True Martial World Chapter 1084

Chapter 1084: Life-and-Death Crisis
Chapter 1084: Life-and-Death Crisis

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High Ambassador Yu Heng touched his interspatial ring as he strode towards Ji Shuiyan.

As one of the seven high ambassadors of the Seven Star Dao Palace, the gap between High Ambassador Yu Heng and Ji Shuiyan's strength was like the difference between a mountain and a pile of dust. Just his approach was enough to make Ji Shuiyan feel stifled in the chest and find it hard to breathe. Blood even began seeping out the corner of her mouth.

With High Ambassador Yu Heng's strength, there was no need for him to make a move. Just his aura was enough to kill!

At that moment, the atmosphere was all set for a showdown. Ji Shuiyan's life was in great peril!

Yi Yun already had one hand on the pure Yang broken sword. His palms were sweaty, for he knew that just High Ambassador Yu Heng's suppression was enough to push Ji Shuiyan's meridians to the brink of collapse. It would only take a few more steps for Ji Shuiyan to meet her demise!

Yi Yun simply could not sit idly by as this happened.

Yi Yun could distinctly sense High Ambassador Yu Heng's fearsome power. If they began exchanging blows, there was no chance for him to win.

However, he had no other choice. If handing the Heaven Secrets Compass over could ensure his and Ji Shuiyan's life, Yi Yun would naturally have handed it over.

But now, Yi Yun could clearly detect a killing intent from High Ambassador Yu Heng. At this point, he’d have to face a fight even if he did hand over the compass.

Yi Yun's outstanding talent warranted no mercy from High Ambassador Yu Heng or the future consequences would be disastrous.

Many people had knowingly taken a step back upon seeing the situation. Although they had tried befriending Yi Yun before, they were also jealous of his genius. Now, when he was in trouble, they easily watched idly by the side. Many of them even began gloating at his misfortune.

Yi Yun completely ignored the reaction of the crowd. He was extremely calm as he circulated his Yuan Qi. The four nine-leaf Dao fruits immersed themselves in Yuan Qi, ready to give him a burst of energy whenever needed.

Yi Yun knew that High Ambassador Yu Heng's blatant act of suppressing Ji Shuiyan was truly a ploy to force his hand. Once he attacked, the High Ambassador would kill him in one strike! High Ambassador Yu Heng's perception was constantly locked onto him. The moment he moved, he would receive an attack of limitless magnitude.

He would only get one attack!

At that moment, it was as though time had slowed down. Ji Shuiyan's helplessness, High Ambassador Yu Heng's coldness, Master Tianxiao's derision, and Yan Tiancong's hideous smile seemed to turn evanescent. Yi Yun's mind was only on the pure Yang broken sword. The cold sword emitted a clear and refreshing touch that reached his heart. At that moment, a voice abruptly rang in Yi Yun's heart—

"Attack his left!"

Yi Yun was highly focused. It was unknown where the voice came from but there was no time for Yi Yun to have any suspicions. He struck straight at High Ambassador Yu Heng's left chest!


Yi Yun's Yuan Qi burst out as he slashed with the pure Yang broken sword. It came with the worldly power that formed a black wheel. The black wheel was filled with the phantom images of demons and gods. They roared, seemingly changing the color of the world as if everything would be annihilated because of the wheel!

This is…

Even High Ambassador Yu Heng, whose cultivation level far exceeded Yi Yun’s, was alarmed by the strike. The laws contained within the attack shocked him. What sort of Dao fruits had this junior condensed?

This also affirmed High Ambassador Yu Heng's resolution to kill Yi Yun. This person was absolutely not to be spared!

He immediately gave up on Ji Shuiyan and struck at Yi Yun with a palm!

This palm strike rolled like a roaring avalanche as it met Yi Yun's 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence with an indomitable strength!


The 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence shook violently, and the gigantic palm was slightly held back before finally crashing over with intense might! Although Yi Yun's laws were strong, the limitation of his cultivation level was a ravine that could not be easily bridged. There was no way for him to withstand it with only his Dao Manifestation realm cultivation!

Just as the gigantic palm was about to devour Yi Yun, a sword beam suddenly appeared, as if it came from the nothingness of an ancient era.

This strike left no traces. It was like a rainbow beam of light that streaked through the eternal night, thrusting straight at High Ambassador Yu Heng!

Who is it!?

High Ambassador Yu Heng was alarmed. He had just blocked Yi Yun's strike but another strike came at him. Yi Yun's attack was on his left, while this strike aimed at his right. With all his defenses focused on his left, his right side was exposed and vulnerable!

This was courting death!

High Ambassador Yu Heng bellowed as he forcefully retracted his attack and threw out a horsetail whisk with his right hand.

The horsetail whisk produced a burst of silvery threads that numbered in the thousands which bound the sudden appearance of the strike.

However, when the horsetail whisk met the sword strike, High Ambassador Yu Heng realized that he had far underestimated the might of the sword. He never expected for there to be such an expert swordsman. His hasty defense could not withstand the strike at all.


The silvery threads were shattered as the sword beam's momentum did not decrease. The strike veered to the left and headed straight for High Ambassador Yu Heng's heart!

High Ambassador Yu Heng's hairs stood on end as he hurriedly flew back in retreat. At the same time, a round heart-protective screen appeared in front of his chest to block the sword beam.


The heart-protective screen was sent flying as the sword beam was deflected. However, the sword beam still managed to pierce through High Ambassador Yu Heng's shoulder, making it spray out a mist of blood!


The horsetail whisk fell to the ground as High Ambassador Yu Heng clutched his shoulder. He had retreated several steps back and his face was pale. His eagle-like eyes swept across the crowd and finally locked onto the culprit.

Jian Wufeng!

"It's you! You dare attack me?"

High Ambassador Yu Heng was shocked. The Clarity Pool Sword Sect that Jian Wufeng was part of completely paled in comparison to the Seven Star Dao Palace in terms of strength. Yet, Jian Wufeng had attacked him. Was he mad?

This thought was not limited to High Ambassador Yu Heng, either. Everyone present was dumbfounded. What was Jian Wufeng thinking?

"Clarity Pool Sect Master, do you know what you are doing? My Seven Star Dao Palace is only attempting to retrieve the Heaven Secrets Chapter's Heaven Secrets Compass, in preparation for the search for treasures in Sun Burial Sandsea. Yet, you attacked High Ambassador Yu Heng?" Elder Fengxing said anxiously.

Previously, when he reported the matter to High Ambassador Yu Heng, he had mentioned that Yi Yun did not have any deep affiliations with the attending experts and that killing him would be easy. Who knew that Jian Wufeng would risk his sect being wiped out to intervene on this matter?

Was Jian Wufeng a fool? This was the first time he had met Yi Yun. Even if Yi Yun's sparring with his disciple had garnered his appreciation, it was only an appreciation. Why would he wager the lives of everyone in the Clarity Pool Sword Sect to save Yi Yun? Was such an act that ignored all consequences something a sect master would do?

"What I do not need is any comments from you!"

As Jian Wufeng spoke, the sword in his hand suddenly flew out. Elder Fengxing jumped in fright and, without a second thought, he threw himself backward and began rolling on the floor so as to dodge the strike!

He was certain that Jian Wufeng's strike was aimed to kill him. There was no chance of him surviving Jian Wufeng's attack but, after a series of tumbling rolls, Elder Fengxing saw that the sword was not charging at him. The sword had flown to the backyard of the Seven Star Auction Company, and, as though it had eyes, it stabbed straight into the teleportation array in the middle of the backyard.


With an explosive sound, the extremely expensive long-distance teleportation array shattered completely!