True Martial World Chapter 1075

Chapter 1075: Question of Age Disparity
Chapter 1075: Question of Age Disparity

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Jian Wufeng looked at Yi Yun while awaiting his reply.

Yi Yun had a good first impression of Jian Wufeng. However, Jian Wufeng's query of his master's identity left him in a dilemma. Although each of the 12 Empyrean Heavens was separated rather far apart, as a Divine Lord of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, Felicitous Rain Lord likely enjoyed some fame. It was possible for others to know Felicitous Rain Lord when mentioned.

Considering his identity as Felicitous Rain Lord's disciple, it was hard to explain his presence in the Yang God Empyrean Heaven, which was so far from the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. It could also result in unnecessary trouble.

Seeing Yi Yun hesitate, Jian Wufeng understood that Yi Yun had his considerations. He said with a chuckle, "It is indeed somewhat rude for me to ask you about your master on our first meeting. A young friend like you doesn't look very old. My disciple, Jian Xiaoshuang, hasn't cultivated for very long as well. She can barely be considered to have attained something and she would be quite a good fit to partake in an exchange with you."

As Jian Wufeng spoke, he gave Jian Xiaoshuang a glance and said, "Xiaoshuang, why don't you try befriending Young Master Yi?"

When Jian Wufeng said that, Jian Xiaoshuang felt a little frustrated as she was a proud person with high standards. If not for the phenomenon in Sun Burial Sandsea, she never had any intention of making contact with the native warriors of Sun Burial Sandsea.

Her cultivation talent was outstanding. Even in the Clarity Pool Sword Sect that was filled with geniuses, she was a rare genius that only appeared once in ten thousand years. As she had made a name for herself, many sects had come asking for her hand in marriage. The people who wanted to marry her were all outstanding young elites with astounding talent from large sects. However, she showed them complete disinterest. She had gotten her master to reject them all which Jian Wufeng was happy to do so. He had rejected all the gifts no matter how valuable they were.

But now, Jian Wufeng had taken the initiative to introduce a stranger of the opposite sex to her. His tone sounded like he was extremely impressed with the young man. She was very unwilling to befriend Yi Yun.

Wasn't he just a native warrior of Sun Burial Sandsea? He had a master whose whereabouts were unknown and he had no sect, which meant that he lacked backing. To be frank, he was an itinerant warrior at the bottom of the totem pole in the world of martial arts.

Of course, due to her master's exhortation, Jian Xiaoshuang still gave Yi Yun a bow, to which Yi Yun politely responded.

After Yi Yun returned the bow, Ji Shuiyan's Yuan Qi voice transmission rang in his ears. She hurriedly informed him of matters regarding the Clarity Pool Sword Sect, as well as Jian Xiaoshuang and Jian Wufeng's identities. Their identities were non-trivial and she was unsure of the reasons behind their actions. She was also worried that Yi Yun would lack propriety when dealing with the duo.

Yi Yun smiled. After all these years in Jade Luster City, Ji Shuiyan had inculcated a cautious personality.

Jian Wufeng nodded satisfactorily at Jian Xiaoshuang's bow. He said, "Xiaoshuang has been cultivating for about sixty years. I wonder how disparate her age is from yours, my young friend?"

With Jian Wufeng saying those words, many people present, including the native and external factions of Sun Burial Sandsea could not help but pay attention to the conversation.

Jian Wufeng's words sounded odd. It was already abnormal for him to take the initiative to introduce Jian Xiaoshuang to Yi Yun. Furthermore, he had taken the initiative to mention of Jian Xiaoshuang's age. At the same time, he had inquired their difference in age. Weren't such questions only asked during a matchmaking session?

Of course, Jian Wufeng always had a cold and aloof demeanor. Although his question was odd, no one believed that he had the intentions of marrying his disciple to Yi Yun. Jian Xiaoshuang was extremely talented and she came from a great background. The difference in status was too huge.

Yi Yun hesitated for a moment. He had hidden the identity of his master, Felicitous Rain Lord, but there was no need for him to hide his age. He said vaguely, "You can say that my cultivation has yet to reach a hundred years."

Yet to reach a hundred years was already an overestimate.

However, Yi Yun's words only left many people present stunned.

Although he had just come to Jade Luster City, he had figuratively smacked the Heaven Amplification Trading Company in the face a few days ago. External factions might not know of Yi Yun, but any well-informed native faction would know that the Divine Secrets Trading Company had drawn in a guest with tremendous power.

He was not only strong but he also an extremely perverse tyrant from his decisive killing. It was hard to determine his cultivation level but everyone had the impression that Yi Yun was definitely an old man who had spent a long time cultivating. They believed that he had only used a mystic technique that allowed him to maintain his youthful appearance. This was also the reason why many people believed that Yi Yun did not share a comparable status with Jian Xiaoshuang.

But now, Yi Yun had said that he had yet to cultivate for a hundred years?

Was that a joke?

If he had yet to cultivate for a hundred years, wasn't he just a young junior? How could he possess such strength?

Many people refused to believe Yi Yun's words. Yan Tiancong scoffed at it. He was already three hundred years old. If Yi Yun were to have such strength before the age of hundred, then wouldn't his three hundred years be a complete waste of time?

"He is way too shameless. He has deliberately lowered his age so as to befriend Fairy Xiaoshuang," said Yan Tiancong disdainfully. Many people secretly agreed with him.

In fact, many people's cultivation level and bone age could be roughly determined through experience and perception. However, if one were to cultivate in certain mystic techniques with the intention to conceal, it would be hard to see through.

They believed that was the case with Yi Yun.

"Less than a hundred years. Great." Jian Wufeng did not doubt a word of Yi Yun's. "Since you are close in age with Xiaoshuang, the both of you can try sparring. I wonder if you are agreeable to it?"

Jian Wufeng suddenly asked. The goal of his conversation from before was to allow Yi Yun to spar with Jian Xiaoshuang. Yi Yun had not mentioned his master's name but he felt an extremely familiar aura from Yi Yun, so he was planning on figuring it out from watching Yi Yun's attacks.

Yi Yun also shared similar thoughts. In fact, he already had a guess in his mind.

He suspected that the so-called Clarity Pool Sword Sect was the progeny of Azure Yang Lord. They could even be the direct descendants of Azure Yang Lord!

Tens of millions of years ago, Azure Yang Lord had established a magnificent divine country in the Yang God Empyrean Heaven's Central State Divine Territory. However, he was eventually betrayed and his cultivation level dropped drastically. He lost a great deal of his strength and went from the Yang God Empyrean Heaven to the Tian Yuan world. He got to know the ancient Great Empress and they jointly sealed the seven Demon Gods, leaving behind the Great Empress mystic realm before finally perishing.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had entered the Great Empress mystic realm and obtained a portion of Azure Yang Lord's inheritance. And this inheritance could be said to have saved his life. If not for it, Shentu Nantian would have taken his life.

The God Advent Tower that Azure Yang Lord had left behind had saved Yi Yun numerous times as well. Therefore, Yi Yun was deeply grateful toward Azure Yang Lord.

He had previously resolved himself to help Azure Yang Lord seek revenge if he could reach the 12 Empyrean Heavens. He would investigate the truth behind the circumstances leading to the betrayal that Azure Yang Lord had suffered.

And now, Yi Yun had found the descendants of Azure Yang Lord. He naturally did not want to miss the chance of getting to know them.

The descendants of Azure Yang Lord were in a better state than Yi Yun had imagined. However, compared to the divine country that Azure Yang Lord had established back in the day, it was obviously incomparable.

To Yi Yun, who was very knowledgeable, the Clarity Pool Sword Sect was only considered a sect which was above average and that it had room to grow.

However, Yi Yun could not directly query their identity.

The title, Azure Yang Lord, was somewhat sensitive. Tens of millions of years ago, he had been pursued by others. And now, with the passing of time and the changing of circumstances, it was likely that the Central State Divine Territory had undergone several huge changes. It was still an unknown if Azure Yang Lord's enemies were still in power. Therefore, Yi Yun could not directly ask about their relationship with Azure Yang Lord.

What happened if they were unrelated? If the matter was leaked, he could very likely embroil himself in trouble.

It was best to probe slightly.

Upon thinking of this, Yi Yun said, "Thank you for fancying a junior like me, Senior Wufeng. I'm willing to spar with Fairy Xiaoshuang."

"That's great!" Jian Wufeng was delighted as he immediately said, "There's still some time before the trading session begins. Why don't we have the sparring now?"

Yi Yun was stunned when he heard Jian Wufeng. He never expected Jian Wufeng's personality to be so exceptionally vigorous and effective, so much that he would immediately carry out whatever he said.

Yi Yun could not help but ask, "Here?"

Yi Yun had some reservations about sparring in public. He did not know if there would be others who could recognize Azure Yang Lord's sword moves if he used them. He was worried that it would incur unnecessary trouble.