True Martial World Chapter 1082

Chapter 1082: Unexpected Turn of Events
Chapter 1082: Unexpected Turn of Events

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Yi Yun had the pure Yang broken sword for a very long time. It was obviously a quality sword but, unfortunately, it had always been broken. In addition to the corrosion from billions of years, its effects had greatly deteriorated. If the Item Nourishing Dew could repair it, no matter how minuscule the repair was, it would be an extreme increase in strength for Yi Yun.

"I wish to have this Item Nourishing Dew."

Yi Yun transmitted his voice to Ji Shuiyan. He wasn't very wealthy. The greatest valued items he possessed were things like the 'Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon'. It was impossible for him to produce them, as well. Hence, if he intended to trade for the Item Nourishing Dew, he would need to rely on the Divine Secrets Trading Company.

"Young Master Yi, I'll definitely do my best."

Ji Shuiyan grit her teeth. She knew very well that Yi Yun was a true dragon from the heavens. It was impossible for him to stay in Jade Luster City but regardless of the circumstances, she would do her best to obtain whatever Yi Yun wanted.

"The Item Nourishing Dew is indeed a good item, but unfortunately, I have no use for it. This is my item. I will only exchange it for other items. Anyone interested in it can take it away." Daoist Xushui took out a jade bottle.

He opened the jade bottle and immediately, a strange fragrance emitted.

"This is a Myriad Red Pill," said Daoist Xushui.

Myriad Red Pills were pills that helped Dao Palace realm warriors break through. Typically, people would keep it for themselves if they obtained such a pill. They would simply use it, but now, it had appeared at the trading session. When it was revealed, the eyes of many lit up.

Supreme-grade pills were useful for Yi Yun too, but he was more inclined to choose the Item Nourishing Dew. The Divine Secrets Trading Company did have supreme-grade pills but there was only one Item Nourishing Dew.

At that moment, Elder Fengxing said, "My Seven Star Auction Company is willing to purchase this Myriad Red Pill. I wonder what Daoist Xushui intends to obtain in exchange?"

As Elder Fengxing spoke, he began engaging in a Yuan Qi voice communication with Daoist Xushui. And following that, various major factions and trading companies began revealing their treasures.

In a blink of an eye, it was the Heaven Amplification Trading Company's turn.

As a native trading company of Jade Luster City, it attracted many gazes. Deep, meaningful thoughts seemed to lie in those gazes.

The sparring session at the beginning of the meet had left the Heaven Amplification Trading Company in an extremely awkward position.

Now, everyone knew that the Heaven Amplification Trading Company's young successor, Yan Tiancong, had offended Yi Yun terribly. What sort of person was Yi Yun? He was someone with more monstrous talent than Jian Xiaoshuang. His future was unlimited and he would definitely become a mighty figure in time. As for Yan Tiancong, he was only a wealthy scion. His stature could not be compared to Yi Yun's at all.

Many even suspected that Yan Tiancong would not live much longer. With Yi Yun's strength and speed of growth, it would not be difficult to secretly cause Yan Tiancong's death. Furthermore, if Yi Yun were given another year or so, he would grow to a point that allowed him to completely wipe out the Heaven Amplification Trading Company.

Many people looked at Yan Tiancong with a derisive look. Even Seven Star Auction House's Elder Fengxing, who had previously supported him, closed his eyes. He deliberately ignored Yan Tiancong so as to demarcate any relations with the scion.

Upon seeing these people's expressions, Yan Tiancong's expression turned grim. In a world of warriors, fists were the common language. Strength was everything. Once someone offended an existence they should not have, it would only spell doom.

"Does the Heaven Amplification Trading Company have any treasures to offer in exchange? If there aren’t any, then go to one corner!" Elder Fengxing said stiffly after waiting a long time for Yan Tiancong to speak.

Yan Tiancong's eyes flashed a cold glimmer. He looked at Yi Yun, who was sitting across him in the pavilion. A murderous glint flashed in his eyes for he knew that Yi Yun would definitely not spare him. However, he wasn't someone that was easy to deal with.

If anyone wanted his life, they had to first be prepared to die!

Yan Tiancong stood up and said, "My Heaven Amplification Trading Company has the most valuable treasure. I will tell Elder Fengxing about the treasure in private."


When people heard Yan Tiancong's words, some were puzzled while others showed disdain. What treasure was it? To say that it was the most valuable one?

Furthermore, so what if it was most valuable? He could have just taken it out. It was not as if anyone would rob it of him. There was no need to go to such surreptitious means.

"Say whatever you have to say," said Elder Fengxing with a frown. He couldn't figure out why Yan Tiancong would involve him.

Yan Tiancong nodded. Without moving his mouth, he began transmitting his voice to Elder Fengxing.

A few seconds later, Elder Fengxing suddenly took on a look of incredulity. He directly asked, "Is what you said true?"

"Absolutely," said Yan Tiancong.

Elder Fengxing's face was solemn. After more hesitation, he suddenly cupped his fists and said to everyone present, "Everyone, I'm sorry. There is something that prevents me from making a decision. Please wait here for a moment."

As Elder Fengxing said that, he began walking away.

This series of actions seemed rather disrespectful. However, no one appeared to be outwardly upset. Although Jade Luster City's Seven Star Auction Company was lackluster in strength, everyone knew that it was only a tiny branch of a powerful faction. If that weren’t the case, the factions certainly would not have attended for the Seven Star Auction Company alone.

Moments later, Yi Yun's heart stirred suddenly. Being well-versed in spatial laws, he sensed a fluctuation in space that he knew was the kid to arise from a teleportation array.

Someone had come to Jade Luster City through a teleportation array.

Furthermore, from the magnitude of the spatial fluctuations, Yi Yun was certain that the person must have come from far away.

Yi Yun discharged his perception but could not pinpoint the person's location. This made Yi Yun's heart sink for it meant that the person's strength was extremely high.

Yi Yun's eyelids twitched slightly. He did not like it when things were out of his control. He looked at Ji Shuiyan and said with a voice transmission, “Put the Item Nourishing Dew aside for now. We should temporarily take our leave from this trading session."

"Oh?" Ji Shuiyan was surprised. She had been communicating with Elder Fengxing through a voice transmission to negotiate the purchase of the Item Nourishing Dew. The price was yet to be fixed but Yi Yun suddenly insisted on leaving. This left Ji Shuiyan somewhat puzzled. However, she naturally abided by whatever he said.

She nodded and went to leave with Yi Yun.

But right then, Yan Tiancong blocked Ji Shuiyan's path and said, "Miss Shuiyan, Young Master Yi, why are you in such a hurry to leave?"

Just after he said that another voice sounded, "That's right. Miss Shuiyan, weren't you communicating with me about the purchase of the Item Nourishing Dew? The price has yet been decided, so why are you already leaving?"

The second person who spoke was Elder Fengxing.

His body was slightly bent as he hung a smile on his face. As he spoke, he respectfully led a sallow-faced elder in.

The moment the elder entered, he attracted the eyes of everybody. He was dressed in a Daoist robe that accentuated his tall and thin figure. There were seven stars that made up a constellation embroidered on the robe in his chest area. There were also faint Dao patterns shimmering within the seven stars.

The elder took a few steps into the pavilion, with each step seemingly leading the heartbeats of everyone. All those gathered in the pavilion suddenly felt distressed.

Who was this old man…?

Yi Yun was the most appalled, for he realized that the elder's aura had invisibly locked onto him. It made him subconsciously touch his interspatial ring.