True Martial World Chapter 1092

Chapter 1092: Heart of the Sword
Chapter 1092: Heart of the Sword

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"Senior, you want to spar with me?"

Yi Yun hesitated for a moment before nodding. To be able to fight Jian Buyi at the same cultivation level was also an opportunity for him.

The array activated and Jian Buyi's avatar appeared in front of Yi Yun. His cultivation level had been repressed to the mid-stages of the Dao Manifestation realm. However, his Sword Dao cultivation was still extremely immense.

"Even the Grand Elder is personally sparring with Yi Yun."

"That's right, I have never seen the Grand Elder's sword techniques before."

By the time the Clarity Pool Sword Sect disciples recovered from their shock, the sparring on Attendance Sword Platform had already begun.

"I wonder if Yi Yun will gain another new Sword Dao insight? Also, how long can he last under the Grand Elder's sword?" A disciple began excitedly speculating.

The Clarity Pool Sword Sect disciples were all sword fanatics. Yi Yun's strike from before was very astounding so everyone looked forward to his performance this time. The longer he lasted under the Grand Elder's sword, the more of his potential could be showcased.

"How can it be that simple to gain epiphanies in Sword Dao? It was already a tremendous accomplishment for him to do so against me," said Jian Fenghong in a heavy tone.

Even though he just lost to Yi Yun, he did not say this out of jealousy.

To have an epiphany in Sword Dao was truly difficult. Over all his years of training, he had only managed to gain the insight of the Hard-Soft concept.

The disciples nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, Yi Yun had already drawn his sword.

"Senior, I look forward to your pointers!" The Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword in Yi Yun's hand lightly quivered, immediately causing a cold beam to flash. Suddenly, it thrust right at Jian Buyi!

This was also the first time Yi Yun was fighting a Sword Dao expert. There wasn’t even a hint of carelessness in his strike as he attacked with tumultuous force!

Jian Buyi's eyes lit up. "Nicely done!"

When he saw the icy beam appear in front of him, he suddenly drew his sword.

Jian Buyi's sword was like a withered wooden branch. There was no luster to speak of.

However, when Jian Buyi attacked, the branch suddenly seemed to transform into a towering tree.

Every sword beam was like a tree branch that was tightly compact, impervious to the wind. They came crashing at Yi Yun's sword beam.

"Yi Yun, have a taste of my sword technique."

Ding Ding Ding!

There were thousands of sword shadows as their two figures flashed around. Yi Yun and Jian Buyi had begun fighting and the speed at which they struck at one another was speeding up.

It wasn’t long before the watching disciples failed to keep up with their speed.

Only disciples like Jian Fenghong, who had cultivated for several centuries, could see the action clearly. Even a genius like Jian Xiaoshuang found it difficult.

Jian Fenghong saw that, although Yi Yun's sword attacks were terrifying, Jian Buyi's sword beams were overwhelming. Every strike was extremely precise and every parry was perfectly done. There was no wasted movement.

Yi Yun's attacks failed to even touch Jian Buyi.

And in the array, Yi Yun obviously knew that better than anyone else.

Jian Buyi's offense and defense were impeccable, without even a single flaw. All of Yi Yun’s strikes were easily parried by Jian Buyi, forcing him to be on the defense as every part of his body was being struck.

As the battle raged on, Yi Yun felt that he was bound to lose.

For the first time, Yi Yun had encountered an opponent that he felt there was no way he could deal with.

The withered branch appeared to be everywhere as if it had transformed into thousands of sword shadows.

"Yi Yun, can you not withstand it anymore?" Jian Buyi's voice was heard. "Although your talent is astonishing, your Heart of the Sword is too weak!"

Heart of the Sword?

Yi Yun looked at the sword beams, seeing Jian Buyi's figure appearing in them.

His eyes only seemed to be filled with swords, making his entire demeanor completely different.

At that moment, he seemed to be one with the withered branch.

"Your attacks may be strong, but you haven’t cultivated nearly enough. You have ultimately failed to merge with the sword. As such, you are unable to grasp your moves as you truly wish. As for the Heart of the Sword, it can be used to cleave through mountains and it can be a gentle breeze that cannot even cut through a strand of hair."

Jian Buyi's sword beam came striking at him once again, instantly sealing off every angle.

Yi Yun immediately felt the surrounding space around him constrict. His breathing was completely suffocated as well.

"Due to the gap in the Heart of the Sword, I am able to use the same move at a much higher level than yours. That is why my Sword Dao is stronger than yours," said Jian Buyi.

"You have lost!"


Suddenly, countless densely-packed sword beams appeared around Yi Yun before simultaneously stabbing at him!

Yi Yun's pupils constricted as he roared loudly. The Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword shook violently in response.

Heart of the Sword!

What was the Heart of the Sword?

Was dedication to martial arts in order to pursue the Origins of the Universe with the sword in hand considered the Heart of the Sword?

Pressing forward with indomitable will and never retreating. Was that the Heart of the Sword?

The four great realms of the sword began with gaining insight into Sword Intent, followed by condensing one's Heart of the Sword, then tempering one's Sword Soul, and finally creating the Heavenly Dao of the Sword.

Back then, the Pure Yang Sword Palace Owner set the requirement of condensing the Heart of the Sword to before the age of hundred.

Yi Yun had long gained insights into Sword Intent but why could he not condense the Heart of the Sword? His Heart of the Sword didn’t seem blatantly weaker than others.

Suddenly, in front of Yi Yun's eyes, a pure Yang sword scar seemed to appear in front of him. It slashed through the world and killed a bronze giant.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Yi Yun's Heart of the Sword was to destroy all obstructions in front of him!


The Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword resonated with a high-pitched hum!

Space-Time and Yin-Yang Great Dao appeared simultaneously as Yi Yun slashed with the strike from before!

In an instant, the Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword violently reverberated and emitted a clear roar that resembled a dragon's, as it tore straight toward the sky.

Simultaneously, seven runes on the Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword lit up one after the other. These ancient runes seemed to flow through the endless river of time. Not far away, Jian Wufeng's eyes gleamed when he saw the lit runes.

This…Could this be—

The Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword had been completely stirred!?

Jian Wufeng held his breath. Before he could think, he saw Yi Yun and the sword transform into a rainbow beam and illuminated countless sword beams!

Everyone present felt an immense pressure despite the array in place. Their eyes actually hurt when they gazed upon Yi Yun’s blade!


The Clarity Pool Sword Sect disciples even felt their own swords tremble vigorously, as though they were being incited by Yi Yun's sword stance to shoot out from their scabbards!

The sword was powered by the heart. Everyone's sword had been stirred. Could it be that…Yi Yun gained insight into the Heart of the Sword?

"This is the Heart of the Sword! Could he be reproducing that astounding strike that defeated Jian Fenghong, augmented by the Heart of the Sword?"

"Heart of the Sword together with Yin-Yang and Space-Time Great Dao. I wonder how powerful it will be!"

Everyone stared with widened eyes as if they were afraid they might miss the impending scene of Yi Yun conjuring the most powerful strike, one that combined Space-Time and Yin-Yang, in his final struggle against the Grand Elder!

However, some soon realized that something was different.

Yi Yun's attack was not the fusion of Yin-Yang, nor did it stir any disorder in space or time.

When the sword beam slashed out, it was as if all light in the world had been consumed. A black vortex formed in between the heavens and earth. This strike seemed born of Chaos.

For some reason, despite Yi Yun's cultivation level being only at the mid-stages of the Dao Manifestation realm, people felt like they were facing the Universe when they saw his strike.

What sort of laws was he using?

Some people were alarmed, but most even failed to recognize the laws. They only felt pure terror from the law being demonstrated. Even the Great Dao of Yin-Yang and Space-Time they previously witnessed did not make them feel like they were facing the very Universe.


The gigantic black vortex condensed as it ground up everything. It was as if a tiny world had been born and then destroyed in the vortex.

Creation? Destruction?

As he beheld this scene, Jian Buyi could not help but be alarmed.

He finally realized what Sword Dao was contained in Yi Yun's strike. It was the amalgamation of creation and destruction. It was again the concept of mixing opposite laws, but the strength of these two was already completely beyond Yi Yun’s previous attempt.


Jian Buyi's previously impeccable sword screen was torn clean through as the gigantic black wheel came crashing down, ripping everything apart!

Jian Buyi's Sword Dao was already near perfection but he failed to withstand the absolute suppression of the Great Dao law.

How could a Major Destruction law that could destroy a Universe not be able to destroy a so-called perfect Sword Dao?


The nine-starred sword platform trembled violently as the platform’s light screen blasted apart. Jian Buyi appeared on the sword platform as he looked at Yi Yun before giving a deep sigh. His eyes were filled with awe as well as a wistful yet complicated look.

"I never expected that your limits go beyond the two Great Dao of Yin-Yang and Space-Time. You also have a law that made me feel like I was beholding a mountain in awe. Destruction and creation. Is that your Great Dao of Supremacy…?"