True Martial World Chapter 1000

Chapter 1000: Hidden Dragon Pit
Chapter 1000: Hidden Dragon Pit

Chu He failed to figure out how Yi Yun had seen through her trap. Little Blue was an Ancient Fey beast species whose bloodline was extremely powerful. It had an innate ability to conceal itself, which prevented even seven or eight-floor Dao Palace warriors from discovering its existence, much less Yi Yun with his lowly cultivation level.

Chu He stopped acting after having her cover blown. The Black Blood Vine that entangled her gradually loosened as Chu He looked at Yi Yun and said with a huff, “How did you see through my trap?”

“Why should I tell you? You set up a trap by preying on the empathy of others and then use a Fey beast to devour them. Who knew that you would have such a wicked heart despite being so young and beautiful?”

Yi Yun naturally did not know about Chu He’s background or goals. All he knew was that Chu He had set a trap to kill him and rob him. However, such incidents were common in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. One could only blame themselves for being too weak if they were killed. There was not much to blame others for.

“You… ” Chu He blew her top. She did not know how to explain, so she gave up by pouting her lips and fell silent. She allowed the fellow to make up his own conclusions.

Yi Yun’s eyebrows twitched slightly as he could tell from the girl’s expression that there was a story behind the matter. There was no need for her to continue her facade since she had been seen through. However, regardless of the reason, Yi Yun would not foolishly approached the green-dressed girl. The spirit snake that the girl reared had an extremely strong aura. It made Yi Yun lack the confidence to deal with the blue snake unless he used Felicitous Rain Lord’s sword Qi, but the losses would outweigh the gains.

A thought flashed in Yi Yun’s mind as his eyes happened to glance at a spot not far from the girl. There was a distortion in the void and in the Purple Crystal’s energy vision, Yi Yun confirmed that there was another person standing there. Furthermore, the person’s aura was very unique…

At that moment, in the core area of the Azure Wood Great World, in a inhabited valley, there was large ravine. It was a long ravine that reached to the horizon and was ancient and rustic.

If one looked from above, the gigantic ravine was like a dragon that meandered through the lands. It would make one shudder in fear.

“This ravine is somewhat strange!” An elder floating mid-air said.

The person was thin and his body was hunched. He had six arms that hung softly from his body. If Yi Yun was here, he would immediately recognize the elder as the Fey Phantasm Sect’s Supremacy, Gui Huazi.

Back when Yi Yun reached the Oracle Fey Kingdom, Gui Huazi had struck with a ghastly palm attack that nearly took Yi Yun’s life.

And beside Gui Huazi was a middle-aged man whose body was covered in a faint swirling black fog. The middle-aged man had a pale face and had a mane of silver hair. It shimmered with a metallic luster and he looked outstandingly handsome. In between his eyebrows, there was a light stripe… It was a closed eye. He did not wear loose large black robes like the majority of the Fey Phantasm Sect’s Elders, instead, he wore a well-fitted robe that befitted his position. He looked like an aristocrat from a mortal world.

The silver-haired man was the true person in power of the Fey Phantasm Sect — Demonic Eye Divine Lord.

The Demonic Eye Divine Lord looked at the gigantic ravine and pondered over it for a long time before he said, “If I’m not wrong, this is an ancient formation array named ‘Hidden Dragon Pit’. I never expected that the ‘Hidden Dragon Pit’ recorded in the historical books would be seen here in the Azure Wood Great World. I thought that the art of the ‘Hidden Dragon Pit’ was long lost.”

“Oh? Hidden Dragon Pit?” Gui Huazi looked at the meandering ravine, and indeed, it looked like a pit dug up to bury a dragon.

“That’s right. By using a powerful spirit root with a powerful enchantment sealed in ‘Hidden Dragon Pit’, it’s used to protect a spatial zone. The so-called dragon should be a spirit root. I never expected that the Azure Wood Manor would have such a mystical item. However, I will dig it up regardless of what it is protecting!”

A sneer flashed in Demonic Eye Divine Lord’s eyes as he suddenly waved a hand. Behind him, a plume of bloody mist burst out and transformed into a gigantic blood-colored skull.

“The Hidden Dragon Pit is powerful, but too much time has passed. The formation array has already weakened. Today, I’ll use my Blood Jade Skull to devour the old dragon!”

As Demonic Eye Divine Lord spoke, he made a sweeping gesture with his hand!


With an explosive sound, the blood-colored skull flew at ‘Hidden Dragon Pit’ like a meteor. Large swaths of ground collapsed as a tumultuous explosion boomed.

Such an explosion caused the collapse of a void. Large tracts of mountains in the distance collapsed as lava burst out of cracks in the rocks and shot fifty kilometers into the sky!

“Oh? This world is too weak. Grand Elder, that strike of yours nearly caused the collapse of the world.”

“The Azure Wood Great World is indeed weak, but it’s not something so easily destroyed by my strength. It looks like the ‘Hidden Dragon Pit’ is not only protecting something, it is also holding the world in awe and prevent it from collapsing too soon. If I were to open the ‘Hidden Dragon Pit’, it would only accelerate the collapse of this world.”

Daoist You Ming, who was beside Gui Huazi, asked, “Then, are we still going to open it?”

“Of course! Although it will accelerate the collapse of this world, a true collapse would need a certain period of time. It will not affect us at all. This world is bound to collapse, so what’s the point of forcibly stabilizing it with an array formation? I might as well give it a push.”

As Demonic Eye Divine Lord spoke, he produced his Blood Jade Skull once again.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ancient ‘Hidden Dragon Pit’ had maintained an ancient ruin for tens of millions of years, but even though the strongest member of every generation of the Azure Wood Manor would enhance it, it was unable to withstand the Blood Jade Skull’s devouring. It began to collapse from the source…

And at this moment, more than 5000 kilometers away, Yi Yun was still observing the distorted space beside Chu He. He had confirmed that there was another girl standing there.

The girl’s aura was very special and for some reason, he had a familiar feeling to it and it left Yi Yun baffled. Could he know that girl?

How could there be someone that he knew in this distant Azure Wood Great World?

Yi Yun immediately thought of Lin Xintong, but unfortunately, the girl’s aura was clearly different to Lin Xintong’s.

This made Yi Yun sigh lightly. How was he to find Lin Xintong in the expanse of the 12 Empyrean Heavens?

After a moment of reverie, Yi Yun looked at the distorted void once again. Although he was sure that she was not Lin Xintong, he wanted to know why the girl gave him such a familiar feeling.

As Yi Yun was thinking over it, the mud suddenly stirred in front of the green-dressed girl. A large blue snake emerged and splattering large amounts of black mud in every direction!

Yi Yun’s heart leaped as he pulled his sword out. He thought that the blue snake would be attacking him, but he never expected the green-dressed girl to panic as well.

“Little Blue, what are you doing!?”

The green-dressed girl retreated because the mud that splattered all over was about to taint her clothes.

The blue snake flailed around and completely ignored the green-dressed girl’s exhortations. Instead, it revealed extreme fear and unrest.

“Little Blue! Could it be… Oh no!”

Beside the green-dressed girl, space distorted as a silver-haired girl walked out of the void!