could
make a scream, his body shivered like a pendulum, staggered back and fell to the
As he fell, two children ran out of the tent, shouting ‘papa’ in Portuguese, and rushed to
the man who was shot.
The muzzle of the gun turned relentlessly, a burst of bullets swept by, and the two
children fell down as well.
The three bodies were not far apart, their blood gurgling and turning the yellow earth
Seeing this scene, Li Du felt as if a fire had set in his body. He felt hot and dry all over,
and his hair seemed to stand on end.
Ignoring his own fear, he grabbed the black man and shouted, “That’s enough! Son of a
bitch! Enough is enough! You animals! Animals! What do you want?”
Pinning the black man with his left hand, he took his right hand out of his pocket and
thrust the grenade at his chest.
However, he did not pull out the pin. Death was terrible. Li Du didn’t want to die! He
wasn’t ready to die!

The black man was frightened, and made a move to lift a foot and kick at Li Du, but
either because he was too afraid or for other reason, he lowered his foot, stared angrily
at Li Du and said, “The diamond dealer from the United States?”
“That’s me!” Li Du glared back at him.
The big black man said, “You are our honored guest, we are not an enemy. Hold back
the grenade!”
Li Du shouted, “F**k you! What the hell are you trying to do?”
“Put away your weapons! We are not enemies, we invite you to visit us! Come with me,
get in the car!” the bald black man said.
Li Du wanted to argue, but the black man growled, “Or do you want to die? You saw
what we can do! Come with us, or die here with these bastards!”
Brother Wolf said calmly, “Boss, get in the car!”
The black man pointed at him and said, “Who the hell are you? Get down!”
Brother Wolf opened his hands, and all could see that he was holding two grenades.
He stared at the bald black man, his muscles tight, his eyes cold and impassive.
When the bald man gulped, Li Du took the opportunity to say, “This is my brother. We
must go together. If I am going, he is going!”
Another huge figure stood up. This was Godzilla. Seeing this, Li Du quickly raised his
hand and shouted, “Don't shoot! He’s my brother too!”
A few bullets whistled by, but they missed Godzilla and hit the ground in front of him. A
cloud of dust rose up.
The bald black man raised his hand to stop the shooting. He said angrily, “Very good!
Get in the car and follow me!”
Li Du helplessly looked back, searching for Remonin, but he was nowhere to be seen
and was probably hiding. Li Du could not find him and had no choice but to give up.
When the three got in the car, Lu Guan, who was hiding behind a tree, shouted, “Boss, I
am still here!”
“That is my man, too”

“F**k, get him out of here!” The bald black man growled irritably.
As the truck sped toward the convoy, he looked out from the front passenger seat and
shouted, “Find that old dog Remonin! Kill him! Kill everyone here!”
“If you want to take me away alive, if you want me to cooperate with you, don’t damn kill
anyone!” said Li Du, pulling out the trigger of the grenade.
The bald black man glared at him fiercely. “Do you want to die?”
Li Du pressed against him and said, “Then we die together!”
The bald man stared at him, and his two black eyes turned red. Li Du stared back. They
glared at each other, and no one gave in.
At last the bald black man turned around sullenly and said, “Forget it. Perhaps that old
bastard Remonin was killed in the attack. Go! Go at once!”
Helicopters whizzed and the convoy sped away.