True Martial World Chapter 1091

Chapter 1091: Attained Fortuitously
Chapter 1091: Attained Fortuitously

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Yi Yun never thought little of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect's Sword Dao, but he had also interacted with too many Great Dao heritages that far exceeded Azure Yang Lord's level.

Due to all these experiences, Yi Yun believed that the heritage the Clarity Pool Sword Sect possessed was slightly weaker. And the reason why Yi Yun was demonstrating his sword intent was to show his gratitude to Azure Yang Lord.

However, Yi Yun never expected that in a warrior's world, there were masters everywhere. Although Yi Yun possessed Yin-Yang and Space-time Dao fruits for some time, fusing them into his sword moves was no simple task. It was very difficult, equivalent to creating his own move, even. The sword moves he used in the past were learned from the Pure Yang Sword Palace, as well as what Felicitous Rain Lord had passed down to him.

Although Jian Fenghong's Sword Dao cultivation was inferior to Yi Yun's, Yi Yun still found inspiration within his opponent’s attack. This could be considered creating his own sword attack in a sense.

Sometimes, creating a set of moves that suited him best could be extremely simple yet at the same time extremely difficult.

The ease was in how it could be attained fortuitously from a stroke of ingenious inspiration, but such inspiration might not appear in centuries or even millennia.

"Indeed, a move created by myself is most suited for me."

Yi Yun looked at the gigantic sword scar and was rather pleased. And at that moment, the nine-starred sword platform shook violently in the area near the sword scar.

"Pa! Pa! Pa!"

The light screen vanished as Jian Fenghong walked down the sword platform in a dejected manner. He looked at Yi Yun with a look that mixed jaundice with disbelief.

The Hard-Soft sword intent was something he had spent arduous amounts of effort on, slashing out an unknown number of strikes for the past few decades before he slowly gained a complete understanding of it. Only then was he able to infuse it into his attacks. Even the strict Jian Buyi was full of praise for his achievements.

He was proud of what he had achieved.

When sparring with his juniors, Jian Fenghong nearly never needed to use his Hard-Soft sword intent because no one could withstand it, including Jian Xiaoshuang.

In his battle with Yi Yun, Jian Fenghong had deliberately used his strongest move of Hard-Soft sword intent, firstly to make Yi Yun suffer a little by bringing him down a few notches. Secondly, he wanted to show off in front of his juniors.

However, he never expected his Hard-Soft sword intent to be overcome. Furthermore, his opponent's method of defeating his sword intent was in the same vein as his own technique. There was the infusing of opposite laws, but in terms of the level of laws or insights, his opponent far exceeded him!

His opponent had even used two sets of opposite laws.

How could Hard-Soft win against Yin-Yang and Space-Time Great Dao?

Was he truly such a genius? Why else would the gap between them be so huge?

These thoughts were not only Jian Fenghong’s. The many Clarity Pool Sword Sect disciples at Attendance Sword Platform were silent. They could only stare at the sword intent that continued pouring out of the Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword in Yi Yun's hand, speechless.

The strength of Hard-Soft was something they naturally knew but Jian Fenghong was still defeated in one strike.

Four centuries of Sword Dao insights was defeated in one strike while being at the same cultivation level. That was the difference.

Jian Buyi remained silent. When he saw Yin-Yang and Space-Time simultaneously appear, he knew that Jian Fenghong would definitely be defeated. Jian Fenghong had already done his absolute best, but even that could not account for the fact that the gap was like a ravine that could not be bridged.

"Junior Brother, I take back all I had just said. Just this child's strike is worth letting our Clarity Pool Sword Sect become enemies of the Seven Star Dao Palace!"

Jian Buyi was a flexible person. He easily admitted his mistakes, so although he had some quibbles with Jian Wufeng, it was ultimately for the Clarity Pool Sword Sect's benefit.

The strike that Yi Yun demonstrated had already far exceeded his imagination.

"Thank you for Senior Brother's acknowledgment." Jian Wufeng laughed heartily. "Without a demonstration, it is indeed difficult to believe. I also had no choice but to believe it after seeing Yi Yun demonstrate his skills. I never expected that the strength he demonstrated in his battle with Fenghong today would give me another surprise."

"My young friend, Yi Yun, I am Jian Buyi. I apologize for offending you in any way previously." Jian Buyi cupped his fists at Yi Yun.

In a warrior's world, the accomplished were supreme. A Sword Dao sect placed greater emphasis on Sword Dao heritage.

The level of one's cultivation might perhaps be secondary but one's Sword Dao insights represented one's standing in the sect.

Raising one's cultivation level was easy but gaining insights into Sword Dao was difficult!

"Senior, you are being unduly polite. I also apologize for any offenses. Before the battle, my words were exceedingly arrogant because I had underestimated the Clarity Pool Sword Sect's Sword Dao. But in sparring with Senior Brother Fenghong, his Hard-Soft concept enlightened me, allowing me to make a significant improvement in my Sword Dao. Instead of saying that I had demonstrated my Sword Dao to the Clarity Pool Sword Sect, it should be said that Senior Brother Fenghong had demonstrated his Sword Dao to me. I have benefited greatly from it."

Yi Yun's words were said in an extremely sincere tone. It stemmed from gratitude and respect towards the Clarity Pool Sword Sect. But in Jian Buyi's ears, it was like a resounding thunder. It left Jian Buyi agape as he was rendered speechless.

"Did you say…that you gained insights into that sword move you just used through my disciple's Hard-Soft concept? You managed to infuse Space-Time and Yin-Yang Great Dao into your attack!?"

Jian Buyi's voice was already trembling slightly.

What sort of genius was this? His disciple had spent decades to achieve that under his guidance but Yi Yun had attained it in a few seconds.

It was no wonder that he did not strike out immediately but instead used Space-Time concepts to delay Jian Fenghong's attack. He used them to deliberate and learn!

Such a monster truly left one in despair.

Yi Yun replied, "I had already gained insights into Space-Time and Yin-Yang Dao. Although these two sets of laws had condensed Dao fruits, the inspiration of infusing of it into my sword intent and creating a perfectly harmonious attack all came from Senior Brother Fenghong."

If he had four nine-leaf Dao fruits in hand, then converting that to actual combat strength was analogous to being veiled by a thin layer of paper. Now, Yi Yun had poked through it.

"You said you have simultaneously gained insights into Space-Time and Yin-Yang Dao…"

Jian Buyi turned wistful. Those two Great Dao left many people shrinking back at the mere sight of them. A warrior with insights into a single Great Dao before the Dao Manifestation realm would already be pretty impressive just in forming a seven-leaf Dao fruit. An eight-leaf Dao fruit? That would be astounding.

He did not know what Dao fruits Yi Yun had condensed, but just from the performance he had shown, it was probably somewhere in the realm of a nine-leaf Dao fruit, right?

Two nine-leaf Great Dao fruits. Jian Buyi found it hard to imagine.

"If that is the case…"

Jian Buyi took a step forward and walked towards the nine-starred sword platform. "Among sword practitioners, the accomplished are supreme. I, Jian Buyi, am extremely grateful to you for demonstrating the way of the sword that you have cultivated for the Clarity Pool Sword Sect. As a form of respect, let me be your opponent!"

Jian Buyi's words stunned all the present disciples.

Jian Buyi was going to preside over the Attendance Sword Platform himself, and be Yi Yun's opponent?

It was completely unprecedented for Jian Buyi to use the Sword Dao he cultivated to spar with a young junior.