True Martial World Chapter 1010

Chapter 1010: Deadly Situation
Chapter 1010: Deadly Situation

“Oh? I never expected you to possess such tremendous wealth!”

Marquis Wu Yun sized Yi Yun up. In the Immortal Rain Sect, he was no longer considered part of the younger generation. Once Immortal Rain Sect disciples from the younger generation matured and became powerful enough, they were conferred with various noble titles. A title like ’Marquis’ was one of the highest ranks; thus, his powerful strength was evident.

However, even though Marquis Wu Yun had a promising future, he only had a top Supremacy-level item when it came to treasures. It was a treasure that was exceedingly close to the Divine Lord level, so he was naturally tempted when he heard about Yi Yun’s wealth.

The others had similar intentions as well. Their wealth was incomparable to Marquis Wu Yun’s. Everyone who came to the Azure Wood Great World came in search for opportunities. But from the present situation, it appeared as though the Azure Wood Great World was not a land littered with treasures as they imagined. During their search, not only did they fail to obtain anything, they had also faced all sorts of danger. The Apocalyptic Fumes had left them with a lingering fear. They had been lucky to be situated in the periphery of the Apocalyptic Fumes, otherwise, they would have been reduced to ash.

“With a mere half-step Dao Manifestation realm cultivation level, that Yi Yun is no different to an ant. Yet, he has such valuable treasures. What a fool!”

Many people leered at Yi Yun with all sorts of thoughts.

From their point of view, Yi Yun was like a savory piece of meat. They did not think much of Yi Yun’s resistance, but there were two things that were a little trickier. Firstly, Yi Yun’s master was Felicitous Rain Lord, who made them apprehensive. The other reason was the problem of splitting the treasure amongst twenty people after killing him.

“Marquis Wu Yun, if you were to do anything to Yi Yun, I, White Brows will not say a thing. I can swear on the heavens that it will not be leaked. Felicitous Rain Lord will not learn of this either,” said an old man whose white brows reached his ears. He blinked his eyes with a teasing look in them. He exuded a strange aura and he was the only elderly person amongst the twenty people.

Yue Yingsha’s heart sank when she saw the old man. Her intuition told her that the old man was not an enemy to be trifled with.

Warriors had the greatest potential when in their youth. Some would even cultivate all the way to the level of a Supremacy in one fell swoop. However, once their potential was expended, their cultivation level would hardly progress, even with a lifespan that spanned millions of years.

But such people would dedicate time and effort to raise their combat strength through other means when they knew that they had no future in further cultivation. For example, they would employ things like puppets, poison or formation arrays. The old man wasn’t striking, but the strange aura that he exuded made Yue Yingsha have some reserved fears.

They were not his match!

“Yi Yun!” Yue Yingsha transmitted her voice to Yi Yun. Her voice was somewhat anxious. Although she was unafraid of death, she was the successor of the Azure Wood Manor. She shouldered the mission of making the Azure Wood Manor prosper again. Even though she was likely destined to never accomplish it, she did not wish to die in the place that they were in.

Yi Yun did not reply because he was fully concentrated on something else. His thoughts were interfaced with the three sword Qi in his Dantian that Felicitous Rain Lord had given him. His energy vision was scanning his surroundings. He knew that even if he released the three sword Qi simultaneously, it was impossible for him to defeat the enemies in front of him. Yi Yun only planned on using the three sword Qi in a bid to carve a route of escape from his dire situation.

However, just as Yi Yun was searching for an opportunity to flee, he suddenly saw unusual points of light in the Purple Crystal’s energy vision.

The points of light were buried beneath the soil. They were sparkling like stars, suffusing rainbow colors on the surface. They looked like unusually beautiful gems buried underground.

If not for him using his energy vision, Yi Yun would not have discovered their existence. What were they!?

Yi Yun was baffled. The rainbow points of light effused a chilly aura.

When he penetrated the ground with his mental perception in an attempt to probe the points of light, Yi Yun felt his soul sea hurt. The rainbow points of light rumbled, as though they had awoken from a deep and long slumber.

“Yue Yingsha, do you know what’s in ‘White Bone Ridge’?” Yi Yun inquired quickly with a voice transmission. Yue Yingsha faltered for a moment before replying with a voice transmission, “I’m not sure. The records of White Bone Ridge in the sect only mention a large amount of bone ash.”

Although the Azure Wood Manor had records regarding the Door to the 33 Skies, the information was not detailed. There were many regions that were not completely explored.

However, Yue Yingsha’s words made Yi Yun generate several guesses.

Bone ash… could it be…

A sudden thought made Yi Yun’s heart palpitate.

“Old man White Brow. What talk is that? You swear upon the heavens to egg me to kill that punk?”

Marquis Wu Yun laughed. He knew very clearly that White Brow’s swearing upon the heavens to keep it a secret meant that Felicitous Rain Lord would not know that he had killed Yi Yun in the immediate future. And as time passed, Felicitous Rain Lord might forget this matter. After all, a half-step Dao Manifestation realm disciple was not necessarily important to a Divine Lord.

“You want to kill him using my hand? The treasure is split amongst us, but the risk of offending Felicitous Rain Lord is borne by me? That’s a great plan of yours!” Marquis Wu Yun said sarcastically. Immediately, he looked at Yi Yun and said, “Punk, I do not intend to kill you. Know what’s good for yourself and turn over your interspatial ring to me. I’ll spare you if you remove the mental imprint and kneel down before Shi Ping and Shi Fei to apologize with a kowtow.”

Marquis Wu Yun’s words were overbearing, but at that moment, the man in the Daoist outfit walked beside Yi Yun. He said with a smile, “Young man, hand me your interspatial ring and I can guarantee your safety.”

“You should give it to me instead.” Another person stood forward — the woman with black fingernails.

Be it intentional or not, all of them released their auras. The stifling feeling that they emitted was like there were powerful beasts lurking in their bodies

However, when these auras emanated, the rousing of the dots of light became even more obvious.

“It seems like they have awoken.”

Yi Yun was in full concentration as he circulated his mental energy to its limits. He injected it deep underground and constantly stimulated the points of light.

The vibrations of the points of light turned more intense and slowly, green-colored eyes seemed to light up underground.

They are awake! Yi Yun held his breath!

Whew! Whew! Whew! Whew!

Large swaths of rainbow-colored dots of light drilled towards the surface rapidly.

These points of light only used a few seconds to reach the ground beneath the group’s feet from a half a kilometer underground.

Yi Yun discovered that other than him having his energy vision, no one present had detected the approaching points of light.

The points of light lurked just inches away like they were gathering strength.

At that moment, Yi Yun suddenly laughed. Despite being surrounded by twenty people, with many of them far exceeding his strength, Yi Yun’s laugh had surprised everyone.

“Why are you laughing when death is knocking at your door?”

Marquis Wu Yun frowned. He liked it when his enemies were horrified because of his might, but he did not like such people who he could not control.

Now, Yi Yun was clearly in a dire situation, but the smile on his face did not look like it was faked.