Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The Hidden Marriage Relationship

The media were in a frenzy. What does Mo Ting mean by this? Does he have the intention to sign Tangning? Is this some kind of joke?

Whatever the explanation, the reporters no longer dared to latch on to Tangning. Instead, they shifted all blame to Tianyi Entertainment.

Like this, Tianyi Entertainment's troubles began and Mo Yurou's assistant had unintentionally been the one that started it. "If you can't even handle such a small matter, what else can you do? Let's wait and see how President Han will punish you!"

Tangning was unfazed, her expression was one of unexpected calmness. She changed her clothes and casually left the scene. Just as she stepped out of the side door, she spotted Mo Ting's sports car parked outside.

"Get in."

Tangning obediently boarded the car. She was exceptionally grateful for what Mo Ting had done, "Thank you for today."

Mo Ting's eyes slightly twitched as he let out a smirk, "Did you think I would allow someone to bully my newly wedded wife in front of everyone?"

"Actually, I'm not worthy of your help. I intentionally allowed everyone to figure out who I really was," Tangning explained apologetically.

Mo Ting looked straight into the eyes of the person sitting across from him, "I know."

"It's just that, if you couldn't have thought of a better way to scheme against someone, you should have asked me. Sacrificing yourself to get back at someone, is a bit of a stupid move, don't you think?"

Tangning: "..."

"Where should I drop you off?"

"Your home. Aren't we a married couple now?" Tangning replied undoubtedly. Since she had already made the decision, she was not going to take it back, nor regret.

"Are you sure? Not only are we married...but tonight is also our wedding night!"

Tangning blushed, but nodded in certainty, "I've already prepared myself and I am very thankful that you did not reveal our relationship. However, from now on, I insist you remain neutral. I want to rely on myself to retrieve what is rightfully mine."

Mo Ting did not insist. After all, it was rare to see a woman that did not use him as a stepping stone to benefit themselves. He decided to sit back and watch Tangning show off her skills.

The couple set off. Not long after, Tangning received a phone call from her manager, Long Jie, "Tangning, I have already found evidence of Mo Yurou's pregnancy. What do you want me to do with it? Also, the scene you caused at the jewelry show today has gone viral. People are condemning you all over the internet. What do you plan to do?"

"Long Jie, are you willing to stay by my side?"

"Why are you asking such nonsense?" Long Jie mumbled, "Did you expect me to continue following that cheating couple?"

"Then release the statement I asked you to prepare earlier. But be warned, by doing this, you will be going up against Tianyi Entertainment!"

"I'm not afraid!" Long Jie exclaimed excitedly. "We should have done this sooner. I will go prepare the evidence now and release it before Han Yufan has the chance to respond."

Tangning hung up and the car returned to its original peacefulness. Deep down, Tangning was actually quite nervous. What did Mo Ting think of her...


"No need to explain. Your conversation just now, I heard it all. However, I have one questionhave you always been this honest?" the car had stopped at a red light and Mo Ting took this opportunity to grab hold of Tangning's jaw, examining her with his eagle-like gaze.

"I am only honest in front of you and I intend for it to stay this way" - Tangning revealed her loyalty - "because I am afraid you may misunderstand and think badly of me."

Mo Ting was surprised for a moment, before he continued speaking, "If I were you, I would be even more extreme!"

Mo Ting must have guessed by now what was going on between Tangning, Mo Yurou and Han Yufan. Because of his reaction, Tangning developed an appreciation for her new husband. She vowed to herself, no matter what was to happen she was going to remember this day and the promises she made to Mo Ting forever.

Meanwhile, Han Yufan was in disbelief as he received news of Tangnings exposure on stage. Not only that, at that moment, he also received a phone call from hf, notifying him of their intention to take Tianyi Entertainment to court for breaching their contract. In an instant, Tianyi Entertainment had gotten themselves into a heap of trouble while rumors were spreading all over the internet like wildfire.

Mo Yurou was focused on the recording of Tangnings performance on stage as she pulled Han Yufan towards her, "Look, Tangning wanted to be recognized. She knew the biggest difference between her and I are our legs. She did it on purpose!"

"Yurou, Tangning isnt like that. Its not like its the first time shes substituted for you," deep down Han Yufan still trusted Tangning.

"So what youre saying is that you trust Tangning more? Dont be stupid Yufan! Now this incident has happened, someone has to take the blame. Do you really want to lose this contract? Do you want to tell everyone that you were the one that asked Tangning to substitute me? If thats the case, then we are doomed!"

"What are you suggesting?"

"Since you and Tangning are getting married soon, she will no longer be a part of the industry. For the sake of Tianyi Entertainment, you need to make an announcement. You need to tell everyone that you were unaware of this entire incident and everything was just Tangnings attempt at creating hype; thats why she went behind our backs and pretended to be me." Mo Yurou was completely throwing the blame onto Tangning.

"I guess, under these circumstances, that is all we can do" Han Yufan nodded in agreement. However, just as he was trying to contact the head of PR, he received a call from his assistant.

"Quick, President Han, check the entertainment news headlines! Tangnings manager has just revealed some big news!"

Han Yufan quickly jumped online to search the headlines. To his disbelief, Tangnings manager was already a step ahead of them. She revealed that Han Yufan had forced Tangning to substitute Mo Yurou multiple times in the past with comparison pictures of the two models as proof. She also complained that small companies tend to bully people and revealed that Tangning had been bullied for many years.

In anger, Han Yufan quickly contacted Tangnings manager.

"Long Jie, are you crazy?"

On the other side of the phone, Long Jies laughter resounded. Calmly she responded, "Ive wanted to leave this lousy company of yours for a long time."

"Yufan, this is definitely Tangnings doing. Quick, lets cover it up by posting news of her creating hype!"

Without hesitation, Han Yufan immediately contacted his connections in the media and got Long Jies news taken down. He quickly replaced it with the news he had prepared earlier of Tangnings attempts at creating hype.

In an instant, Tangning and Tianyi Entertainment became the most searched terms online with mixed responses.

No one was aware of the relationship between Tangning and Mo Ting. So, compared to Tangning, no one was brave enough to offend Han Yufan.

Tangning definitely received the shorter end of the stick, attracting an unbelievable amount of insults online.

Just as everyone thought the tables had turned, the term Tangning substitute suddenly jumped to the top of search rankings. Search results all led to the news Long Jie had released earlier revealing that Tangning was the real victim

Of course, Long Jies story had got out first and the netizens had already made their decision. On top of everything, the fact that Tangning had substituted Mo Yurou so many times without causing any trouble and was continually being used became the hot topic online. The online community all agreed Tangning was indeed the victim.

In disbelief, Han Yufan picked up his phone and contacted his PR, ordering them to use more money to take down Tangnings news.

Meanwhile, Mo Ting was on the phone with the main news sources, "If the news of Tangning disappears from search rankings, then be prepared for your companies to close down."

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