True Martial World Chapter 1087

Chapter 1087: Clarity Pool Sword Sect
Chapter 1087: Clarity Pool Sword Sect

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After Jian Wufeng's miniature pagoda flew hundreds of thousands of miles, it entered a spatial node and underwent a spatial warp. In the next instant, the scene before them was enormously open and clear.

In front of them was an unending stretch of snowy mountains. These mountain ranges were hundreds of thousands of feet tall, and the clouds were hanging low by the mountains’ bases. Some of the larger mountain peaks were gathered around a huge lake.

Although the lake was on frosty land above snowy mountain peaks, it did not freeze. Snow lotuses bloomed in the lake and each one of them lived for millennia. From afar, they looked like snowflakes on the lake's surface. It was an extremely beautiful sight.

"This lake's name is Snowy Mountain Clarity Pool. It is the entrance to my Clarity Pool Sword Sect. The reason for my sect's name is also because of it," said Jian Wufeng as he piloted the pagoda through space once again. Above the lake hid the entrance to the Clarity Pool Sword Sect. It was an independent, tiny world.

Another instantaneous change of scenery happened. The lake was still there, but the surroundings had completely changed. The snow that covered everything had disappeared, and was replaced by an endless number of palatial buildings. In between the buildings were intricate trees and flowers. It looked like a mortal paradise.

Yi Yun saw the main gate to the palatial compound from afar. The plaque on it had two words, Clarity Pool, which were written with great flair. The strokes contained sword intent that made one's heart palpitate.

Jian Wufeng's miniature pagoda flew to the main gate and finally landed in a square.

The square had a circumference of approximately five kilometers. There was a huge cauldron erected in the middle that gave it quite a formidable look.

Yi Yun did not think too much of his sudden appearance in this strange place but Ji Shuiyan felt somewhat lost.

They had traversed a distance of at least tens of millions of miles from Jade Luster City.

"Miss Shuiyan, we should take things as they come. Coming to the Clarity Pool Sword Sect is an expedient measure. As for Jade Luster City, I will bring you back one day." Yi Yun solemnly said, understanding her thoughts.

Ji Shuiyan obviously did not doubt Yi Yun's promise.

"As for the Divine Secrets Trading Company…I'm very sorry. I never expected that I would eventually bring disaster upon you." Yi Yun knew that in their hasty departure, it was impossible to bring the Divine Secrets Trading Company along with them. The people left behind were naturally in grave danger.

Ji Shuiyan shook her head and said, "Young Master Yi, please do not say that. Without Young Master Yi, not only would the Divine Secrets Trading company be at risk, but my personal outcome would have been disastrous."

"Our sudden departure might have offended the Seven Star Dao Palace,” she continued, “but they will unlikely bother with a tiny faction like the Divine Secrets Trading Company. It's just the Seven Star Auction Company and Yan Tiancong that will probably seek recompense against the Divine Secrets Trading Company. Before I entered the abode, I secretly crushed a voice transmission jade slip. I have instructed my cadres to escape Jade Luster City through secret passages. As for the rest, I have allowed them to pledge allegiance to the Heaven Amplification Trading Company. Their lives should be spared."

Yi Yun had noticed Ji Shuiyan's act of crushing a voice transmission jade slip. She had both left a secret passage ahead of time and given the order at such a crucial moment. All of this showed her comprehensive deliberations. As long as the lives were preserved, everything else could be rebuilt. Although riches would be lost, they were still possible to retrieve again.

"The Sect Master is back."

The moment Jian Wufeng landed on the ground, large numbers of people from the Clarity Pool Sword Sect came to welcome him.

"Sect Master Martial Uncle!"

A red-shirted youth came forward with a smile. He was somewhat special for he had two swords slung behind his back.

Yi Yun was somewhat surprised that the man dual-wielded swords.

Azure Yang Lord used a single sword and the difficulty of using two swords was much higher than using a single sword. The Clarity Pool Sword Sect did not obtain all of Azure Yang Lord's heritage, yet the red-shirted youth still chose the much harder dual-wielding. It was apparent that he was a person that had immense confidence in himself.

"Welcome back, Junior Sister Xiaoshuang."

The red-shirted youth turned to Jian Xiaoshuang and said gently after bowing at Jian Wufeng. Just after that, he noticed Yi Yun standing behind Jian Xiaoshuang.

He faltered for a moment before saying, "This is?"

The Clarity Pool Sword Sect was a partially reclusive sect. The location of the sect was a secret and not to be leaked.

As for the sect's disciples, they were not allowed to bring outsiders into the Clarity Pool Sword Sect.

Now, seeing Jian Wufeng bring outsiders back left the red-shirted youth baffled. It was impossible for this person to be a disciple that Jian Wufeng had recruited, right? Their Clarity Pool Sword Sect had always had few in numbers because their criteria for taking in disciples were extremely stringent.

Jian Wufeng had taken Jian Xiaoshuang as his only disciple. As for the red-shirted youth, he was the personal disciple of the Grand Elder.

The red-shirted youth and Jian Xiaoshuang could be said to be the twin powerhouses of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect.

However, Jian Wufeng ignored his question and instead directly said, "Pass the command. Seal the entrance and activate the concealment array formation. No one is to leave or enter the Clarity Pool Sword Sect without my approval! In addition, everyone is to be on full alert and take up first-degree preparations for battle!"

The moment Jian Wufeng gave the order, many people that had rushed there to welcome him were dumbfounded.

First-degree preparations for battle? In that state, all disciples were not to enter reclusive cultivation and had to be constantly on alert. Furthermore, with the defensive array formations fully powered, the number of World Stones that were depleted a day was an astronomical sum.

The Clarity Pool Sword Sect had probably not entered first-degree preparations for battle in tens of thousands of years. There was also a need to seal the entrance to prevent any entry and exit. What was going on? Was a formidable foe going to attack?

"Fenghong, why are you still in a daze? Quickly send out the order!" Jian Wufeng roared at the red-shirted youth. Jian Fenghong had no chance to ask questions about Yi Yun as he hurriedly passed the order.

Soon, the entire Clarity Pool Sword Sect fell into an extremely tense mood. Large numbers of people came out of their cultivation grounds as they presumed that a formidable foe was approaching.

After passing the order, Jian Fenghong finally could not curb his curiosity and asked, "Sect Master Martial Uncle, what's the matter? Is someone attacking us? Who is the enemy?"

"It's unknown if they will attack us but the enemy is the Seven Star Dao Palace," said Jian Wufeng lightly. But when Jian Fenghong heard that, he was given quite a shock.

What!? The Seven Star Dao Palace!?

The Seven Star Dao Palace was an extremely powerful faction in the Central State Divine Territory. Just any one of its seven High Ambassadors were a match for Jian Wufeng. Furthermore, there was the unfathomable Palatial Lord and the deputy!

There would be no chance of victory if the Clarity Pool Sword Sect fought the Seven Star Dao Palace.

"Junior Brother Wufeng, what did you say? You offended the Seven Star Dao Palace?"

At that moment, a bellow sounded as a fat middle-aged man approached with the wind.

He was also dressed in red and his body looked plump. However, he moved as light as a swallow. In a few strides, he had traversed thousands of feet and appeared in front of Jian Wufeng.

This person was Jian Fenghong's master, the Grand Elder of Clarity Pool Sword Sect.

The Clarity Pool Sword Sect always had two people in power. Both of them would discuss matters and come up with decisions that avoided several mistakes but, at the same time, it did not prevent the two people in power to wrestle for that power.

"There were reasons for it. I was left with no choice." Jian Wufeng shook his head. Offending the Seven Star Dao Palace was indeed a tough issue.