True Martial World Chapter 1086

Chapter 1086: Onward to Clarity Pool
Chapter 1086: Onward to Clarity Pool

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Yan Tiancong did not dare to speak out loud in front of Jian Wufeng. Instead, he sent constant voice transmissions, hoping to convince the experts from other sects, who were on the fence, to attack Yi Yun.

"The Heaven Secrets Compass is in Yi Yun's hands. Once he leaves, the treasure in Sun Burial Sandsea will belong to Yi Yun! If we kill him, any treasures he holds will belong to us. Furthermore, Yi Yun has already made himself the enemy of the Seven Star Dao Palace. How can he have any hope?"

Yan Tiancong transmitted his voice everywhere but no one bothered with him. At that moment, Jian Xiaoshuang had already entered the miniature pagoda's abode.

Ji Shuiyan followed after Jian Xiaoshuang into the abode. Before she entered the pagoda, she shattered a jade charm. No one noticed that tiny action of hers.

Finally, it was Yi Yun. He gave a deep, meaningful glance at Yun Yantian and Master Tianxiao. He said slowly, "Yan Tiancong, Tianxiao Shuo. I, Yi Yun, will be visiting the Heaven Amplification Trading Company and Heaven Secrets Chapter in the future. I'll rip out your souls and melt your marrows. The Heaven Amplification Trading Company and Heaven Secrets Chapter will be reduced to nothing but dust!"

Yi Yun's words were like warnings from a god of death. It gave Yan Tiancong shivers that felt as if he had fallen into an ice cavern.

As for Master Tianxiao, he was still waving his fan. Although he was feeling somewhat afraid, he still managed to keep his composure. "Hmph! My Heaven Secrets Chapter has been passed down for tens of thousands of years. You want to destroy my Heaven Secrets Chapter alone? What a joke!"

Yi Yun did not retort. His figure directly vanished into the miniature pagoda, allowing Jian Wufeng to wave his hand and retrieve the pagoda. In the next moment, his figure blurred into a flash, transforming into a sword beam that shot to the ends of the world!

Daoist Yu Heng had the intention of blocking him, but Jian Wufeng's figure disappeared in an instant. The speed wiped Daoist Yu Heng's thoughts of pursuing. Ignoring Jian Wufeng's strength, just his speed alone was not something that he could compare with.

"Jian Wufeng!"

Daoist Yu Heng had a sullen expression. He knew that he would have to bear a heavy responsibility for today's turn of events. He would even be blamed by the Seven Star Dao Palace's Palatial Lord. Of course, there was someone else who could not escape blame either.

He turned to look at Elder Fengxing, who jumped in fright. With a shudder, he plumped to the ground and uttered, "High Ambassador, High Ambassador, this matter has nothing to do with me."

"I had previously asked you if anyone would aid Yi Yun. You guaranteed me that Yi Yun had only just come to Jade Luster City and no one would help him. So what happened in the end?"

Daoist Yu Heng grabbed Elder Fengxing up like he was grabbing a weak chick. Elder Fengxing's body trembled but he did not dare resist.

"You are no longer in charge of the Seven Star Auction Company of Jade Luster City. Return with me to the Seven Star Abyss for your sins!"

When Daoist Yu Heng said those words, Elder Fengxing was scared out his wits. The Seven Star Abyss was the name for the torture dungeons of the Seven Star Dao Palace. He knew he was doomed. Being sent to Seven Star Abyss meant there was no chance of him surviving.

Daoist Yu Heng did not want to shoulder the main responsibility for the day’s events. Therefore, he, as a trivial figure, became the scapegoat.

Yan Tiancong felt his heart shudder as he watched Elder Fengxing, who had enjoyed a high stature with everything at his beck and call yesterday, now being taken away by Daoist Yu Heng. He knew that the aftermath for Elder Fengxing was fraught with grim possibilities!

It was so easy for Elder Fengxing to go from being a mighty figure that held great power to becoming a prisoner. Everything that happened to this man who garnered his fear and respect was all because of Yi Yun.

Against Yi Yun, Elder Fengxing had been reduced to such a miserable state simply by being incompetent.

Thinking back to the words that Yi Yun had said to him, Yan Tiancong’s head felt heavy and his feet turned limp. He was under immense stress.

Meanwhile, some five thousand meters away, a tiny pagoda in the form of a divine beam of light flew through the sky. That pagoda was Jian Wufeng's mobile abode.

Jian Wufeng was sitting on the ground as he controlled the miniature pagoda and meditated. As for Yi Yun, Jian Xiaoshuang and company, they had nothing to do in the pagoda.

Jian Xiaoshuang was sitting not far from Yi Yun. She stared intently at Yi Yun without so much as a blink.

Yi Yun was being watched for a full fifteen minutes when he finally could not help but give a few dry coughs. "Miss Xiaoshuang, why are you looking at me?"

"You question why I'm looking at you? What's your relationship to my ancestral lineage?"

Jian Xiaoshuang had begun to realize that the reason why her master would take such great risks to save Yi Yun was absolutely not because he thought highly of him, but because Yi Yun came from the same lineage as her master. He could even have deeper ties that she was unaware of.

Yi Yun found Jian Xiaoshuang's direct questioning amusing. He said, "I do have some deep ties with the Clarity Pool Sword Sect…"

When Yi Yun said that, Jian Wufeng opened his eyes and looked at Yi Yun.

"Senior Wufeng, I once obtained some of the heritage of Senior Azure Yang Lord. I have even seen Senior Azure Yang Lord's sword intent in a visual disk array!"

Yi Yun's words rendered a huge shock in Jian Wufeng's heart.

Azure Yang Lord! It was indeed Azure Yang Lord! Although Jian Wufeng was already certain that Yi Yun was related to the Clarity Pool Sword Sect, he did not know how deep the ties went. He wasn't entirely sure but now, upon hearing Yi Yun mention news regarding Azure Yang Lord, how could he not be excited?

Azure Yang Lord had already been gone for tens of millions of years. Even disciples of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect did not know that their sect's founding ancestor was Azure Yang Lord. That was because, for a pretty long period of time, Azure Yang Lord's name was taboo in the Central State Divine Territory. The origins of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect had been kept a secret and only the reigning sect master and the grand elder knew the truth.

Even Jian Xiaoshuang was somewhat puzzled when she heard that. She knew that the Clarity Pool Sword Sect had an impressive founding ancestor but now, seeing Jian Wufeng's state, she had a vague guess that the founding ancestor was likely Azure Yang Lord.

"Senior Wufeng, years ago, Senior Azure Yang Lord had been harmed by others and chose to head to the lower realms. There, in the lower realms, he gained insights into stronger sword intent. Although Senior Azure Yang Lord's cultivation level was no longer as strong as it was in the past, just the sword intent alone far exceeded what he knew in the Yang God Empyrean Heaven. And this new sword intent is something I have seen as well."

"Oh? There is an even stronger sword intent?"

Jian Wufeng was alarmed. He had cultivated all his life in the pursuit of the pinnacle of the way of the sword. Originally, the partially lost heritage of Azure Yang Lord had left Jian Wufeng with some regret. But now, having heard that Azure Yang Lord had another breakthrough after entering the lower realm, how could he not be excited?

He knew clearly that there was no chance for him to see the pinnacle of the way of the sword his entire life but he wanted to climb higher, allowing him to see further.

"Senior Wufeng, I'm willing to demonstrate the final sword intent left behind by Azure Yang Lord. Unfortunately, I have only been able to replicate a portion of its charms."

"Good! Very good!" Upon hearing Yi Yun's words, Jian Wufeng experienced vicissitudes of emotions. He was willing to lose tens of thousands of his life span just to be able to see a higher profoundness of the sword.

He did not say any words of gratitude to Yi Yun for demonstrating the sword intent either. Although this was the first day he was meeting Yi Yun, he felt like they had taken to each other at once. It felt like they were friends of differing ages so any words of gratitude were superfluous.

"This abode is not suitable for you to demonstrate it. Let us head to Clarity Pool Sword Sect now. Then you can show me the strike that will widen my horizons!"