True Martial World Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Blood Lineage
Chapter 109: Blood Lineage

After the semi-finals ended, the participants, whether they had succeeded or failed, went back to their own residences.

As for the people, no matter how indignant they were, they could not change the results of the competition, and began to separate.

But the battle never stopped.

When Yi Yun finished eating dinner, he came out from a Tao tribal clan cafeteria. There, he met a bunch of children, who wanted to mess with him.

Their leader was a fourteen year old girl, and behind her were a bunch of boys and girls, all teenagers.

The little girl was their boss; no different from the school honchos in his memories.

Even in this alternate world, the children also entered their rebellious stage in their teens. Kids at this age easily formed their gangs such as Green sect, Hong sect, Youth group, etc.

The little girl flicked her hair coolly and stared at Yi Yun without a sound, her eyes full of hostility.

They were here to demonstrate their strength.

In fact, they treated Yi Yun like someone of their own age, and someone of the same IQ level.

If nothing else, just based on height, Yi Yun was an inch shorter than that girl.

How could kids know anything about Purple Air Comes From The East or manifestation of Yuan Qi? To them, strength was measured by a person’s height.

Those who looked tall and strong, looked powerful, and they would not dare to offend them.

Those who were short in stature, they were not intimidating, and they were a push-over.

The leader of the children of course knew Yi Yun was strong, and the bunch she had brought with her wasn’t his match, but, Yi Yun was shorter than them by a head. This made them subconsciously gain a mental advantage, as they had often bullied the weak.

It was hard to describe the thoughts of these children. They felt like their idol had been insulted, so they needed to do something to show their courage.

Of course the real people who “insulted” their idol was the Jin Long Wei, but they did not have the courage to mess with the Jin Long Wei, so they came to mess with Yi Yun.

They just needed to make a gesture, to prove their undying support for Hu Ya. As for their desired outcome, they didn’t really know either.

Yi Yun was speechless. To be pestered by kids who didn’t know anything, he really felt unlucky.

Yi Yun simply released a tiny amount of aura to push the kids away. He strode out of the crowd, leaving them suppressing their rage.

In fact, ever since the semi-finals concluded, Yi Yun realized that the eyes of the Tao tribal clan’s people were full of hostility.

Yi Yun had crushed the three young masters of the Tao tribal clan in one blow. It was like walking into someone’s house to smack them in the face. How could the Tao tribal clan’s people be friendly with him?

What was worse was that Yi Yun had never showed his true strength the entire time. The results were decided by the Jin Long Wei. The people of the Tao tribal clan were extremely disgruntled with the results announced by the Jin Long Wei.

Yi Yun ignored these people and only wanted to quickly get out of crowd. At this moment, Yi Yun noticed that not far away from him stood a girl in white. She was smiling at him.

The setting sun made the girl cast a long shadow upon the ground. Her dress coated with a golden shimmer. The layer shimmered in the setting sun like dancing elves.

The girl only smiled without saying a word. Upon seeing Yi Yun looking over, she turned and left.

Yi Yun understood her intentions and followed.

The two moved forward and soon disappeared from the Tao tribal clan’s city.

With a change of the scenery, Yi Yun and the girl had arrived at the Tao tribal clan’s back mountain. At this time, the sun had set and its glow was burning the western sky red.

“You don’t seem popular…” Lin Xintong leisurely said as she turned towards Yi Yun.

Yi Yun smiled helplessly, “My appearance in the Tao tribal clan has stolen their thunder. Naturally they wouldn’t welcome me, besides…they are indignant about it.

“The Jin Long Wei’s evaluation results are quite authoritative. You can ignore those people…Right…I’ve previously agreed to carry on sparring with you.” Lin Xintong had set an appointment with Yi Yun for them to continue their sparring today.

“Good!” Yi Yun could not ask for anything better. Lin Xintong was a master; although Yi Yun did not know what rank Lin Xintong was, he knew that the things she revealed benefited him a lot.

Lin Xintong gently touched her wrist and pulled up a sword.


Yi Yun’s eyes lit up. This was the first time seeing Lin Xintong use a weapon.

In the past sparring matches with Lin Xintong, she had used her hands to spar with Yi Yun.

“Tao Yunxiao uses a sword, so does Hu Ya. The sword they use is the Tao tribal clan’s ancestral artifact. But why do I feel those two sword’s quality can’t match the sword in Lin Xintong’s hand?”

Lin Xintong’s sword’s body was extremely soft, like a swimming silver snake. Although it was a distance from Yi Yun, that luxuriant cold beam felt like it was stabbing into Yi Yun’s brows, giving his brows a chill.

“The sword’s name is Frost Water; it is my sword. Usually when I face enemies, I would use a sword. You can say that I have a special talent in swords. This talent is also known as “Heart of the Sword”.

“Heart of the Sword is a blood lineage. It’s not something any person can awaken. Maybe in the future, you will have your own blood lineage.” Lin Xintong’s words seemed to have opened a new door for Yi Yun.

Blood lineage? Heart of the Sword?

Yi Yun did not know what it meant to have a blood lineage, but he suddenly felt a strong interest in it.

Lin Xintong said, “You just need to break through to the Purple Blood for now. You can ignore blood lineage for the time being. It is still something out of your grasp…”

With those words, she swung her sword, “A weapon is part of a warrior’s body. The first contact for warriors in the way of the sword is to wield a sword with their bodies. The next step is to use Qi to wield a sword. The third step is using the heart to wield a sword!”

“Look well today, for this is ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’!” Saying this, Lin Xintong’s sword began to move. She did it slowly, but each move and stance had induced the power of the Heaven and Earth. Her movement was perfect and harmonious.

Lin Xintong’s sword technique was the ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’!

Yi Yun was shocked. It seemed like there was no cultivation technique that she didn’t know.

She knew “Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist”. She also knew ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’. And these two cultivation techniques were not her main cultivation technique; her main cultivation technique was the ‘Fairy Maiden Heart Sutra’!

But even though she had learned the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ and ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’ on the side, she had practiced them to an extremely high level!

Just Lin Xintong’s notes on ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’, had benefited Yi Yun a lot.

As for ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’, her swordsmanship was perfect. Even Yi Yun who was not well-versed with swords could feel the wonders of it.

Especially with the vision that the Purple Crystal Origins gave Yi Yun, he could see the surrounding Heaven Earth Yuan Qi condense towards Lin Xintong, forming innumerable points of light.

“Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!” Out came nine golden sword beams from Lin Xintong’s body. This was the manifestation of Yuan Qi that Hu Ya previously demonstrated!

But Hu Ya’s manifestation of Yuan Qi had only appeared for an instant before shooting to the sky.

But Lin Xintong’s manifestation of Yuan Qi–the nine small golden swords were like fairies flowing around Lin Xintong’s sword beams.

When Lin Xintong striked, the small golden swords flew out’, but when she pulled her sword back, the small golden swords would follow her back.

This move amazed Yi Yun.

Thinking it through, Lin Xintong was one year younger than Hu Ya. It was hard to imagine at which grade was Lin Xintong’s talent.

“I am really a frog in a well.” Yi Yun said to himself. He had first understood ‘routines have limits, but martial arts is without limit’, and he had induced Purple Air Comes From The East. Yi Yun could not help being proud of these two accomplishments.

But when compared to Lin Xintong, it was nothing.

Lin Xintong had definitely achieved the realm of “Routines have limits, but martial arts is without limit” a long time ago. Or she would not have written the note in the manual.

Just by casually studying a cultivation technique for half a year, Lin Xintong had reached such a state. He still had a long way to go!

Lin Xintong demonstrated her swordplay as Yi Yun watched.

Although it was the same ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’, Hu Ya’s was much worse than Lin Xintong. As for Tao Yunxiao’s demonstration, it was not worth watching.

Having lived two lives, Yi Yun’s soul was stronger and had a high perceptivity. Lin Xintong just demonstrated her swordplay without a word. But by just looking at Lin Xintong’s swordsmanship, Yi Yun could recall the various flaws in Tao Yunxiao’s swordsmanship.

“Tao Yunxiao was not able to show the full potential of this ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’ and the ancestral artifact of the Tao tribal clan. If the way of the sword had levels, then Tao Yunxiao was at the stage of wielding a sword with his body, and just at the beginning…” Yi Yun began to review; with Lin Xintong’s perfect demonstration in front of him, Yi Yun was able to review Tao Yunxiao’s swordsmanship.

In terms of martial arts, Yi Yun was far from Lin Xintong.

Yi Yun could not understand even a tenth of Lin Xintong’s swordsmanship. But even this amount allowed Yi Yun to create his own views on swordsmanship.

Many things could only be understood but not described. Everyone had a different level of perceptivity, so Lin Xintong did not speak, and only demonstrated.

Now, the insight Yi Yun had sown a seed within his mind. When his abilities improved in the future, that seed will grow into a towering tree!

The environment greatly influenced a warrior’s practice of martial arts.

Often when sparring with an expert, even if the expert dominated one, after being abused for long, one would become half an expert.

If one sparred with a dummy often, even if they could beat the living daylights out of the dummy, after a few years of beating, one would still be a dummy.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong practiced till it was almost daybreak.

Lin Xintong departed, while Yi Yun quietly returned to the Tao tribal clan.

A few hours later, it was the last round of the Kingdom’s selection. It was the moment the finals began.

This battle would decide the final results.

“I wonder what the last round’s topic would be?” Yi Yun thought with anticipation!

He mediated for about an hour before sleeping.

He entered a deep sleep state. With four hours of sleep, he was able to recover back to his optimal mental state…