Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 994

Chapter 994 Tough Guy

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Facing the smiling Commander Good, the bald black man that had been rough along
the way changed his attitude. He looked at Li Du imploringly, his knees trembling faintly
as if he were going to kneel.
After a short silence, Li Du said faintly, “Oh, no, your people are very good, I am quite
Commander Good nodded his head in satisfaction and said, “Very well. I was afraid
these clumsy boys would get on your nerves. You are my honored guest, after all.”
Then he looked back at the bald man and said, “You’ve done a good job.”
The bald man squared his shoulders and saluted. “It’s my duty, Commander.”
Commander Good said, “And the other thing? Have you killed Remonin in this raid?”
The bald black man shivered. He looked at the old man with fearful eyes and
murmured. “So sorry, Commander. I tried my best, but it was all in chaos. I am not sure.
I killed many people, but I don’t know if Remonin was among them.”
Commander Good looked at him, frowning. “What do you mean? You didn’t follow my
orders to get rid of him?”
Meeting his eyes, the bald black man abruptly dropped to his knees and begged,
“Commander, I did my best, but the situation was chaotic, and our guest of honor, he
asked me to leave immediately, and he threatened me with a grenade”
In the middle of this speech, Li Du saw a flash of light. Commander Good had a silver
revolver in his hand.
There was a shot, and the black man’s bald head became a gourd of blood. The bullet
went into his forehead and through his head, lifting up a large piece of skull from the
back. The white brain mucus mixed with the red blood as it oozed out.
Li Du felt like vomiting. Even in his death, the bald black man still had a pleading look on
his face.

Obviously, he did not expect the commander to make such a sudden act, or perhaps he
expected he would be punished, but not that the punishment would be death.
After he shot the bald black man, Good turned his wrist and pointed the muzzle at Li Du.
“You used a grenade to threaten my army to retreat? Oh-oh-oh, this is not what a VIP
should do!”
With the black muzzle pointing at him, it would be a lie to say Li Du was not afraid. He
now understood what the bald head black man had felt. No wonder the poor man went
straight to his knees.
Now that the gun was pointing at himself, Li Du gasped.
This Good is a madman. The man was clearly unhinged. One second he smiled kindly,
the next he pulled out the gun and shot people. Even a purring tiger would not be this
Li Du now had two choices, explain or beg. The point was to stay alive. He had to
somehow make this maniac understand him.
He realized, however, that Good probably wouldn’t have gone to all the trouble of
bringing him here just to get him killed.
His brain was working at a crazy speed and he put the little bug into the gun as he tried
to figure out what to do.
There was another option, which was to destroy the gun, let Brother Wolf figure out how
to get Good under control, take him hostage, quickly withdraw from the camp and return
to Remonin’s territory.
Although Remonin was domineering, he was not crazy, and it was possible to negotiate
with him.
The little bug flew into the gun. Li Du, stunned, realized he had a fourth option.
The little bug flew forward and found that there was no bullet in the barrel of the
Yes, the gun had had only one bullet, and Good the madman, who had used it to shoot
the bald black man, was pointing an empty gun at him. What for?

Recalling Good’s statement of treating him as a “guest of honor”, Li Du thought he
probably understood Good’s idea. The madman wanted to test his courage to see how
easy it would be to deal with him.
If he proved to be a coward, Good might try to control him; if he was tough enough,
Good may choose a better approach.
In short, as he thought, Good had no intention of killing him!
As for shooting a man in front of his eyes? The purpose was simply to intimidate him.
Realizing this, Li Du stepped forward without hesitation. He puffed out his chest until he
bumped into the muzzle of the gun, and said proudly, “Yes, I did!”
“Shame on you and your soldiers for killing unarmed people! I am a strong man, and I
will never let such happen if I can help it! But I didn’t have the strength to fight you all,
so I had to stop them in this way!”
Good stopped smiling. He squinted at Li Du, pushed the trigger with his finger slowly
and said, “Then you are a good man, but what you did was wrong.”
Li Du said, “Right or wrong doesn’t depend on how you or I judge it. I believe that God
will help justice win. If you want to kill me for this as you killed your man, then please
shoot. I am not afraid of death. I only fear that I will become a coward, and what is the
value of living like that?”
His words showed righteousness. When the black soldiers heard this, there was a trace
of emotion on their faces. They were executioners, but that did not prevent them from
admiring a hero.
Brother Wolf clenched his fist and stared at Good’s neck.
Good squinted at Li Du and said, “Wonderful, what a wonderful speech! You don’t think
I dare to kill you, do you? Do you think”
Time slowed down!
Li Du quickly used this ability, grabbing Good’s gun in both hands. He was moving too
fast, and the soldiers around him had no time to react.

Clutching the pistol, he snapped, “Do you think I’m afraid of death? Meet the fearless
warrior from the east! And if I die here today, someone will destroy your army!”
As his voice fell, he grabbed Good’s finger and pulled the trigger. His chin was raised,
his mouth curled in contempt, and his face proud and fierce.
“Ho!” Brother Wolf called and rushed forward.
Crack! The sound of the mainspring and the striker meeting each other was heard, but
there was no bullet.
The soldiers pointed their guns at Brother Wolf and shouted, “Kneel down!”
Their guns were charged, but apparently, they had been told not to fire.
Li Du feigned the expression of surprise and relief.
Fortunately, this was a revolver. If it had been a military pistol, even an empty one
would be dangerous.
Good finally stopped smiling and looked at Li Du in shock. “Damn!” he said without
Li Du gasped and stared at him, “Hey, change a gun!”