Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 827

Chapter 827: I Want A Daughter

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Long Jie had the ability to manage Luo Sheng, but Lin Qian wasn't experienced enough.

Tangning needed to make arrangements and give her pointers, especially since their new artist was the key to Superstar Media's survival. So, following on, Tangning placed all her focus on this woman.

Luo Sheng quickly found out from Long Jie that Superstar Media had signed a new artist and this artist was not only a female, but she was also a singer. Which meant, the two of them weren't competitors. After all, the circles in which they each existed weren't likely to overlap.

Actually, he expected all along that if Superstar Media wanted to progress, they couldn't possibly just sign one artist. However, he could tell that the entire agency was already very thoughtful towards him.

"Luo Sheng, since Superstar Media has signed a contract with you, they won't just give up on you. You don't need to worry," Long Jie personally visited Luo Sheng on set to provide reassurance. As she