True Martial World Chapter 1079

Chapter 1079: One Astounding Strike
Chapter 1079: One Astounding Strike

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Jian Xiaoshuang's clear voice resounded throughout the vicinity as sharp sword intent manifested around the sword in her hand. When sword practitioners pushed their sword insights to the limit, the sword intent that arose from their weapon was lethal without them even needing to slash out.

She thrust out her sword, producing a sound that resembled a clap of thunder. Instantly, a beam of lightning tore through the blue sky, shooting straight at Yi Yun.

With Jian Xiaoshuang's personality, she naturally attacked opponents like Yi Yun with overwhelming force. She wanted a single strike to make clear the gap between her and Yi Yun.

The crowd present also sensed the sharpness of the sword beam. Weak warriors like Yan Tiancong felt all his hair stand up as if he was facing great peril.

That was the power of sword intent. Despite not being the direct target of the strike, he still felt as though the sword was held to his glabella.

"Is the gap between me and Jian Xiaoshuang so great…?"

Yan Tiancong felt embittered. Under the sharp sword intent, he could not stop his body's Yuan Qi barrier from being induced.

"Little Sword Fairy does live up to her name. For this strike, even as your master, I'll still be forced to use a certain amount of my strength," said His Excellency Huayu lightly.

While Yan Tiancong was feeling disillusioned, a sinister look suffused his face. He wanted to watch Yi Yun block the attack.

Yi Yun faltered when he saw the strike.

The sword beam was somewhat familiar to him. Back in the Tian Yuan world's Great Empress mystic realm, he had once seen a disk array that Azure Yang Lord left behind. It depicted a fight between Azure Yang Lord and the Black-armored Demon God.

Back then, Azure Yang Lord's strike was one that could render the skies asunder. The sword intent within that attack greatly resembled Jian Xiaoshuang's.

"It seems like even if they are not the direct descendants of Azure Yang Lord, they have definitely inherited some of Azure Yang Lord's heritage." Yi Yun thought to himself.

Azure Yang Lord's strike in the disk array was acquired from the Pure Yang Sword Palace. However, in addition to the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner's sword intent, the strike contained Azure Yang Lord's Sword Dao comprehension.

Azure Yang Lord had managed to come into contact with the Pure Yang Sword Palace after coming to the Tian Yuan world. He had then used the encounter to enhance his sword techniques, allowing his sword intent to metamorphosize.

As such, Jian Xiaoshuang's strike clearly lacked the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner's sword intent.

Aside from that, the Clarity Pool Sword Sect had added some of their own insights into Azure Yang Lord's original heritage.

However, these additions were quite inferior to the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner's Sword Dao.

Regardless of how powerful the Clarity Pool Sword Sect was, how could their additions into Sword Dao insights be comparable to the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner's?

"Why is Yi Yun in a daze?" Everyone noticed that Yi Yun stood with his hands by the side while Jian Xiaoshuang's sword came directed at him. He remained motionless and the expression on his face appeared as though he was pondering over something.

"Perhaps he is racking his brains thinking of a way to deal with the attack without embarrassing himself. However, if he doesn't make a move soon, it will not be an embarrassment but immediate defeat," said Yan Tiancong coldly.

Just as Yan Tiancong's voice faded, Yi Yun looked up.

He had a calm expression as though the strike that came slashing at him was not a sweeping force but a gentle breeze.

Yi Yun flipped his hand and an ordinary sword suddenly appeared in his palm. Instantly, an azure-colored lightning tore through the sky. The sword beam seemed like a breathing entity that came from an ancient era, having crossed space and time.

"The Azure Rainbow pierces the Blood Moon, Ice Cold Seals God Abyss!"

"This is how this strike should be." Yi Yun's sword beam seemed to violate causality because the moment the strike was produced, a massive azure-colored flash of lightning had reached Jian Xiaoshuang's sword beam!

This strike contained Azure Yang Lord's sword intent, the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner's heritage, as well as Yi Yun's own Sword Dao!


As the sword beam tore through the world, it seemed to be the only entity left in the world. The seven dragon gates seemed to be pierced through by the strike.

Seeing Yi Yun's sword beam coming at her, Jian Xiaoshuang's aloof expression changed!


Lightning struck the ground, causing a reverberating explosion. The fiery flames and lightning of pure Yang took only an instant to devour all of Jian Xiaoshuang's sword beam.

Jian Xiaoshuang rose up as she retreated quickly. The momentum of the pure Yang might did not decrease as the dragon gates' light screens shattered one layer after another!

The strike sent Jian Xiaoshuang back, causing her to pass three platforms before landing in a harrowing state.

And from the fourth platform that Jian Xiaoshuang landed on to the seventh platform, a quick and forceful sword scar emanated. It extended straight forward.

The sword scar was only the width of a finger and had pure Yang flames burning in it. The flames billowed and anyone who caught a glimpse of it could sense a terrifying heat.

When Elder Fengxing saw the sword scar, the corners of his mouth twitched forcefully.

He had previously bragged how mighty Dragon Gate Platform's array formation was. It was true that the arrays of Dragon Gate Platform were passed down from ancient times, but the platforms were constructed by the Seven Star Auction House.

With the Seven Star Auction House's massive wealth, it had used extremely valuable materials to construct the platforms. Every inch was protected by array formations, allowing them to automatically repair any damage.

However, the azure-colored sword beam’s power tore through four platforms. The scar was burning with pure Yang flames and, as though contained by the sword intent, the speed of repair was as if nothing was happening.

All of this was caused by a single attack from Yi Yun.

"This…This is his real strength?"

Yan Tiancong's face turned pale as he trembled. During the horrifying strike, Yan Tiancong's protective Yan Qi had been battered to its limits but even so, he still felt a pricking pain on his skin. The blood in his body wildly surged!

His Excellency Huayu, who was standing by his side, did not have a nice expression either.

He formerly said that Jian Xiaoshuang's sword beam would force him to use a portion of his strength but, in fact, he was only bragging about his combat strength.

And now, against Yi Yun's strike, he even felt that he was no match for it. He knew very well that Yi Yun had not used his full strength in the strike. What would happen if he had to withstand a full-power attack from Yi Yun?

Was Yi Yun really a junior that had yet to cultivate for sixty years? He himself had lived for tens of thousands of years!

At that moment, Jian Xiaoshuang landed on the ground with her long hair fluttering. She glared at Yi Yun with a gaze as sharp as a sword, "What was it with that strike of yours?"

When Jian Xiaoshuang's sword beam struck Yi Yun's, she sensed some portion of his sword intent resembled hers. However, his strength was much greater. The nomological Sword Dao contained in it was also more profound.

Jian Xiaoshuang's words left everyone surprised. As they recalled the strike from before, they found that it was indeed true.

"Could it be possible that Yi Yun's moment of rumination was to learn Jian Xiaoshuang's strike?"

But it was completely impossible to learn an enemy's move in an instant. It was just a fleeting thought in people's minds.

"Perhaps Yi Yun had learned a similar move before. Some ancient heritage might not be a lone copy. It's nothing out of the ordinary if that's the case."

Despite people engaging in such discussions, Jian Xiaoshuang knew that the strike, Stunning Rainbow, was a core martial heritage of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect. There was no way for outsiders to know of it. She looked at Yi Yun with suspicion but there was also shock in her eyes.

She suddenly thought of something as she turned her head to glance at her master, Jian Wufeng.