True Martial World Chapter 1081

Chapter 1081: Item Nourishing Dew
Chapter 1081: Item Nourishing Dew

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"I admit defeat."

With things having reached that point, the gap between them was exceedingly obvious. If Yi Yun had not intentionally gone easy on her with his final strike, she would have ended up looking extremely miserable even if she had managed to barely withstand it. Naturally, there was no need to continue the fight.

She already knew that she was far inferior to the young man in front of her. In two moves, he had not only used a sword attack that was similar to hers, but his concepts far surpassed hers. It was nearly to the point of him giving her pointers.

Jian Xiaoshuang was also considered quite famous, yet here she was being taught and guided by someone her own age. What's more, his sword moves were something she could not match at all. This left Jian Xiaoshuang somewhat disillusioned. She had always believed that she was top amongst the younger generation. She knew she wasn’t comparable to genius disciples from powerful sects, but how could the gap between her and Yi Yun be so large?

"It's been a pleasure. If Fairy Xiaoshuang is interested, we can have another scheduled battle sometime," said Yi Yun as he cupped his fists.

He sensed that the heritage of Clarity Pool Sword Sect was not considered complete. It was very likely that there were a lot of things missing. Over the years, the Clarity Pool Sword Sect had probably produced several geniuses who added their insights into the Clarity Pool Sword Sect's heritage. However, the additions were lacking or incomplete.

Yi Yun also possessed Azure Yang Lord's final heritage. Furthermore, he was well-versed with knowledge gathered across the Universe. His insights in Sword Dao and Pure Yang Dao were things the Clarity Pool Sword Sect could not compete with.

Yi Yun was indebted to Azure Yang Lord so, having met Azure Yang Lord's descendants, Yi Yun intended to help them.

His sparring with Jian Xiaoshuang was, in fact, an attempt to perfect Jian Xiaoshuang's cultivation technique and moves while in battle.

"Alright! Today's battle has been an eye-opener for me. Young Master Yi is truly a young hero!" Jian Wufeng stood up and said.

He thought highly of Yi Yun, whose talent far exceeded his imagination. He wanted to befriend Yi Yun and also ask him about the source of Azure Yang Lord's heritage but now was not the time.

"Young Master Yi, can you leave a voice transmission mark?”

Jian Wufeng took the initiative and asked. Amongst the people present, Jian Wufeng was considered to be of extraordinary standing. However, to a junior like Yi Yun, he had not only taken the initiative to befriend, his tone was sincere and amiable. This made many in the crowd have mixed feelings. Yi Yun's future was simply boundless.

For them, befriending a person like Yi Yun did not have its disadvantages either. Instantly, many began taking the initiative to befriend Yi Yun and leave their voice transmission marks.

Although Yi Yun was not interested in befriending these people from the external factions, he still didn’t want to offend them. He kept all the voice transmission marks that were given to him.

Yan Tiancong stood to the side feeling unpleasant. He had come to the trading session with hopes of befriending these important foreign figures. But now, he did not even have a chance to interject.

Compared to a peerless genius like Yi Yun, the status of successor to a trading company was not even worth mentioning.

"Everyone, shouldn't our trading session begin?"

Seeing more and more people stepping forward to chat with Yi Yun, Elder Fengxing finally said this with a bitter face.

The meet organized by the Seven Star Auction Company was a discussion and trading session regarding Sun Burial Sandsea's phenomenon. However, due to the appearance of Yi Yun, the focus had changed. Many people only cared about chatting with Yi Yun while he, the event organizer, had been left alone.

"Indeed, the trading session should begin. We should have some correspondence before we embark on this expedition into Sun Burial Sandsea," said Daoist Xushui. The reason for coming was to engage in trade. Many natural treasures could be found in the trading session.

The crowd left Dragon Gate Platform under Elder Fengxing's guidance and entered a pavilion platform located in a lotus pond.

Elder Fengxing cleared his throat and said, "Everyone traveled from afar, and it's the Seven Star Auction Company’s pleasure to welcome you all here. This trading session will start with my Seven Star Auction Company. It might be considered as throwing out a minnow to catch a whale.”

Elder Fengxing clearly did not like engaging in banter as he went directly into the main topic.

"Bring it up." Elder Fengxing waved his hand.

Instantly, all the guests from the various major factions looked at Elder Fengxing.

Two young girls carried a wooden box to Elder Fengxing's side. The two beauties smiled sweetly and bowed slightly at the audience beneath the stage before placing the wooden box down.


A thud resounded, immediately surprising the crowd. The two of them had carried the wooden box out like they were carrying a bundle of veil fabric, yet it produced such a heavy thud when placed on the ground.

"This is a million-year Yin-sunken Wood. It was found at the site of an ancient expert’s death. It has extracted Yin Qi essence to nourish its growth before being obtained by my Seven Star Auction Company. It was carved into a wooden box and, unless one is a pure Yin virgin, contact with the box would result in the invasion of Yin Qi into their body. The effect would range from discomfort to immediate death." Elder Fengxing finally found a bit of self-confidence and explained in an unhurried manner.

Although the strength of warriors from Jade Luster City's Seven Star Auction Company was incomparable to warriors from the foreign sects, the item that came from Sun Burial Sandsea's Seven Star Auction Company headquarters definitely couldn't be bad.

"Open it," said Elder Fengxing to the two girls.

People from the various major factions were looking at the wooden box. Many of them had good discernment. Just the wooden box alone was a treasure itself.

"Oh? This is…" Yi Yun's mind stirred. He could sense an indescribable coolness from inside the box.

He saw a jade-carved lotus flower inside the box. And the leaves of the lotus held a bouquet of similarly green liquid.

The liquid was clear and crystalline. It gave an indescribable feeling, like that of a nourishing drizzle in spring.

"Item Nourishing Dew?" Jian Wufeng said as his eyes lit up.

"That's right, Clarity Sect Master has a good eye. This is a tiny bouquet of Item Nourishing Dew. It's extremely hard to come by for it is a natural treasure condensed from Heaven Earth essence. It requires a pure Yin vessel to ensure that its essence will not be lost."

"But despite its rarity, its effects are not considered heaven defying. This slightly affects its value. Item Nourishing Dew is used to…repair damaged artifacts. Regardless of the level of the treasure, by using the Item Nourishing Dew to repair it when it is damaged, even if it can't be restored to its pristine state, it would at least increase its strength greatly.

After Elder Fengxing gave his description, he looked at the crowd around him.

Many experts that came from afar were somewhat interested in Item Nourishing Dew. However, an item that was used to repair artifacts was inferior to a natural treasure that could directly increase one's strength. Furthermore, many people did not have damaged artifacts. And even if they had one, their damaged artifact was not necessarily more valuable than Item Nourishing Dew. It would be better off to not repair it.

However, amongst the crowd, there was Yi Yun, who felt his heart palpitate when he saw the item. He had always used the pure Yang broken sword. Wasn't it a damaged artifact?