True Martial World Chapter 1070

Chapter 1070: Thoughts of a Girl
Chapter 1070: Thoughts of a Girl

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"I see. Then I really have to thank Miss Shuiyan."

The Heaven Secrets Compass was extremely useful for Yi Yun. As he did not know any geomancy or divination techniques, he’d be searching for a needle in a haystack if he tried to seek the Yang spirit in Sun Burial Sandsea. However, it would be completely different with the Heaven Secrets Compass in possession.

The enchanted treasure would definitely be of great help to Yi Yun.

"Well…and also this…These are pure Yang divine rocks left behind by Grandpa. I'll leave them with Young Master Yi as well."

As Ji Shuiyan spoke, she took out an intricate bag made of hide from her interspatial ring. She poured a total of eight divine rocks of various sizes from the bag.

Instantly, the entire room was filled with a thick, pure Yang aura.

Yi Yun was delighted when he saw the items. Ignoring the Yang spirit, just the pure Yang divine rocks were very rewarding for him.

Yi Yun knew that both the pure Yang divine rocks and the Heaven Secrets Compass were of significant meaning to Ji Shuiyan, as they were items left behind by her grandfather, to say nothing of their innate value.

"Thank you, Miss Shuiyan. I'm grateful for it."

Yi Yun was a thankful person. Having received these precious items, he certainly had to help the Divine Secrets Trading Company to the end.

"Then…I'll thank Young Master as well."

Ji Shuiyan gave a bow and, before she left, she saw that Yi Yun had already begun to sit on the bed and cultivate with the pure Yang divine rocks.

She paused slightly, taking a thoughtful glance at Yi Yun. Her gaze was part gratitude, part tenderness, and also held a hint of wistful longing.

Following that, she sighed inwardly before silently leaving the room and closing the door…

With the divine tree seed and pure Yang divine rocks, Yi Yun’s cultivation could only be described as improving by leaps and bounds.

His foundation was formed by four nine-leaf Dao fruits, which were already heavenly objects. They automatically absorbed the fragments of the worldly laws, so there was no need for Yi Yun to wonder if his nomological insights were firm.

Although Yi Yun required a lot more resources than other warriors to break through, as long as he had treasured herbs, he could directly break through. That was the heaven-defying nature of having four nine-leaf Dao fruits!

This heaven-defying cultivation speed could be maintained for a prolonged period of time. It was simply unimaginable for other Dao Manifestation realm warriors.

Under the nourishment of the pure Yang divine rocks' Yuan Qi, the divine tree seed began growing once again.

A tender leaf spread out as the divine tree sapling was growing at a visibly rapid rate. It sprung from a few inches to nearly a foot.

Meanwhile, pure Yang Yuan Qi, void of any impurities whatsoever, was regurgitated back to Yi Yun's body. He could sense his cultivation level improving rapidly.

Before, he was already at the peak of the early stages of the Dao Manifestation realm. But now, he had broken through to the middle stages of the Dao Manifestation realm in one fell swoop. Furthermore, there was no loss of momentum as he continued to improve to the point of him reaching the peak of the middle stages of the Dao Manifestation realm.

This feeling of sensing his own strength increase made Yi Yun overjoyed.

As he cultivated, his body was emitting a pale golden luster. It was not only limited to his body, either, for the entire room filled with golden light. It looked as though a god had descended into the room.

However, Yi Yun’s room was located in the backyard of the Divine Secrets Trading Company headquarters. There were guards stationed one ring after another. No one could enter, so no one could see the phenomena.

Apart from Ji Shuiyan, of course…

The entire backyard only had Yi Yun and Ji Shuiyan, if maidservants were excluded.

At that moment in the silent and deep night, Ji Shuiyan stared at the golden beams from Yi Yun's lit room from a darkened room as she fell into a daze.

"Miss, it's time to bathe and then sleep."

Ji Shuiyan's personal maidservant reminded her softly. She noticed that her mistress had spent a long time standing by the window.


Ji Shuiyan nodded as she gradually undid her belt. Garment after garment began to fall gently, revealing her smooth skin and perfect figure.

The moonlight illuminated her skin like scattered silver. Ji Shuiyan raised her long legs that resembled creamy-white jade as she gently strode into a bathing pool.

The bathing pool was huge but the water was cold, which she had deliberately asked for. To warriors, a little chill was nothing.

Flower petals were sprinkled in the water, and their faint fragrance hung in the air. Ji Shuiyan waded silently through the bathing pool as she sensed the refreshing feeling of the cold water streaking past her thighs.

After a while, she gradually sat down as she let the cold water soak her crystalline skin bit by bit. It went from her slender waists to her ample twin peaks before reaching her cheeks and hair…

Finally, she closed her eyes as her entire forehead went underwater.

She hugged her knees, her bent legs pressing on her soft breasts, squeezing out a lithe and graceful shape. She sat quietly in the bath and allowed the flowing water to distort her beautiful looks.

Although she had gained control of the Divine Secrets Trading Company, for some reason, she felt a faint sense of loss.

Perhaps on the day she met Yi Yun, at a point of utter despair from the torture of the old woman in red, his appearance had already left an imprint in her heart. One that could not be easily wiped away.

She had also thought that if he was not of such a lofty existence, she could use what she valued most to repay him. But instead of it being a repayment, it was actually something she wished for.

She was always haughty and had high standards. Until now, she had rebuffed all men…She already knew that the distance between them was too great. She didn't even have the will to muster her courage. That was probably the source of her depression and confusion.

If she had powerful strength and a talent that exceeded everything, so what about the Divine Secrets Trading Company? As long as she accomplished her grandfather's wishes, she could travel the world in pursuit of anything she wanted.


The personal maidservant's voice rang in her ears but Ji Shuiyan did not get up. The quietness of the underwater world made her strangely calm.

Elsewhere, in the Heaven Amplification Trading Company, an elder in an adorned robe sat on a lounge chair. His expression was sullen and terrifying.

The elder was the true person in charge of the Heaven Amplification Trading Company—Yan Pingchuan. The night’s shocking events at the Divine Secrets Trading Company left him appalled.

"Apparently at the fifth-floor Dao Palace realm. He managed to instantly kill Gongyang Nian but never revealed his face. His appearance is unknown…"

That was all the news that Yan Pingchuan had received.

"He's only at the fifth-floor Dao Palace. Although his strength isn't bad, he would be too naive to think of repressing our entire Heaven Amplification Trading Company alone."

A cadre of the Yan family said angrily.

"That's right. There's also that bitch, Ji Shuiyan. She dared to imprison our people and severed Advisor Yang's four limbs. She was fortunate that the young lord fancied her. Yet, she didn't appreciate it. She's only seeking death!"

"Patriarch, give the command. It was the Divine Secrets Trading Company which took action first. Even if we were to flatten the Heaven Amplification Trading Company, the Seven Star Auction Company would not say a thing! There’s no way that the Divine Secrets Trading Company wouldn't be wiped out if all our experts took action!"

The gathered members of the Heaven Amplification Trading Company were agitated. However, Yan Pingchuan was frowning. He had a nagging feeling in his heart that the mystery person was not so simple.