True Martial World Chapter 1027

Chapter 1027: The Might of Divine Lords
Chapter 1027: The Might of Divine Lords

After the phantom vanished, the portrait gradually rolled up and flew into Yi Yun’s hand.

“Senior Yin, I would like to know more about what the Azure Wood Manor separatists had previously mentioned. What’s the secret zone in the Door to the 33 Skies that Yue Yingsha alone can enter?”

The secret zone and the Key of the Nine Lotus had left Yi Yun somewhat puzzled. However, he found it inappropriate to inquire as it touched upon the Azure Wood Manor’s heritage. But now with it possibly crucial to their survival, he had to make a detailed inquiry.

“The secret zone…is a region interior to the divine tree. Its location is perhaps in the main root of the divine tree, an area closest to the spirit of the divine tree. Back in the past, there was one Azure Wood Manor overseer who had managed to awaken the divine tree despite the closure of the Door to the 33 Skies. Her notes spoke of a secret zone and the existence of the divine tree’s spirit.”

“Based on this progenitor’s records, subsequent generations of the Azure Wood Manor came to believe that if they could find this secret zone and control the spirit of the divine tree, they would be able to awaken the divine tree once again. Not only would it save the Azure Wood Manor, they might also attain incredible power. The Azure Wood Manor separatists were here for that. As for the Key of the Nine Lotus, it was left behind by that progenitor.”

“The spirit of the divine tree…” Yi Yun cast his gaze at Yue Yingsha and said, “Will finding the secret zone guarantee gaining control over the spirit of the divine tree?”

Yue Yingsha sighed and said with a shake of her head, “Actually…it’s not definite…. It was just an insubstantial notebook left behind by the progenitor. She was an impressive person, so I might not be able to accomplish the awakening like she did.”

Yue Yingsha had zero confidence, especially after she entered the Door to the 33 Skies. Witnessing the strangeness and dangers of the Door to the 33 Skies had compounded her belief.

“Yi Yun…it’s you that has a perception—one never seen in my life. You are practically the chosen one of the gods. This is your first time seeing the portrait, yet you can awaken the Sacred Ancestor’s power. Perhaps you are the best candidate…” said Yue Yingsha somewhat sourly.

Yue Yingsha had the impression that the black-dressed woman was equivalent to a god and had existed in a primordial era. Therefore, Yue Yingsha refused to believe that Yi Yun had any relationship with the goddess. In that case, the only reason Yi Yun could awaken the portrait was that it was decided by the heavens!

Such talent and perceptivity made Yue Yingsha lament over her inadequacies. She had been praying in front of the divine tree from a young age and she had injected the divine tree’s sap into her bloodline. But even so, it was completely useless. Perhaps Yi Yun was someone more suitable than she was to be the overseer of the Azure Wood Manor.

Granny Yin’s lips quivered but she did not say a word. Although she was unwilling to admit it, the facts were laid out in front of her.

“Then…let us walk towards the divine tree. The savanna is sealed off by the bronze giant’s power, so there’s no way we can leave this place. Apart from us, even Divine Lords aren’t able to escape this land. Perhaps we might find a chance of survival in the core of the divine tree.”

Walking towards the divine tree meant walking towards the bronze giant. It sounded equivalent to suicide.

But at that moment, a region of death might be the road to survival, and desperate times called for desperate solutions!

Yue Yingsha and Granny Yin exchanged looks. Despite an acute awareness of the danger, no solution came to their minds. In their desperation, they might as well fight for their dear lives rather than suffering a trapped fate in the deadly savanna.

“The divine tree is a god spirit planted by the Sacred Ancestor; and now, the divine tree is sleeping while the bronze giant wantonly hacks away at it. If the divine tree were to awaken, everything might be different.”

Yue Yingsha firmly believed that the power accumulated in the divine tree over hundreds of millions of years was redoubtable. Even the bronze giant would be powerless against it!

In this land of doom, the trio embarked on their journey once again. And this time, their target was the core area of the savanna. Heading towards the boundary in their predicament was destined to be fruitless, but the trip towards the core was surprisingly fast. At nearly the rate of one stride equaling five, they could see the divine tree’s roots far in the distance with just fifteen minutes of walking.

During this process, there was constantly the emergence of the black evil demons, but they were warded off by Yi Yun’s use of the portrait’s power.

As for the deadly water of the River Styx, they managed to avoid it from Granny Yin’s understanding of the geological features of the area.

Although the trio was limited in strength, they managed to safely traverse the savanna of death through all sorts of guile.

As the core region approached, Yi Yun began to see the fuzzy black figure that stood far into the horizon.

It was that bronze giant!

The bronze giant’s body was wrapped in chains and like a statue, it stood motionless. He was no longer chopping at the tree.

Perhaps it had drained all its strength and it was in the midst of recovery, or it would only move again deep into the night.

“Is he not moving because he’s sleeping?”

It could not be any better if the bronze giant was sleeping.

Granny Yin shook her head and said, “It’s probably not that simple. We will definitely alarm it if we really approach it. And when that happens, our deaths to him will be as simple as crushing an ant to death.”

Yi Yun frowned. They needed to cross the bronze giant in order to approach the divine tree. However, it was an exceedingly difficult task. The portrait left behind by the black-dressed woman could exorcise the evil demons, but it was probably useless against the bronze giant.

While Yi Yun contemplating the dangers he faced, he suddenly saw a few figures in the horizon. As they were too distant, these figures looked as tiny as sesame seeds.

However, one of the figures suddenly expanded rapidly in an instant. A gigantic ghastly claw emerged as it struck at the bronze giant!

Another figure slashed out a strike in the form of an azure-colored greatsword. When the strike flashed, its luster split the heaven from the earth, as though it was the only thing in the world!

Tumultuous might struck at the bronze giant.

“It’s Master!” Yi Yun sensed Felicitous Rain Lord’s aura from the azure greatsword.

As for the gigantic ghastly claw, it was like the hand of a devil that surfaced from a realm of wraiths. White bone was exposed beneath the rotting flesh and it exuded a creepy air of death.

“That person is…the Fey Phantasm Sect’s Demonic Eye Divine Lord.”

From the looks of it, Felicitous Rain Lord and Demonic Eye Divine Lord were both trapped in the plains of death. They had taken the opportunity to attack the slumbering bronze giant!

The plains of death was strange in every fashion and everything pointed towards the bronze giant. As long as they killed it, there might be a chance of them escaping the land of death.

The power of the two Divine Lords’ attack was formidable!

Simply watching the attacks made Yi Yun feel a piercing pain in his eyes. His protective Yuan Qi could not help but be triggered.

And behind the Fey Phantasm Sect’s Demonic Eye Divine Lord, a few figures formed an array formation, condensing a wraith the size of a small mountain that was hurled at the bronze giant.

Yi Yun found one of the figures very familiar.

“Daoist You Ming is here too.” Yi Yun’s expression sunk slightly.

At that moment, the bronze giant had suddenly opened his eyes—eyes so cold and heartless as though they looked from a deep frozen abyss.

Immediately, the chains on its body issued clamorous sounds that each sounded like thunder.

The bronze giant took a step and immediately caused the world to tremble.

He brandished his ax and attacked Felicitous Rain Lord and Demonic Eye Divine Lord.

The cleaving of the ax seemed to split the world apart!