Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 995

Chapter 995 Temporarily Safe

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Good looked at him in shock and asked, “Do you know what have you just done?”

Li Du had an unyielding expression on his face. He raised his head and said, “Of course, it’s just that I didn’t get to finish it!”

Good was feeling a bit crazy. This was his first time meeting a lunatic who so enthusiastically seeked death as if it were homecoming after life.

When he was young he was in the assassins squad for the Swaziland’s white men political organization. At that time, Swaziland was still called “Rhodesia,” and that organization worked especially to suppress black men.

After that, he joined the army, and began leading troops to go against the white men’s armies and the hired armies. He had seen too many so-called hard men who sought death as their homecoming all the time and who were supposedly fearless. When they really faced death, they crumbled, they felt despair, and they were able to withstand a single blow.

And, of course, he had also seen some tough men who were not afraid of death. But this was his first time seeing a man like Li Du, who sought death on his own accord!

He yelled, “Do you want to die?”

“What is there to be scared of in death?” Li Du asked coldly. “If you kill me, I’m just going to return to the embrace of the God of the Dragon in my home country. But what about you and your soldiers?” With a creepy cold smile, he continued, “Someone will avenge me, they will hire the most elite soldiers to kill you all! Kill all the people who are related to you!”

Veins raised on Good’s forehead. He gave Li Du a deadly stare. “No one has ever threatened me like you are right now!”

Li Du stepped forward and said, “This is not a threat! I prepared to die when I came here! I also know that someone will avenge me! Many people will avenge me!”

The atmosphere suddenly became tense.

Good’s face was changing colors. Li Du suddenly realized that he had been too full of himself and that he hadn’t left Good any space to back down.

He could not be put to blame for this. After all, he was too worked upit was difficult to avoid overacting.

Luckily, Good could not figure him out. He only knew that Li Du was a young man worth a lot of money. If he could work with him, it could bring him a huge profit.

So, he found space to back down. He suddenly laughed, “If I’m not mistaken, my valued guest really is a good and brave man.”

After hearing this, Li Du let out his breath. He was temporarily safe here nowhe had ruffled his feathers quite enough.

With a gentle smile, he also lowered his ego and said, “I was just doing what I was supposed tobeing the man I aspire to be.”

Good sighed. With an expression that seemed like he was fondly recalling something, he said, “Then I congratulate you. I used to aspire to become like someone too, but I sadly did not complete my dream.”

These words seemed to be true. He quickly checked his emotions and said, “Anyway, I like great men. I like truly great men.”

Speaking of that, he looked at the bald black man’s body in disgust and spat on it. “This kind of soft-boned man is not worthy of staying on my team. He could kneel before me today and kneel before another conqueror tomorrow!”

After speaking, he passed the handgun to the soldier beside him, grabbed an AK, and shot up the bald black man’s dead body.

The bald black man was dead because of Li Du. If he hadn’t used a grenade to threaten him, he would probably have gone to find Remonin.

That was the best case scenario though. These men had been invading others, after all. It had been obvious from their quick retreat that they had wanted to leave Mozambique in the shortest time possible.

Hence, even if Li Du hadn’t threatened him with a grenade, he would most probably have given up looking for Remonin, who could have been hiding or even dead.

Rushing back, the bald black man had already expected that perhaps he would be punished by Good. He had not, however, expected to be killed.

His death was nevertheless related to Li Du. It wasn’t because the bald black man hadn’t accomplished his mission, and it was also not because he was soft-boned. Li Du thought that he wanted to use his death as an example, to make himself appear fierceful.

Regardless of the reason, Li Du did not feel sorry for the bald black man. This bast*rd had killed too many innocent civilians at the market, including the sons with their father killed in front of him at the end. This bald black man was the commander of thatnot even his death could wipe out his crimes.

Though, reasoning was just reasoning. Li Du could not do that because his identity was now was a tough man with the heart of Ave Maria.

Good was humiliating the dead body by shooting it, so he walked up to stop him as he said, “That’s enough, Good Commander. Just let his body be. We Chinese have a saying: ‘The deceased are the biggest.’ Just let him be.”

“I’ll give you this face.” Good smiled at him. “If not for you, I would crush every inch of every one his bones, because I think there’s no need for soft bones to exist!”

He brought Li Du into his commander’s headquarters. It was same as Remonin’s in the sense that it was just a small building, but it was also much more powerful and modern.

There were many computers running in the office, and there were some black men and women taking phone calls. There was a big sand plate in the middle of the lobby. Li Du took a look at it; it was probably describing the position of the borders of the three countries which were Mozambique, South Africa and Swaziland.

There was a map on the wall as well. Officers with loaded guns walked in and out constantly; the atmosphere was tense but orderly.

Good looked sidewards at Li Du and said, “What do you think of my place?”

Li Du said, “Compared to Remonin’s army camp, your place is obviously more modern There are more soldiers, better equipment, and the training is also more remarkable.”

Good smiled in satisfaction. “This is just compared to the old dog Remonin. Have you seen any other army camps? What about compared to those army camps?”

Li Du looked at him openly and asked, “Are you serious?”

Good laughed. “Of course I’m joking, but have you entered other army camps?”

Li Du nodded. “Yes, I have entered the US Air Force base camp in Tucson. There are F-22s and other war machines insideit was just like a sci-fi world!”

He began to boast with exaggeration as he described the situation in army camps that he had seen in sci-fi films and war films to Good. Good was just the head of a small army camp, and Li Du guessed he hadn’t visited the US Air Force base camp in Tucson.

Good was obviously shocked by him. Although he did not say anything, his expression and eyes betrayed his inner thoughts: he was jealous of the modernized American army base camps, and he wanted a camp like that as well.

If he did have that powerful a base camp, Li Du knew that the entirety of Africa would be in trouble!

This fellow was a lunatic, and a bast*rd!

This situation was almost identical to when he had first met Remonin. They took a rest first, then began visiting.

While he was resting, the army camp was in high alert status. There were two modified helicopters hovering in the sky above.

Without a doubt, Good was defending against Remonin’s attack.

Li Du could not figure out the situation in Africa. He felt that Good’s army could be considered an international threat. Remonin could inform Mozambique’s department of national defense, and use the country to take on Good. That should not be too difficult, right?