Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Securing a Spokesperson Deal

"But, I do not have plans to announce my relationship with Mo Ting as of yet," Tangning explained calmly. She gave off a confident and dazzling aura, "With the help of Mo Ting, I know my career would advance in leaps and bounds, but, other people would only acknowledge me as Mo Tings wife and not Tangning the model. 3 years ago, I managed to become the top model in Beijing, now, 3 years later, I am confident I can do it again with my own ability. I will retrieve what originally belongs to me."

"Long Jie, if you are still willing to help me, then we are going into this together. If you dont want to, I wont pressure you. I will help you cancel your contract with Tianyi and help you find a job at a better company."

"What nonsense are you speaking? Of course I want to stay by your side. I want to become the top manager of an international supermodel," Long Jie replied confidently, "But, are you planning to stay at Tianyi Entertainment?"

"What do you think?" Tangning gave Long Jie a look, letting her figure the answer herself, "Han Yufan has used me so many times. No matter whatI will pay him back for it."

After hearing what Tangning had to say, Long Jie burst out laughing as she leaned on Tangning; her shoulders shaking from laughter, "Tangning, I realized all these years I have known you has been a waste, I never knew you could be so sneaky. So whats the next move, what should we do? Release the video?"

"Nolets secure a spokesperson deal. To be precise, lets take what originally belonged to me right out of Mo Yurous hands. Afterwards, Mo Yurous fans will definitely complain. The video should be released at that time!"

"Long Jie, you will need to work hard for a little longer. Help me edit the clips from the Crowns Star show and post it online."

"OK, no worries! Leave it with me!" After hearing the plan, Long Jies eyes lit up as she nodded her head. Most importantly, she had discovered Tangning was different - she used to be weak and fragile, but, who would have thought, when triggered, she would be this powerful.

After their conversation, Tangning asked Lu Che to escort Long Jie home, before she got up from the sofa and headed back into the beautifully scented bedroom. Mo Ting had just changed into a robe and was sitting on the sofa enjoying a glass of red wine. His chin tilted up giving him a more defined jawline like a perfectly carved sculpture; making ones heart flutter.

Tangning was nervous but still walked over to sit beside Mo Ting. Mo Ting continued sipping from his glass, when suddenlyhe reached over and grabbed onto her shoulder as he placed his lips against hers. He still had the wine in his mouth as he shared the aromatic flavor with Tangning.

Tangning was caught off guard as her face flushed red. Mo Ting laughed gently as he kissed her on the tip of her nose, "If you cant drink you will be at a disadvantage when invited to events, you need to train"

Tangning pushed her body against Mo Ting's smooth chest, "In that case, President Mo, what do you propose?

"Drink a small glass every day, what do you say?"

"Using the same method as just then?" Tangning raised her eyebrows with a slightly provocative look.

Mo Ting couldnt help but let out a gentle laugh as he nodded, "Did you like it?"

"Uh huh," Tangning nodded.

"Let's do that then." After he spoke, Mo Ting once again raised the glass to his lips. Using the same method, he once again leaned over, but this time.after they had finished drinking the wine, they did not separate. They continued to kiss passionately as they treated the sofa beneath them like a bed.

As Mo Ting's intermittent kisses slowly made it's way to other parts of her body, Tangning could feel her body shaking, she could no longer think straight. Never had she experienced such an electrifying feeling making her whole body weak like sand. In the heat of the moment, all she could see was Mo Ting's handsome nose bridge and his soft lips, but, she could feel his strong arms, and...

"Mo...Ting...let's go to the bed, I don't want to do it...on the sofa."

Hearing her plea, Mo Ting suddenly stopped. Looking down at her long slender legs, so beautiful like the tail of a mermaid, he held in his desires as he wrapped Tangning in a bathrobe. He lifted her up and took her into the bathroom, placing her gently into the bathtub.

"What is it?"

Mo Ting wrapped a towel around his body and kneeled before Tangning. He lifted her chin and spoke, "I want your heart first. When I am the only person in your heart, I will make you completely mine." After he finished speaking, Mo Ting stood up, but, Tangning reached out her hand to grab hold of his towel.

"I do not this. Do you still not trust me?"

Mo Ting patted Tangning gently on the head, calming himself down at the same time, "I really want don't know how attractive you are, but, I want all of you; body and heart...I want to wait for you to be certain."

Tangning nodded, holding onto Mo Ting's left hand, "It's been a long time since someone has treated me with respect."

Mo Ting understood what she meant. Even though he wanted to crush Han Yufan into pieces...Mo Ting had faith, Tangning would be able to depend on her own abilities to get what she wants.


The next morning, the scandal between Tianyis two models had already been replaced by the new headlines of the day. While at the same time, Han Yufan and Mo Yurous rumors had been covered up by Tianyis PR - the hype of entertainment news had always dissipated as quickly as it appeared. Howeverdue to Tangnings responsible attitude of standing out and taking on all blame, she had gained herself a huge number of new fans. These fans were now searching online for Tangnings old appearances and photos

No one noticed, Tangning at this moment, was slowly making a comeback.

Especially during the Crowns Star Show, Tangnings performance had definitely surpassed all the current hottest models. Her new fans felt it was unfair for Tangning to go to waste, so they all started sharing her videos online, while contacting hf. After seeing the videos of Tangning, hf was amazed by Tangnings beauty. In particular, after seeing Tangnings multitude of photos and poses, the designer that had got angry at Tangning on the day of the show suddenly realized how well Tangning matched his was like they were made for each other.

hfs designer pondered for a little bit. His judgment was previously affected by Tianyis lies, but now that he had time to calm down and think about it, Tangnings elegance and professionalism was definitely better suited to the theme of the Crowns Star.

Also, because of Tangnings attitude towards admitting wrong, hf had developed a sense of trust towards her.

So, the higher-ups of hf quickly gathered together for a meeting to discuss swapping the spokesperson. In the endthey came to a consensus. A phone call was made to the office of the president of Tianyi Entertainment.

"Mr Eugene, Yurou is almost recovered from her injuries. The release of your new product definitely wont be delayed"

"No, Im not calling about that. Mr Han Yufan, we would like to swap spokesperson. We would like to swap Mo Yurou for Tangning!" he said in perfect English.

After hearing the request, Han Yufan didnt know how to react, "No, Mr Eugene, I dont think thats right"

"We havent officially signed the contract yet. If you are not willing to swap for Tangning, wed rather cancel this collaboration and look for another company to work with."

"We have other models, ones that are more famous than Mo Yurou."

"We only want Tangning."

Mr Eugene was set on his decision, leaving Han Yufan with no choice but to agree. However, this deal was originally Mo Yurous means of securing the Top Ten Model Awards, who would have thought Tangning would end up benefiting instead. With this change, Mo Yurou was definitely going to throw a tantrum.

The news quickly spread to Long Jie: hf had made a call to Han Yufans office requesting to swap spokesperson. So, when she spoke to Tangning on the phone, she was exceptionally excited, "Tangning, Tangning, you got the deal!"

"Dont get ahead of yourself, Mo Yurou isnt going to let this happen so easily." Tangning didnt let her guard down, even though she had the situation in the palm of her hands.

Translator's Thoughts

Yunyi Yunyi

It's always hard to explain intimate scenes, this one was quite fun to translate. I wonder when Mo Ting will completely win Tangning's heart, or does he already have her heart without knowing?