Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 642

Chapter 642: Tell Hua Wenfeng To Immediately Disappear From My Sight

The results did not hit Tangning in the face because Elder Mo blocked it, "Wenfeng, if you have something to say, then say it. Don't get physical."

"'re saying this because you don't know how overboard this cheap performer has gone," Hua Wenfeng whined as she knelt down pitifully beside Elder Mo's leg.

"Who are you calling a cheap performer?" Elder Mo said coldly as he raised an eyebrow.

"Father, this woman claimed that I'm not Mo Ting's mother. I was so angry that I had to go get a DNA test. I couldn't tolerate being wronged like that!" After speaking, Hua Wenfeng stood up and pointed at Tangning. She then said in a fierce tone, "While everyone is here today, it's time we put an end to all this. Tangning, when you bullied me and slandered me in the past, I did not mind. But...when you said that I wasn't Mo Ting's mother...that truly broke my heart."

"If what you're saying is true, what do you plan to do?" Elder Mo asked.

"Father, this woman can't remain in the Mo Family. She will only make problems worse. Think about it, before she came along, our family was harmonious and we never embarrassed or angered each other. Everything changed after she appeared. She needs to be kicked out of the family..."

Elder Mo did not say a word, but he obviously looked annoyed.

Meanwhile, Tangning leaned over and picked up the results. She then looked through it in detail, reading every single word in seriousness.

"Ms Hua, don't you think you are overreacting?"

"Before you did your DNA results, I didn't truly think you weren't Mo Ting's mother; it was just a passing comment. But, after you did it, I'm actually beginning to suspect you." Tangning put down the 99.9% results on the table and looked up at Hua Wenfeng, "Otherwise, why would you bring me a fake report?"

"What do you mean?" Hua Wenfeng glared at Tangning. "What are you trying to say?"

"I think I've already expressed myself clearly: these results are fake."

Hua Wenfeng was furious as her chest heaved, "I have always been Mo Ting's mother, why would I create fake results? Don't wag your tongue carelessly, you b*tch!"

"Are you brave enough to guarantee that this report is real?" Tangning asked.

"Of course! Even if I was to do the test another hundred times, the results would still be the same. Do you think I'm like you? Do you think I like to scheme?"

"Ms Hua, let me ask you one last time, are you certain that this DNA test is real?"

"B*tch! You sure are hard to deal with. Not too long ago, you said that Wenfeng wasn't Mo Ting's mother and tried to drive a wedge between mother and son. Now that Wenfeng has presented you with a DNA report, you're claiming that it's fake. Let me tell you, we only received the results not too long ago, how could Wenfeng have tampered with it in any way?" Father Mo yelled as he pointed to Tangning.

"It can't possibly be real..." Tangning said firmly.

"You..." Father Mo couldn't contain his anger. Just as he lifted his hand with the intent to slap Tangning, the bodyguards quickly stood in his way.

Tangning sneered as she looked at Father Mo. She then picked up the report and said, "Why do you think I'm so certain that this is not real?"

"That's because the DNA sample given to you by Auntie Bai did not belong to Mo Ting. The toothbrush belonged to Auntie Bai. Mo Ting and all the bodyguards are aware of this. Yet, you're telling me that you are 99.9% related?"

"What a joke!"

After hearing this, both Father Mo and Hua Wenfeng froze in shock, "This...this can't be possible..."

"Why? Auntie Bai simply wanted to teach you a lesson for constantly causing me trouble. Who would have thought that you'd actually fake the report."

"'s not right. I didn't do it!" In reality, it was actually true this time that Hua Wenfeng did not do anything. So... could they explain the results?

"No, I'm sure you're lying, you b*tch. The DNA result definitely belonged to Mo Ting."

"It's your choice whether you want to believe me or not. If we do another test, the truth will be revealed. Why would I lie?" Tangning threw the results back at Hua Wenfeng. "If you didn't give us a fake report, how do you explain the results?"

Hua Wenfeng's eyes widened in shock as she took a few steps back, "I didn't do it, I really didn't!"

"The truth is already before us. If you didn't have something to hide, why would you tamper with it?"

"Tangning, stop acting so aggressive," Father Mo immediately stepped forward to protect his wife after noticing that she was being pushed into a corner. "This report can't be counted. Let's do it again."

Tangning sneered without saying another word. Meanwhile, Father Mo turned to look at Elder Mo, "Father, what do you say about this? Are you just going to sit there as your son and daughter-in-law​ gets bullied by this woman?"

"Right now, all I want to know is why Wenfeng tampered with the results," Elder Mo questioned Hua Wenfeng.

"Father, you can't just listen to Tangning's one-sided argument and choose to trust her over your son and daughter-in-law," Father Mo said angrily. "Father, I am your son. Are you going to treat your son and daughter-in-law like enemies because of an outsider?"

"But, compared to Hua Wenfeng, I trust in Tangning more," Elder Mo shrugged innocently.


"That's enough!" Elder Mo roared, finally returning peace to the room.

Elder Mo then stood up and said to Father Mo and Hua Wenfeng, "I am completely humiliated just by looking at the two of you. What person in their right mind would go do a DNA test over a passing comment? If the media were to find out, do you want them to suspect that there's a secret behind Mo Ting's birth?"

"I'm not going to mention what happened at Global Square..."

"...but as someone in a more senior position, it's bad enough that you tried to frame, torment, jinx, scheme and blame your daughter-in-law, you even tried to flip right from wrong. Even an animal wouldn't turn around and bite it's own child. Are the two of you worse than animals?" Father Mo asked sternly.

"Don't think that just because Mo Ting is your son, he is expected to obey your every order. If that's the case, does that mean I can also order the two of you to do whatever I want?"

"If so, I'll order the two of you to immediately get a divorce and for Hua Wenfeng to immediately disappear from my sight. What do you think?"

Father Mo looked at Elder Mo in shock.

"I'm not lifting a hand today because I can't be bothered to hit you. Neither of you have ever done anything good, yet you have the audacity to make a fuss."

"Why should you be making a fuss? What right do you have to make a fuss?"