True Martial World Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Evaluation Results
Chapter 105: Evaluation Results

Just as Yi Yun and Lian Chengyu were ready to jump at each other’s throats, Zhang Tan had walked to the center of the square. He was announcing the semi-finals ranking and results of the Mortal Blood warriors! The semi-final was different from the preliminaries. It was clear who won the preliminaries with one look, but the results of the semi-finals had to be decided by the Jin Long Wei examiners.

Previously when everyone went on stage, the Jin Long Wei examiners gave scores based on the contestants age and performance. After a discussion, and arranging the scores and averaging them, a ranking was completed.

“They are about to announce the rankings!”

Seeing Zhang Tan hold a roll to the stage, the crowd immediately began anticipating it.

It was an exciting moment.

They wanted to know what the third young master Tao Yunxiao’s ranking would be.

“I will announce the rankings of the semi-finals and your grades. From highest to lowest are Heaven, Earth, Mystic, and Yellow. With the Heaven rank being the highest and the Yellow rank being the lowest. Each rank has ten grades, from zero to nine. In total, there are forty grades!”

“Heaven rank, is the mark of ancient great emperors!”

“Earth rank, is the mark of ancient sages!”

“Mystic rank, is the mark of human lords!”

“Yellow rank, is the mark of human elites!”

Although Zhang Tan had yet to announce the results, just from introducing the ranks, it caused the the numerous contestants and the audience listening to become excited!

Ancient emperors, ancient sages, human lords!

Even the worst Yellow rank was a human elite.

Very clearly, these evaluation rules were not set by the Zhang Tan or the Jin Long Wei, not even the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom may be be a behemoth, but they did not dare evaluate an ancient great emperor or sage!

These evaluation rules must have a uniform standard that is recognized by the world!

Upon realizing this, many of the contestants took short, light breaths. Some could not help but clench their fists, waiting to hear the results!

Many people subconsciously wished they were different from the rest; they wanted to see how far they were from the ancient sages and lords of old.

Was it possible that they could receive a grade close to them?

Some of the proudest ones, especially Tao Yunxiao, believed they would leave the vast wilderness, or even leave the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, eventually creating an empire. These people had the most difficult time staying calm!

Tao Yunxiao crossed his arms; although he looked cold and proud, one could tell from his shaking fingers that he was uneasy.

Tao Yunxiao’s eyes gleamed with excitement. He wanted to know, based on a standard agreed upon by the world, what would his future achievements be like? How high could he go?

“Sun Yu, twenty years old, demonstrating cultivation technique: ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’, Grade: None!”

Zhang Tan announced with a commanding voice. In the crowd, a tall thin youth was stretching out his neck, listening to Zhang Tan’s words with bated breath. But when he heard, “None”, his mind went blank.

To think he did not even have a grade…

Sun Yu let out a depressed sigh. But it was expected, to enter the Yellow rank, one had to be a human elite.

As for him, he had been first in the semi-finals, which meant he was the last person in the preliminaries. Not being able to be an “elite” was reasonable.

But having his results announced in front of so many people, Sun Yu felt embarrassed.

But very quickly, that feeling lessened.

Because after Sun Yu, Zhou Kang, Chen Pingguang and Tao Hai were told by Zhang Tan that they had no grade; they had not reached the Yellow realm.

Zhang Tan was announcing the results according to the order in which they performed at the semi-finals. Those without a grade basically had no results, they had come to the end of their journey in the Kingdom’s selection for they had been eliminated.

Up to the twenty-fifth person, which was almost half of the semi-final contestants, no one achieved any grades!

Based on the standard, none of them reached the “Human elite” rank and were considered ordinary people!

Such a strict screening made Tao Yunxiao’s eyes light up with fire. The stricter the standard was, the more it made his blood boil. This standardized screening had a lot of credibility. As such, he will be able to tell his future success!

When Zhang Tan announced the thirtieth person, there was still no grades!

The ten thousand strong spectators began to burst into discussion. Many of the gradeless people were heirs of small tribal clans that were specially nurtured, but yet they could not even obtain a grade in the semi-finals. It was too terrible.

They were speculating what sort of person would be able to obtain the Yellow rank.

“Say, what do you think our Young master Yunxiao’s rank will be?” Some people in the Tao tribal clan suddenly asked; in their eyes, Tao Yunxiao’s talent was not lower than the first young master of the Tao tribal clan.

Tao Yunxiao was also one of the idols in the Tao tribal clan, so he had many admirers.

“Of course, young master Yunxiao will not be bad, but I wonder what Yi Yun’s rank will be?”

The people broke out into speculation. They had never seen Purple Air Comes From The East; they did not know what the purple mist that surged into the air meant. They felt that to induce such a phenomena should be something amazing.

Without doubt, in the semi-finals, only Yi Yun had the qualification to compare with their Young master Yunxiao.

As for people like Lian Chengyu, they were much worse.

“You say, that kid Yi Yun shattered those cups, how would it compare with our Young master Yunxiao’s sword Qi?” asked a Tao tribal clan citizen.

“Are you silly, which do you think is stronger, a teacup or black ironstone? Young master Yunxiao used the sword Qi to split through black ironstone! Since both shattered the items through the air, whichever object is harder means whoever broke it is stronger! How can Yi Yun match that? But then, that kid Yi Yun puffing out that cloud sure was odd.”

“Yes, say, why did he puff out that cloud?”

The citizens of the vast wilderness were filled with questions. Could humans do that?

Although it didn’t seem to have any power, it still seemed pretty cool.

Just based on the cloud, it was hard to determine whose rank was higher.

Finally, Zhang Tan announced the first person with a rank, “Bai Chong, nineteen years old, demonstrating cultivation technique ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’, Grade: Yellow rank, grade one!”

The vast wilderness used a system of nine; nine meant the highest, while one was the lowest.

Bai Chong had just managed to enter the Yellow rank, but even so, it made him excited. The thirty people before him had no results, but he managed to obtain one!

From that day onwards, he could be considered a human elite.

After Bai Chong, there were again, a few people without a grade. They may have done better than Bai Chong in the preliminaries, but they failed to exceed him in the semi-finals.

After three consecutive participants without grades, the remaining people all had grades.

As it reached the ten last participants, Yellow ranks grade two and sometimes grade three appeared!

In a blink of an eye, Zhang Tan had already announced the results for fifty people. There were only six people left.

Yi Yun, Lian Chengyu and Tao Yunxiao were part of those six participants.