True Martial World Chapter 1074

Chapter 1074: Clarity Pool Sword Sect
Chapter 1074: Clarity Pool Sword Sect

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"Master, what's the matter?" asked the azure-clothed girl when she sensed the changes in the middle-aged man's expression. She also traced his gaze.

However, her gaze was blocked by a man who came forward and said, "You two must be Senior Jian Wufeng and Fairy Jian Xiaoshuang from the Clarity Pool Sect, right? Long have I heard of the fame of both you and the Clarity Pool Sword Sect. Finally, I have the chance to meet you today."

Jian Xiaoshuang said in a cold manner, "Who are you?"

"I'm Yan Tiancong from Jade Luster City's Heaven Amplification Trading Company," said Yan Tiancong as he cupped his hands and bowed with a respectful look.

He looked up at the duo in front of him as a faint smile suffused his lips.

Although he had suffered some humiliation from the Divine Secrets Trading Company, Yan Tiancong was mostly unaffected by Ji Shuiyan and Yi Yun. He was bent on not having his plans foiled.

The Treasure Seekers Meet had attracted several large factions, making it the perfect opportunity for the Heaven Amplification Trading Company to expand its social circle and draw these factions to its side. If it could establish ties with any of these factions, the company’s expansion would be inevitable.

How did Divine Secrets Trading Company experience a sudden revival from its tottering state? Wasn't it simply because it had found Yi Yun as a backer?

However, when stacked against a mysterious sect like the Clarity Pool Sword Sect, Yi Yun couldn’t compare.

Yan Tiancong figured that Yi Yun was likely an itinerant warrior who had found a mystic realm that gave him his present strength. Compared to the large factions that had come to the Seven Star Auction House, he was not worth mentioning.

As for the Clarity Pool Sword Sect, it was well-renowned. Although it was not in possession of huge territories, it was still an extremely special sect. Its numbers ran low, rumors said that the number of disciples and Elders combined numbered about a hundred. However, they were extremely stringent in their conditions for recruiting disciples. Ordinary people had no chance of catching the eye of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect.

The Clarity Pool Sword Sect's heritage was impressive and, with its disciples having such outstanding talent, everyone from the sect was like a dragon or phoenix amongst men.

Their disciples seldom had the chance to leave the sect but the moment they appeared in the outside world, it would be like the sudden appearance of a marvelous beam of light that would quickly make a name for itself.

Additionally, the Clarity Pool Sword Sect was extremely united. Its rules were strict and clear. If a disciple of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect was killed and rightfully deserved it, the sect would not seek revenge and instead, it would disavow the dead disciple.

But if the disciple died from the machinations of others, the sect would not sit idle. Disciples from the Clarity Pool Sword Sect would definitely seek revenge in an eye for an eye manner.

And it was because of this that few factions dared antagonize the Clarity Pool Sword Sect.

It so happened that the middle-aged man in front of him was the sect master of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect—Jian Wufeng. He had long made a name for himself and his sword had tasted blood countless times. The mention of his name instilled fear in others.

Yan Tiancong's was well-informed so he naturally understood such a faction very well.

As for Jian Xiaoshuang, she was a successor of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect that had made public appearances before. She was young but her name was already well known in Sun Burial Sandsea.

Now, having seen her with his own eyes, Yan Tiancong could tell she was indeed extremely talented. Furthermore, she had exceptional looks and an aloof temperament that made her mesmerizing.

"Heaven Amplification Trading Company?" Jian Xiaoshuang glanced at Yan Tiancong. She had never heard of the Heaven Amplification Trading Company or Yan Tiancong before.

"Yes, I'm from the Heaven Amplification Trading Company. I have a little say here in Jade Luster City. If there is anything Fairy Xiaoshuang and Senior Wufeng require in this city, I'll do must best to provide it. May Fairy Xiaoshuang and Senior Wufeng give me the honor of being a host in this place," said Yan Tiancong hurriedly.

"There's no need." Jian Xiaoshuang could not even bother being perfunctory with him. She did not know the fellow. As for the honor of being a host…what did it have to do with her?

A tinge of disappointment flashed in Yan Tiancong's eyes but he instantly recovered from it. He was mentally prepared when he came to greet them. He had long heard that people from the Clarity Pool Sword Sect were extremely aloof and haughty, making it difficult to make any contact with them. But it was exactly this that made forging a relationship with them an astounding feat.

Furthermore, to Yan Tiancong, there was no harm in trying. It was good just getting his name known.

"Since Fairy Xiaoshuang doesn't like being disturbed, I apologize for my rude behavior. However, my Heaven Amplification Trading Company has quite a bit of information regarding the phenomenon in Sun Burial Sandsea that I can share with the both of you." Despite Jian Xiaoshuang's cold attitude and Jian Wufeng's complete disregard of him, Yan Tiancong did not feel embarrassed at all. He was able to follow up with the phenomenon in Sun Burial Sandsea as a topic of conversation.

But even with that mention, Jian Xiaoshuang was clearly uninterested. She continued listening in an indifferent manner until she suddenly realized that Jian Wufeng was looking in the previous direction again.

"Master?" Jian Xiaoshuang asked.

Yan Tiancong was attempting to make conversation and when he heard Jian Xiaoshuang suddenly interrupt him, he immediately gave a faint smile and shut his mouth.

If he were facing anyone else, he would definitely be displeased but it was only normal for someone from the Clarity Pool Sword Sect to act in such a manner.

They treated him just like how they would treat anyone else.

"I want to greet that person," said Jian Wufeng suddenly.

"Master, you have a friend here?" Jian Xiaoshuang faltered slightly.

They had just arrived in Jade Luster City. She did not recall anyone familiar.

It would have been more appropriate if it were an enemy. But if it was her master's enemy, there was no need to use the term 'greet'.

Yan Tiancong was also stunned. Did Jian Wufeng know someone here?

"Then, I'll accompany you." Jian Xiaoshuang was extremely curious. Although she was deemed Little Sword Fairy out in the world and was extremely cold to people she did not know, she had a forthright and sincere personality.

As she spoke, Jian Wufeng had already begun taking big strides toward a pavilion.

Jian Xiaoshuang followed behind and suddenly recalled something. Looking at Yan Tiancong, she said nonchalantly, "My master has seen someone familiar so this conversation shall come to an end. You may leave."

"Since it's someone familiar with Senior Wufeng, it has to be some mighty senior. I'll not take up any of your time. In a while, I'll come again to introduce Fairy Xiaoshuang to the delicacies of Jade Luster City," said Yan Tiancong politely.

He made way and watched as Jian Xiaoshuang walked pass him. He then looked at their backs.

Yan Tiancong knew that a figure who earned a personal greeting from Jian Wufeng was definitely someone he had to befriend.

At that moment, he saw Jian Xiaoshuang and Jian Wufeng walk across the lotus pond with one behind the other toward the pavilion just across.

Then…they walked into the Divine Secrets Trading Company's pavilion.

Yan Tiancong was immediately dumbfounded.

The person Jian Wufeng knew was from the Divine Secrets Trading Company?

Yan Tiancong's heart instantly turned ice-cold. It was as though he had fallen into an abyss as he stared unblinkingly at the pavilion, wishing that he was the one sitting there.

At that moment, Jian Xiaoshuang was also somewhat puzzled. She followed her master into the pavilion and there were a man and woman in it. They did not seem striking in any manner. The woman's cultivation level was relatively weaker and it was unlikely her master knew her. As for the other person…Jian Xiaoshuang suddenly realized that she could not see through Yi Yun's cultivation level when she looked at him. However, he did not appear to be very strong. It left her baffled.

However, the man was young so he likely had a cultivation technique that could conceal his cultivation level. Did her master know such young warriors?

"Dear friends, is there any space here? My disciple and I are here to drink some tea," said Jian Wufeng. Jian Xiaoshuang's expression immediately turned extremely odd.

Upon hearing her master's opening sentence, it appeared as though he did not know the duo. With her master's personality, why was he taking the initiative to befriend two people he did not know?

Ji Shuiyan looked in astonishment at the people in front of her. She could sense that the girl's aura was extremely sharp and powerful. As for the middle-aged man, she could not see through his cultivation level at all. She felt that every word and action he took was as though it was in complete harmony with everything surrounding him. He was unfathomable.

Upon discovering that the other party did not seem antagonizing, Ji Shuiyan did not speak further and left everything to Yi Yun.

Yi Yun stood up and cupped his fists and said, "Please sit."

Jian Wufeng sat beside a table and glanced at Yi Yun, saying, "I have yet to introduce myself. I'm Jian Wufeng from the Clarity Pool Sword Sect."

Jian Xiaoshuang's odd expression continued. She also said, "Jian Xiaoshuang from Clarity Pool Sword Sect."

"Yi Yun," said Yi Yun.

Everything on Yi Yun's side appeared calm and casual but a roaring tsunami had engulfed Ji Shuiyan's heart.

It was the Clarity Pool Sword Sect! She had also heard of the immense fame of the sect. The Divine Secrets Trading Company was marginal in comparison, yet the sect master and his disciple had come personally to drink tea and chat with them?

Across the lotus pond, Yan Tiancong's eyes were beginning to hurt. He had previously lowered his stature in a bid to ingratiate himself with the duo but had failed to garner any favorable response. In the end, Jian Wufeng and his disciple had gone to the Divine Secrets Trading Company's pavilion and sat there.

Jian Wufeng's eyes flashed slightly. The name Yi Yun…was one that he had never heard of.

"Yi Yun, my young friend. Are you from any sect?" asked Jian Wufeng in a follow-up.

"I'm not from any sect or faction but I have a master," responded Yi Yun.

Although Felicitous Rain Lord was far away in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, he was still Yi Yun's master. As for Felicitous Rain Lord, he did not establish any sects.

As she heard their conversation, Jian Xiaoshuang looked at Yi Yun before looking back at her master.

What was going on? Did her master notice something impressive about this warrior's constitution and wanted to recruit him as a disciple? That can't be. In the past tens of thousands of years, she was his only disciple…

Jian Wufeng pondered in rumination for a moment. As he sat beside Yi Yun, he found the aura from Yi Yun increasingly clear.

The flames of pure Yang seemed to burn inside Yi Yun's body. It was a familiar aura that the more he sensed, the more puzzled he was…

Jian Wufeng asked, "I wonder if you may tell me who your master is?"