True Martial World Chapter 1055

Chapter 1055: Ji Shuiyan
Chapter 1055: Ji Shuiyan

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"Finally, he has awakened."

The girl in yellow heaved a heavy sigh of relief when she saw Yi Yun wake up. She would have been at a great loss if she spent two of her precious pills only for Yi Yun to remain unconscious.

Still somewhat out of it, Yi Yun was confused as to why this girl in yellow saved him. He cupped his fists and said, "Lady, thank you for saving me."

Upon hearing Yi Yun's words, Old Man Changsun nearly blew his top. This punk did not even recognize the great mistress. After all, if he did know her, why would he greet her in such a way?

They had saved a complete stranger at a great cost, all for a word of thanks. What point was there in that!?

The Old Man Changsun looked at Yi Yun as though he would devour the ungrateful whelp. Which darn guard had saved Yi Yun?

Yi Yun didn’t notice Old Man Changsun's glaring. His gaze was fixed on the girl in yellow as he waited for her to say something.

"Xiaoyue…Accompany Mr. Changsun in obtaining some bodhi grass and brewing some herbal soup." The girl in yellow turned to instruct the maidservant standing beside her.

Old Man Changsun faltered for a moment before he realized that the girl in yellow had something to say to the punk.

Despite feeling somewhat vexed, he had no choice but to leave the sand boat with the maidservant.

After the duo left, the girl in yellow stood up and gave Yi Yun a bow, "Senior, I'm Ji Shuiyan."


Yi Yun was momentarily surprised. Such a method of address… For all of his years of living, this was the first time he was called Senior.

The girl in yellow looked about eighteen, but her actual age was likely to be near his own. Yi Yun said, "I'm Yi Yun, not some senior. I have cultivated for less than a century and there is a limit to the gap in our ages."

"Less than a century?"

Ji Shuiyan looked at Yi Yun in surprise but she immediately chuckled and said softly, "Senior, I do not have any ill intentions. My eyes are different from others. They can see through the cultivation levels of many people but… I'm unable to discern Senior's cultivation level. I can only sense that there is an immense power within Senior's body that renders my eyes completely ineffective. For such a thing to happen, it can only mean that Senior's cultivation level far exceeds my imagination."

"Furthermore, Senior fainted in the desert, yet a large amount of grass had sprouted around Senior's body. Such a phenomenon isn't something ordinary people are capable of."

"In addition, Mr. Changsun's treatment of Senior was filled with several oddities. No matter how precious the medicine was, it would be absorbed clean by Senior's body. Even metal and stone couldn’t prick Senior's skin. How can Senior have only cultivated for less than a hundred years?"

Hearing Ji Shuiyan's reasons, Yi Yun felt somewhat enlightened. To her, he was a mighty figure that had met with misfortune.

Sparing two precious pills to save a mighty figure was naturally beneficial. To have such a figure in one’s debt was an extremely rare circumstance.

Yi Yun waved his hands and said, "I'm really no senior. I have cultivated for less than a hundred years and my cultivation level is only a realm higher than yours."

He had discerned that the girl's cultivation level was at the beginning stages of the Heaven Ascension realm. For her age, that was impressive.

"Just one full realm higher than me?" Ji Shuiyan found it unbelievable, but Yi Yun did not seem like he was lying. It appeared that she had made a mistake.

Upon realizing this, Ji Shuiyan shook her head. This was a classic case of her trying anything when in a desperate situation…

At that moment, Yi Yun said, "Miss Ji, might you have saved me because you face difficulties that require the help of an expert?"

Upon hearing his query, Ji Shuiyan sighed lightly and barely managed to force a laugh. "Not really. I am dedicated to martial arts but have reached a plateau in my cultivation. I was hoping to be an apprentice of a senior."

Ji Shuiyan said this nonchalantly, but Yi Yun sensed that she was hiding something. However, he did not probe further since she clearly didn’t wish to elaborate. Instead, he said, "Miss Ji, I know that the medicine you gave me was extremely valuable. I wonder where Miss Ji's house is? If there is a chance, I will definitely return the favor."

The kindness he had received was no trifling matter. Yi Yun's life might not have been at risk if he stayed immobile, but nourishing the divine tree seed sprout to a certain stage would take him a year or two. He didn’t want to spend years lying in the desert, not to mention the waste of valuable cultivation time.

"There's no need. A chance acquaintance is fated after all. For me to help you once, it can be considered fate. There is no need for you to return the favor."

Ji Shuiyan seemed to quickly bounce back from her disappointment. She smiled at Yi Yun but made it a point to not mention her residence. She didn’t seem to be interested in him returning the favor.

This could be expected. Why would the Divine Secrets Trading Company need the favor of a junior at the Dao Manifestation realm?

"Alright…" Since Ji Shuiyan refused to speak of her troubles, Yi Yun respected her wishes. He had a good impression of her. Although she had her motives saving him, they weren’t underhanded. And when she later discovered that he was not the expert she believed him to be, she had not stooped to mockery or angry demands of repayment.

"Yi Yun, since you are at the Dao Manifestation realm, it should be rather easy for you to traverse the Sun Burial Sandsea. It's best you leave as soon as possible. There has been some phenomenon recently in the Sun Burial Sandsea with many factions gathered here. There is much unrest. At your cultivation level, it's best you stay away from it."

Ji Shuiyan gave Yi Yun some advice. Yi Yun's heart stirred when he heard it. "Phenomenon? What phenomenon?"

"It's best you not know. That you have cultivated for less than a century, yet have obtained such a level shows your impressive talent. I'm very envious of it."

Ji Shuiyan had no intention to speak further. Clearly, she was afraid that any elaboration would only harm him.

"Alright then…" Yi Yun nodded. With the conversation reaching that point, it was meaningless to pursue the matter further. He could only bid farewell and leave the sand boat.

From the short conversation with Ji Shuiyan, Yi Yun had a nagging feeling that Ji Shuiyan had hidden many things in her heart despite her kind temperament.

He memorized the merchant logo on the sand boat, hoping to find the company in the future and repay the favor. But at that moment, Yi Yun's heart skipped a beat as his footsteps slowed down.

He had suddenly sensed an ice-cold perception enshrouding him.

Yi Yun frowned as his perception did not yield. Instead, he advanced in the direction of the sinister perception.

Yi Yun's perception was keen to begin with. But after absorbing the divine tree seed, it had grown even stronger. He could even penetrate Chaos Stones, so Yi Yun instantly sensed that the other party's cultivation level was stronger than his. However, he was not afraid of letting the other discover it. He wantonly used his own perception.

In just an instant, Yi Yun saw an old woman in red with a head full of white hair. She was partially slumped in a loft in the sand boat.

She was skinny and scrawny. Her eyes were deeply recessed in but her face was as white as a ghost's.

She suddenly widened her eyes and gave a stunning smile. Baring her yellow teeth, she said, "Yan'er, come over."

Ji Shuiyan, who had just sent Yi Yun off, shuddered when she heard that voice. Her face instantly drained of color as Yi Yun noticed that a deep panic flashed in her eyes.