True Martial World Chapter 1076

Chapter 1076: Dragon Gate Platform
Chapter 1076: Dragon Gate Platform

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"That's right. Here." Jian Wufeng nodded as he gave an extremely simple answer.

"That…" Yi Yun faltered slightly. He did not really mind sparring where they were but was Jian Wufeng unconcerned about exposing Azure Yang Lord's heritage?

Yi Yun even began to suspect if the Clarity Pool Sword Sect was related to Azure Yang Lord.

Yi Yun naturally hoped to find the progeny of Azure Yang Lord here in Central State Divine Territory. He wanted to help them as much as he could, no matter how minute it was. He would still be left very disappointed if he failed to find them.

"Alright then."

said Yi Yun with a nod. If the other party had nothing to do with Azure Yang Lord, he could choose not to use Azure Yang Lord's heritage at all in order to prevent exposing himself.

Upon hearing about the upcoming sparring between Yi Yun and Jian Xiaoshuang, many of the people present began paying attention to the ongoings.

The native factions of Jade Luster City naturally did not wish to miss such an interesting showcase.

They had long heard of Jian Xiaoshuang's name. Being a successor of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect that had publicly traversed the world, she was considered a rare genius of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect. It was hard for her to find her match against her peers. Not only was her fame unrestricted to the Sun Burial Sandsea, she was well-renowned even in the vast surrounding areas.

Everyone from Jade Luster City wanted to know how strong the legendary Little Sword Fairy was.

However, to the sects external to Jade Luster City, the upcoming battle did not garner their interest. They only deemed it as a way to pass time before the trading session began.

To a real powerful sect, Jade Luster City was nothing impressive. To them, the native warriors of Jade Luster City were just itinerant dabblers in martial arts. They lacked orthodox heritage and did not have the depth or a glorious history. How powerful could warriors from Jade Luster City be? Most of those warriors would have manifested their Dao with two or three-leaf Dao fruits.

"What's wrong with Jian Wufeng? Why is he so interested in an unknown warrior from Jade Luster City? I really can't understand why he's getting his personal disciple to spar with him," said a Daoist dressed in Daoist robes with long hair past his chest nonchalantly.

Yi Yun had only made a name for himself in the recent few days in Jade Luster City. Outside of Jade Luster City, no one knew him.

And to a large sect, a sect's genius and a common warrior were from two different worlds. If not for the phenomena at Sun Burial Sandsea, it was very unlikely for their paths to cross.

A coquettish woman dressed in see-through clothes said with a smile, "Daoist Xushui, Brother Wufeng must have some ideas of his own. Let's just wait and see." She was also a famous figure from the Moon Embracing Sect.

In fact, the people invited by the Seven Star Auction House were no ordinary people. However, even amongst these people, Jian Wufeng's status was extraordinary and he was well-respected. It was mainly a result of his immense strength.

"Everyone, this hall is not suited for fighting. If anyone is interested in viewing the battle, why not follow me to the square outside?" said Jian Wufeng. And just as Jian Wufeng's voice faded, Yan Tiancong stood up and said, "Senior Wufeng, I have a suggestion. I wonder if I should propose it."

Seeing Yan Tiancong suddenly step forward, Ji Shuiyan frowned slightly. She had a premonition that Yan Tiancong was up to no good. However, she had no say in the present situation.

"Go ahead." Jian Wufeng gave Yan Tiancong a nonchalant glance. It couldn't be said that he hated a minor figure like Yan Tiancong who loved currying favor because, in a few days, he would likely forget him. Jian Wufeng's thoughts were only on martial arts, while everything else was fleeting.

Having gotten a chance to interject, Yan Tiancong minded his performance. He cleared his throat and said, "It is my honor to be able to witness Fairy Xiaoshuang's greatness. I believe that if this sparring is held at an ordinary square, it would be an insult to Fairy Xiaoshuang. I have a suggestion of using the Seven Star Auction House's Dragon Gate Platform. I wonder if Elder Fengxing would permit it?"

Dragon Gate Platform?

The mighty figures from the external sects naturally did not know of Dragon Gate Platform. However, native warriors of Jade Luster City knew it very well.

Dragon Gate Platform was famous in Jade Luster City as it was a fighting ground of the highest standards in the city. Every decade, the Seven Star Auction House's selection of elites was held there.

Jian Wufeng did not mind if it was Dragon Gate Platform or the square, so he agreed to it easily.

Elder Fengxing said, "Since everyone is interested in this sparring, I'll bring everyone to Dragon Gate Platform. Let me give it an introduction. To be able to step onto the stage, one has to pass the dragon gate first. It would naturally not be a problem for Fairy Xiaoshuang to pass it but there is a small limitation… As my Seven Star Auction House selects young elites based on bone age, warriors that exceed the bone age requirements would not be able to pass the dragon gate."

With Elder Fengxing's introduction, everyone was immediately enlightened. The reason for Yan Tiancong to suggest Dragon Gate Platform was to verify Yi Yun's age!

He refused to believe that Yi Yun was close in age to Jian Xiaoshuang. Therefore, he had intentionally tried to expose Yi Yun's lies to embarrass him.

Upon realizing his intentions, Ji Shuiyan felt her heart tense up. Although she tended to believe Yi Yun's words, reason told her that it was impossible for a warrior who was less than a hundred years old to attain such strength. Even if Yi Yun was considered young, there was no way he could be that young!

It was not limited to Ji Shuiyan. Even the native factions of Jade Luster City had similar thoughts. In fact, they believed Yi Yun's age to be much greater than what Ji Shuiyan imagined. They would not find eight hundred years too little while three thousand years wasn't too much.

People believed that Yan Tiancong's act was to figuratively smack Yi Yun in the face. However, since Yi Yun had a feud with Yan Tiancong, it was understandable for him to add insult to injury.

Yan Tiancong did not care about the thoughts of the crowd. He looked at Yi Yun with a smile that seemed to flaunt his might. He had a clear look of glee.

He knew that Yi Yun was strong but if Yi Yun wanted to make a name for himself in the meet, he had to get his approval first. He wanted Jian Wufeng to know what sort of person Yi Yun was. Yi Yun must have deliberately lied about his age in order to approach Jian Xiaoshuang.

Jian Wufeng had already agreed to it but after knowing of Yan Tiancong's intentions, he looked at Yi Yun. He thought highly of the young man and naturally wished that he wasn't lying. He asked once again, "My young friend, Yi Yun, what do you think about sparring at Dragon Gate Platform?"

"Anything would do," Yi Yun answered without any hesitation. However, this left the gleeful Yan Tiancong dumbfounded.

What was going on? Was Yi Yun really less than a hundred years old?

Yi Yun's composure left Yan Tiancong's confidence shaken. However, he found it impossible for Yi Yun to possess such terrifying power at such a young age.


Jian Wufeng laughed out heartily. He was very happy with Yi Yun's agreement.

"Let's go to Dragon Gate Platform!"

Jian Wufeng strode out and led the pack. The group followed him and went straight for Dragon Gate Platform.

After passing through various floors of the Seven Star Auction House, people saw a massive dragon gate erected on a vast square from a distance. That was Dragon Gate Platform.