True Martial World Chapter 1085

Chapter 1085: Yi Yun's Threat
Chapter 1085: Yi Yun's Threat

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"Jian Wufeng…You destroyed my Seven Star Dao Palace's teleportation array!?"

Elder Fengxing shuddered with fury. The teleportation array crossed distances of tens of millions of miles. It was an important array for the Seven Star Dao Palace and its cost of construction was a horrifying number. As the person-in-charge of Jade Luster City's Seven Star Auction Company, Elder Fengxing had no way of shirking responsibility for the array’s destruction, regardless of the reason.

Elder Fengxing's heart chilled when he thought of the strict rules of the Seven Star Dao Palace. Given his lowly position in the Seven Star Dao Palace, not even his death was enough to cover the deficit for the loss of the array!

"So what if it's destroyed?"

Jian Wufeng retrieved his sword with a cold expression. Had he not destroyed the teleportation array, he would definitely be doomed once the Seven Star Auction Company sent a transmission requesting reinforcements from the Seven Star Dao Palace.

Jian Wufeng was already at his absolute limit against the sole threat of High Ambassador Yu Heng. He had succeeded in his attack thanks to Yi Yun restraining the High Ambassador, allowing him to gain the initiative.

On that topic, Jian Wufeng now realized how fearsome Yi Yun truly was. Although Yi Yun's strike had been easily resolved by High Ambassador Yu Heng, it still surprised Jian Wufeng. That strike was far stronger than the one he had used against Jian Xiaoshuang. The laws the young man knew were astounding. His future was impossible to estimate!

The atmosphere turned silent. The crowd had already retreated dozens of meters back. The instantaneous clash from before had destroyed the surrounding pavilions. Even the lotus pond was left in shambles, as though a tornado had blown through.

With a wave of his hand, the horsetail whisk that fell to the ground landed back in High Ambassador Yu Heng's hand. His injured shoulder was completely pierced through. Although the bleeding had stopped, there was still remnant sword Qi in his wounds that continued to damage his meridians. He found it difficult to neuter quickly.

This made High Ambassador Yu Heng secretly alarmed. Jian Wufeng was actually that powerful!

The Clarity Pool Sword Sect was originally regarded as beneath contempt in High Ambassador Yu Heng's eyes. However, he now came to a realization that he had far underestimated Jian Wufeng's strength. He was definitely a difficult foe. Even if he was not already entangled with Yi Yun, he wouldn’t dare claim he could win against Jian Wufeng in a one-on-one battle.

"Jian Wufeng, why are you fighting my Seven Star Dao Palace? Explain yourself! If you want the Heaven Secrets Compass, I promise you that after I retrieve it for the Heaven Secrets Chapter, it will definitely be shared with you."

High Ambassador Yu Heng was somewhat anxious after the destruction of the teleportation array. He was unable to completely overpower Jian Wufeng, and once Jian Wufeng helped Yi Yun escape, his dignity within the Seven Star Dao Palace would be destroyed.

"Share the Heaven Secrets Compass with me? Hmph! You and I both know what's going on today. There's no need to sound so lofty. Don't put it as if you are retrieving the Heaven Secrets Compass for the Heaven Secrets Chapter. Isn't it simply the Seven Star Dao Palace's coveting of the treasure in Sun Burial Sandsea? It appears that I have been underestimating this treasure. Who knew that your Seven Star Dao Palace would go to such unscrupulous means for it? A high and mighty Seven Star Dao Palace High Ambassador actually attacking a junior that hasn’t even cultivated for sixty years, as well as a frail young lady. You truly have no shame!"

Jian Wufeng's derision made High Ambassador Yu Heng's expression turn increasingly ugly.

"It seems like you do not plan on telling me the reason," High Ambassador Yu Heng said in a sinister tone.

He had heard that Jian Wufeng had an upright character but even so, it was impossible for him to just fight any injustice for someone he had just acquainted himself with, while also risking the lives of every one of his sect’s disciples. There had to be a reason.

Even the treasure in Sun Burial Sandsea was not valuable enough for Jian Wufeng to do so. After all, even if he obtained the Heaven Secrets Compass, it only increased the chances of finding the treasure by a few notches. Nothing was absolute.

Jian Wufeng did not speak a word as he waved his hand and threw out a miniature pagoda.

Yi Yun faltered slightly when he saw this. He knew that the miniature pagoda was likely a mobile abode. It actually resembled the God Advent Tower but its quality was far inferior. From the looks of it, the Clarity Pool Sword Sect also had records that pertained to the God Advent Tower. It was likely that someone from the Clarity Pool Sword Sect had created a replica of the God Advent Tower from those records.

"All of you, enter my mobile abode!"

As Jian Wufeng spoke, the sword in his hand remained pointed at High Ambassador Yu Heng.

High Ambassador Yu Heng's eyes emitted a chilly beam that gave people the shivers. He knew that Jian Wufeng was planning to leave with the two juniors. He had every intention of stopping them, but he was injured. He would not necessarily match Jian Wufeng if they truly came to blows. There was no way for him to restrain them.

"Everyone! I, Daoist Yu Heng, represent the Seven Star Dao Palace and I hereby decree that anyone who helps me detain Jian Wufeng today will definitely be compensated heavily in the future!"

High Ambassador Yu Heng knew that he could not stop Jian Wufeng so he could only beseech the experts from the external sects to help.

If everyone were to attack, he believed that there would be no room for Jian Wufeng to escape!

Indeed, when High Ambassador Yu Heng said those words, some people began to eagerly stir.

Jian Wufeng's heart sank as he said coldly, "If anyone were to make a move, I wouldn't speak against you but I'd definitely be able to pull a few along to accompany me in death!"

When Jian Wufeng said that, Yi Yun felt extremely grateful.

It was very rare to receive a life-saving favor, and even more rare was it for the saver to pay a huge price and take on extreme risk to save a life.

Yi Yun cupped his fists and said, "Senior, I will never forget the favor you bestowed upon me today!"

After saying that, Yi Yun looked at everyone around him and said coldly, "I, Yi Yun, have lived for a few decades and I have encountered peril after peril but I happen to have a tenacious life. I have visited the gates of hell several times but the lord of hell doesn't want me. This has allowed me to thankfully survive to this day, and you can say that I have mastered a myriad of skills!"

"I hereby promise to anyone who attacks Senior Wufeng and I today: I, Yi Yun, will definitely remember it clearly. If I am lucky enough to avoid death, and when I attain mastery in my martial arts, I will definitely go to each and every one of your sects for a visit!"

Yi Yun's sentence began to contain cold killing intent as it neared the end.

For a junior to say such threatening words to so many experts, it should have been a ridiculous joke that would make people laugh their heads off. However, when Yi Yun said it, no one laughed.

They knew very well that if Yi Yun had been able to attain his present achievements without a sect, it meant that he was augmented by divine providence. Yi Yun's claim of encountering numerous dangers over the past decades without ever crossing the gates of hell was definitely not empty talk. If not for such experiences, how could Yi Yun attain what he had today?

Yi Yun had survived numerous life-and-death experiences in the past, so how could they be certain that they could kill Yi Yun today? By provoking such a foe, they risked having each and every one of their sects vanquished the day he fully developed himself!

Although the Seven Star Dao Palace had promised certain rewards, it was still a question of how much these conditions would be fulfilled. Compared to the threat of Yi Yun's future, many people shrunk back.

"All of you…"

Seeing the crowd retreat, High Ambassador Yu Heng turned furious and anxious. But in that moment, he could not do a thing. Yan Tiancong was even more worried. He had given the information regarding the Heaven Secrets Compass so as to vanquish Yi Yun, but now, it looked as if Yi Yun would get away.