True Martial World Chapter 1090

Chapter 1090: Applying what he learns
Chapter 1090: Applying what he learns

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Jian Fenghong words were already confident enough, but Yi Yun's words were not only confident, they went to the point of arrogance.

However, no one thought that Yi Yun was bragging even with his arrogant words. In the growth of many geniuses, it was very common that they were invincible amongst their peers. People believed Yi Yun when he said that he seldom fought people his level.

But although Yi Yun was a genius, Jian Fenghong was one too. Furthermore, Jian Fenghong had been developing in the Clarity Pool Sword Sect from a young age. In his growing years, he sparred with the Clarity Pool Sword Sect's younger generation and his strength was exceptional.

Furthermore, Jian Fenghong was only reducing his cultivation level to Yi Yun's level. His Sword Dao and nomological insight remained the same. Had Jian Wufeng not praised Yi Yun's astounding talent in Sword Dao, Jian Fenghong wouldn't consider acting in such a bullying manner by using four centuries of Sword Dao cultivation against Yi Yun.

"Very well. Then, I'd like to see if you can withstand this strike."

Jian Fenghong's figure flashed as he came thrusting with his swords in hand.

The swords he held lingered with a keen sword intent. Compared to Jian Xiaoshuang, his sword intent was much more terrifying. It even resonated with the sword array.


The sword array trembled. When Jian Fenghong's sword intent rose to its peak, the sword beam suddenly transformed into what seemed like an autumn stream of water that tore through space. It then shifted into a screen of light. Every sword beam was locked onto Yi Yun, sealing off all his Qi activity.

Hard-Soft concept, laws of water?

Yi Yun faltered. The rising of sword intent to a maximum and the transformation from hard to soft resulted in wisps of sword waves that were like the ripples of an autumn stream. It intrinsically matched Yi Yun's Dao—As the saying goes, things always reverse themselves after reaching an extreme. A lone law could not reach the limit and only the laws of duality allowed complementation, resulting in the comprehension of the truth to Great Dao.

Jian Fenghong's Hard-Soft concept did the same thing as what Yi Yun had accomplished but in a different way. It was indeed extraordinary!

The Sword Dao heritage that Azure Yang Lord had left behind for the Clarity Pool Sword Sect was not complete. Many people had added their own insights into the Sword Dao. Some of these understandings were relatively astounding. As the eldest disciple of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect, Jian Fenghong naturally had an outstanding quality.

"Tempered Steel and Softly Wound Fingers! Senior Brother Fenghong is using his best skill!"

Upon seeing Jian Fenghong's attack, many disciples were agitated. Many of them understood the concept of things reversing themselves after reaching an extreme, but to fuse two completely opposite laws was easier said than done. Even Jian Xiaoshuang had yet to accomplish this feat.

With both Hard and Soft, his strike tore through the sky, shooting straight at Yi Yun's glabella!

However, Yi Yun did not immediately draw his sword. Instead he just grasped the Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword, and looked at Jian Fenghong's attack with a contemplative expression.

With the sword being both hard and soft it conformed to Yi Yun's Dao, which was something Yi Yun had never considered before. This sword demonstration was for Yi Yun to demonstrate his sword moves to the Clarity Pool Sword Sect disciples. Little did he expect that Jian Fenghong's attack would give him inspiration.

"What is Yi Yun doing? Why isn't he drawing his sword?"

People were waiting for Yi Yun's performance. Although they did not believe Yi Yun had a chance to counter the hard and soft, he was still touted to be a genius by Jian Wufeng. His strength ultimately had to amount to something.

"It can't be that he's scared silly, right? If he doesn't draw his sword now, he won't have another chance. There's no time!"

"Eh? Hold on…why does it feel like time has slowed down?"

People stared intently as Jian Fenghong's strike was about to stab into Yi Yun's glabella. However, the strike seemed to be flying for millennia despite it being a short distance. It never managed to reach Yi Yun.

Yi Yun was silent in the rivers of time as he pondered. Finally, after some time, he suddenly struck out.

"Reversing after reaching an extreme, the dual complementation of Hard and Soft. Since your strike has fused Hard and Soft, let me try this!"


The Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword issued a clear hum that sounded like a tiger or dragon's roar that resounded straight into the sky.

This alone lit up Jian Wufeng's eyes.

The Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword was stimulated by Yi Yun. Just by drawing it, the amount of power Yi Yun had sparked far exceeded what Jian Xiaoshuang was capable of!

A Sword Dao genius could not be any better than this!

And just as Yi Yun drew the sword, the space around him suddenly turned chaotic.

He thrust the sword, and it was as though the void of an ancient past was thrusting at the distant future. Yi Yun's strike left many people feeling smothered.

Space-Time laws?

The Clarity Pool Sword Sect disciples could sense the terror of Yi Yun's strike. As for Jian Wufeng, Jian Buyi, and the other Clarity Pool Sword Sect Elders, they were deeply unsettled from seeing the strike.

Jian Fenghong's sword moves were mighty because he had simultaneously fused two opposite concepts, Hard and Soft, into Azure Yang Lord's heritage. This point alone was something several Sword Dao geniuses could not accomplish.

However, in the brief sparring between Jian Fenghong and Yi Yun, Yi Yun had not only accomplished that, his strike had also fused two completely opposite concepts that complemented each other, resulting in an indestructible resilience!

Even more amazing was that Jian Fenghong's insights were Hard-Soft, which could be considered as minor Dao. It was even below the five-elements Dao and Creator Dao.

Yi Yun, meanwhile, had insights in Space-Time Great Dao.

At the birth of the Universe, Yin-Yang was born alongside Space-Time. The five elements and the Creator elements were later. They were things that the Hard-Soft concept could not compare with.

Yi Yun had managed to fuse opposite Space-Time Great Dao into Azure Yang Lord's sword moves?

Was it because he had researched these concepts prior to this? Or did he produce this move due to gaining inspiration from Jian Fenghong's attack?

If it was the former, it already proved that Yi Yun's talent was on the level of a monster. If it was the latter, it was too astounding to even imagine!

But the sword move was there, right in front of their eyes. It had not yet come to an end. Before the Elders could even blurt out an exclamation, they saw a burning radiant sun plummet from the sky. Contained in the sun were hints of a Golden Crow phantom that was consumed in flames!

At the same time, Yi Yun's sword beam flashed with an icy-cold beam of frost.

The cold beam that came from the Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword seemed to strike anyone who even looked at it with a chill. The sword beam was like specters in a frost prison sweeping through everything. Jian Fenghong was right in the middle of it and, despite the array in place, he still felt as if his soul was about to freeze.

Was this…a Yin-Yang concept!?

Pure Yang Great Dao, together with extreme cold pure Yin. Yi Yun's strike had simultaneously fused Space-Time Great Dao and Yin-Yang Great Dao!

Under such terrifying laws, Jian Fenghong's Hard-Soft concept was like a tiny stream in front of a massive ocean. It appeared frail and weak.


The sword beam produced by Jian Fenghong was definitively ground up by the four laws!

With the support of the nine-leaf Dao fruits, the laws Yi Yun had gained and the Sword Dao he had mastered were not something Jian Fenghong could match!

"The Azure Rainbow pierces the Blood Moon, Ice Cold Seals God Abyss…"

Yi Yun finally slashed out such an attack!

The Azure Rainbow strike contained both Azure Yang Lord and the Pure Yang Sword Palace Owner's sword intent, as well as Yi Yun's own sword intent—Where the sword points, it presses forward with an indomitable will!


Jian Fenghong's sword avatar was cleanly sliced into smithereens before exploding into countless points of light that seemed like rain in the sky!

The sword beam did not lose its momentum and continued its trajectory onto the smooth mountain cliff!

The mountain cliff that had been greatly augmented by arrays was sliced through by the strike, exploding into countless rocks. It left an astounding sword scar that reached from the heaven to earth!

Upon seeing the might of this strike, Yi Yun's eyes flashed a look of gratefulness. He never expected that while sparing with Jian Fenghong, his Sword Dao would manage to make a such a significant breakthrough!

It was truly a pleasant surprise.