True Martial World Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Let’s test their actual combat ability
Chapter 107: Let’s test their actual combat ability

Many people began to question the rankings as they discussed in private. That included the Tao tribal clan’s elders who were stunned. Among them, although the most knowledgeably ones were not surprised that Yi Yun exceeded Tao Yunxiao, but they had never expected him to far exceed Tao Yunxiao.

“How could it be? I don’t believe it!”

Among the crowd, there was a person who finally exploded like a simmering volcano.

This person was Lian Chengyu. He was the most agitated person in the crowd. “He’s a Mystic rank grade five, and I’m a Yellow rank grade five. He is one entire rank higher than me, how could it be!?”

Lian Chengyu could feel his blood start to boil. His handsome face turned into a deep red. Lian Chengyu’s face had distorted, as if he was a red-face demon that crawled out from hell.

He felt distanced from the surrounding people. Their noises had drowned into the background. He clenched his fists, with his nails biting into his flesh to the point of them bleeding. But Lian Chengyu could not feel the pain.

He had gone mad. He wanted to die.

He had watched Yi Yun, a poor kid whose life was cheaper than grass, slowly rise up, soaring into the sky, with his own eyes. Yi Yun was a villager of his Lian tribal clan, and Yi Yun could be said to be his slave.

But now, the slave had surpassed the master!

What made him hate Yi Yun the most is the fact that Yi Yun stole his desolate beast essence!

Originally, he could have broken into the Purple Blood realm. All that glory could have been his!

When people get overcome by anger, they would often lose all rational.

At this time, Lian Chengyu had lost all rationality. He hated Yi Yun so much that he wanted to tear off Yi Yun’s flesh with his mouth.

“I… don’t accept it!”

Rage had given the courage needed for Lian Chengyu to challenge everything. He dared to shout out his indignation when facing Zhang Tan under such a situation. Immediately, the eyes of the people were gathered on Lian Chengyu.

Lian Chengyu clenched his fists, with a green vein protruding from his forehead.

“I don’t accept it…”

Lian Chengyu repeated again, as if he had experienced a tremendous amount of humiliation.

In the crowd, there was another person with a gloomy face, he was Tao Yunxiao.

“I too don’t accept it!” Tao Yunxiao said. He really could not accept it!

He felt that he could reach the Mystic rank. Also, he didn’t think that Yi Yun could qualify to be a Mystic rank grade five. How could the Jin Long Wei make such an arbitrary conclusion? They didn’t even give any specific reason!

“I want to know, what is the judging criteria!”

Tao Yunxiao’s eyes burned with rage.

“Hmph!” Zhang Tan coldly grunted. A cold gaze infused with energy entered Tao Yunxiao and Lian Chengyu’s ears, exploding within their ears!

Both their bodies quivered as if they were struck in the chest. They nearly fell to their knees.

“I am under no obligation to explain to you! If you can’t accept it, you can withdraw from the Kingdom’s selection! No one is forcing you! But the moment you choose to be a Jin Long Wei member, you have to remember that in the Jin Long Wei, you only serve and never question! This is the first time you are questioning me, and it shall be your last!” Zhang Tan’s voice had contained within a fearsome aura. Not even Lian Chengyu and Tao Yunxiao, even the Tao tribal clan’s elders felt the pressure.

If you did not accept it, you could withdraw.

If you stayed, you had to obey!

The Jin Long Wei was an army, and it was the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s most powerful army. It’s standing was exceptional!

For such a large force, how could a lowly person question the rules they set?

Not even the young masters of the tribal clans of the Cloud Wilderness, even the son of a duke could not do that to the Jin Long Wei!

As for an explanation, would a lion ever need to explain anything to a mouse?

“Yunxiao, admit your mistake!” At this time, Tao Yunxiao’s ears rang with his father’s voice. Tao Yunxiao clenched his fists, the veins on his arms squirming like a worm. Even with his father’s voice, he was indignant.

“Yunxiao, admit your mistake! Who do you think you are?” Tao Yunxiao’s father’s voice rang again.

Tao Yunxiao took a deep breath. He hated, he hated that he was unable to prove his strength.

“I… admit!” Tao Yunxiao clenched his face, enduring the insult, before saying those words with difficulty.

Zhang Tan was emotionless. With a wave of his hand, the members of the Jin Long Wei stepped down temporarily.

Following next was the Purple Blood warriors’ selection, which had nothing to do with Yi Yun and Tao Yunxiao.

Seeing Zhang Tan leave, Tao Yunxiao stared at Yi Yun. His gleaming eyes stabbed Yi Yun like knives.

The relationship between Tao Yunxiao and Yi Yun was different from Lian Chengyu’s. Lian Chengyu hated Yi Yun while Tao Yunxiao was not convinced. He felt that he was stronger than Yi Yun in every aspect!

“Hehe, these ‘young masters’ of the Cloud Wilderness think so highly of themselves. They think that our evaluation results, that we as examiners make, have to take into account their views?” When Zhang Tan stepped down, a Jin Long Wei elite said disdainfully. The heartlands despised the Cloud Wilderness because they treated the people of the Cloud Wilderness like barbarians. And in fact, that was the truth.

The difference between the Cloud Wilderness and the heartlands was too large a gap.

“This kid, Yi Yun, could induce Purple Air Comes From The East. The Purple Air symbolizes the Son of Heaven. Yi Yun has the chance to become a lord in the future!” said another Jin Long Wei elite.

“But then, it’s just a possibility. There are too many unknown factors ahead of a young lord. They might fall behind, in the middle or exhaust all their potential, eventually falling out of sight…But some young lords grow at terrifying rates. They eventually become sages, great emperors. Anything is a possibility…” Zhang Tan said lightly. When he mentioned great emperors, the Jin Long Wei elites around him looked at each other and swallowed a gulp of saliva. To them, a great emperor was something too high from them. Even the founding emperor of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, whose accomplishments had overshadowed thousands of generations, was considered a sage.

Zhang Tan carried on, “We do not need to bother about about those young masters’ doubts, but since they are unconvinced… for the last round, let’s test their actual combat ability…”

Zhang Tan said it casually. He knew that those who were indignant was not limited to Tao Yunxiao or Lian Chengyu. It included the other participants, the commoners of the Tao tribal clan. None of them could accept it.

To the people of the Cloud Wilderness, the only way to convince them was strength. Other things were flashy to them, but to know if it mattered, only strength was needed.

“Oh? Test their combat ability?” A Jin Long Wei elite’s eyes lit up upon hearing it.

“That’s right. These people have differences in their age and their cultivation time. There is no uniform standard to test their strength, but…I had previously asked Yi Yun. His cultivation level is at the peak of the Qi Gatherer realm; so even if we were to test their combat ability, it will not appear unfair. Actually I want to see how the kid’s actual combat ability is.” Saying that, a smile formed on Zhang Tan’s lips.

A twelve-year old child, what was the limit of his battle ability? Zhang Tan was anticipating it!