True Martial World Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Old Man Su’s Guess
Chapter 103: Old Man Su’s Guess

Although Purple Air Comes From The East was rare in the circle of warriors, but in the long annals of history books, there had been uncountable numbers of outstanding figures. Hence, there were records of Purple Air Comes From The East in the history books. But for Purple Clouds’ Birth, it was an outright phenomenon.

Even going through the history books, it was hard to find a similar event. A purple cloud covering the vast Cloud Wilderness. Such an event has never happened before!

Originally, no one would associate the “Purple Clouds’ Birth” with “Purple Air Comes From The East”.

But old man Su somehow came up with the association.

Lin Xintong was shocked, “Master, how could it be possible. The Purple Clouds’ Birth covered such a large area, how could it be Purple Air Comes From The East?”

“Purple Air Comes From The East is when a warrior’s spiritual energy gains the recognition of the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. As for the Purple Clouds’ Birth, even if the entire vast wilderness’ Heaven Earth Yuan Qi had been activated, it would not have such a scale!”

Lin Xintong found it incredulous. Even a great emperor’s breakthrough did not have such exaggerations.

Old man Su nodded and gave a self-deprecating laugh, “Haha, I was just saying what came to my mind.”

Old man Su did not mention this matter any further. But when old man Su received some inspiration, he had been extremely accurate.

“Xintong, you left behind the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ manual inscribed with your notes for the kid. For him to gain such insight, his perceptivity sure isn’t bad. With that, Xintong you are now that kid’s master. Oh, since I’m your master, that kid is now my grand-disciple. Ai, that kid took advantage of me again.”

Old man Su shaked his head saying that. Lin Xintong nearly burst out in laughter hearing that. If others were to acknowledge a grandpa as a master, they would have been at a disadvantage; but when it came to her master, if anyone took him as a grandpa generation master, that person would have taken advantage of him.

“Xintong, you don’t say. But I’m beginning to like him. Also, his influence on your Yin Meridians, have you understood anything?”

Lin Xintong shook her head. It was like running after a shadow and had no ways of determining the cause.

That night when she returned, Lin Xintong had began to circulate her ‘Fairy Maiden Heart Sutra’, but no matter how hard she tried, her meridians were dry, without any response.

This result was also expected…

But Su Jie was optimistic. He said, “Xintong, I will be meeting up with Marquis Wenyun in a few days time. Nothing has come up from investigating the Purple Clouds’ Birth. But Marquis Wenyun had brought a state treasure to the Cloud Wilderness; that treasure compass managed to find ancient ruins. That secret ground is extremely dangerous. You can’t even enter with your strength. Including Marquis Wenyun, several of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s bigwigs were gathered together. But they deliberated for a very long time, for they did not dare to rashly enter. This time, Marquis Wenyun managed to obtain a incomplete formation map of the ancient ruins, and invited me. I’m very interested in it and have decided to go. This ancient secret ground might have the heritage of an ancient Desolate Heaven Master. If I were to get some inspiration, I might be able to join up your terminated meridians.”

With Su Jie saying this, Lin Xintong felt worried but touch, “Master, that ancient ruins…”

“Haha, don’t worry. I will be fine. The main reason for me going is to resolve the formation map. Besides, I have walked the vast wilderness for years, when have I ever suffered? When I was young, I could obtain the treasures amidst the dangers of mystic lands. I have resolved all kinds of dangerous situations. You don’t know how many people scrambled to have me join them to enter mystic lands.” Old man Su said with pride. He was not bragging about this, and had the ability to dissolve danger. He had returned with many treasures in the face of many dangers.

But as for many people scrambling to have old man Su to join them to enter mystic lands was quite the opposite.

When Su Jie was not that famous in his younger days, he had joined many expeditions to explore the mystic realms. They would later meet some unexpected danger causing the entire expedition to be wiped out except for old man Su.

There were even times that he managed to get some benefits out of that. Of course, Su Jie would never admit to that.

Whenever he recalled those events to others, he would appear in grief, and even pay tribute to those who had died. It was as if he had received a great deal of trauma in the perilous encounters in the mystic realms.

But in a turn of an eye, people would see him saunter into an underground workshop or auction house and sell the treasures that were of no use to him for things he needed. With a lewd smile, he would return fully loaded.

After this happened a few times, people gave Su Jie a nickname: “Su Runaway”, and the infamy known as Su Runaway quickly spread. As such, few expeditions brought him along from then on.

The people who went all turned into cannon fodder but he could quickly escape, who would dare bring him along?

So there was reason to believe that Marquis Wenyun’s invitation to old man Su was due to having encountered an extremely unsolvable problem in the mystic realm. It was only as a last resort that they had to get Su Jie to solve it.

At this time, the crowd were confused or in wonder, or even in baffled as Yi Yun walked down the white jade stage.

“You’re Yi Yun? Twelve years old?” At this time, a voice was sent to Yi Yun’s ears. He raised his head and saw Zhang Tan looking at him.

Yi Yun slowed down his footsteps and nodded.

“What level are you at? Qi Gatherer realm?”

Yi Yun nodded again.

“The early stages of Qi Gatherer realm? Or at the peak of Qi Gatherer?”

“Peak.” Yi Yun gently moved his lips. But even from afar, Zhang Tan could read it.

This kid did not know how to force his voice into a line.

That’s interesting, as this was a small trick people in the Meridians realm would know. Did his master not teach him, or did he not have a decent master?

No, without a master, he would not have been able to master such a ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’.

Zhang Tan’s mind began to flash with many thoughts.

This Yi Yun sure is a freak!

It looks like when he broke through in the preliminaries, he had gone from the early stages of the Qi Gatherer realm to the peak of the Qi Gatherer realm!

Others were under great pressure and were struggling; yet, he had used the pressure to breakthrough.

And what made it more rare was that Yi Yun was just twelve!

At twelve with excellent perceptivity and a good cultivation level, he was an extremely good candidate.

“Do you know what the clouds you induced meant?” asked Zhang Tan.

Yi Yun had a thought in his head before he looked up the sky. In the sky there was a stretch of purple. As it had been long, the the lit clouds had slowly dispersed. It was extremely pretty, like dispersed purple feathers.

A purple sky…

When Yi Yun was cultivating, the surround Heaven Earth Yuan Qi had surged into his body and after being processed by the Purple Crystal, had escaped from his countless number of pores.

It seemed like this spirit energy had mixed with the surround Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to form the purple mist.

This purple mist might have something to do with the Purple Crystal Origins.

“It’s alright if you don’t know. Remember, guard against arrogance and rashness. In this world, there are many talents, and the world is too large. Just the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom has almost no boundaries and cannot be measured. Do not think too highly of your current achievements. Working hard is the way!” Yi Yun easily accepted Zhang Tan’s teachings. Actually even without Zhang Tan’s words, Yi Yun knew that he was was not at the starting point of his martial path. His path ahead was still long.

With these thoughts, Yi Yun left the white jade stage and walked towards his spot. As a member of the Lian tribal clan, his spot was next to the Lian tribal clan.