True Martial World Chapter 1096

Chapter 1096: Unexpected Occurrence at Sun Burial Sandsea
Chapter 1096: Unexpected Occurrence at Sun Burial Sandsea

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Once Liu Ruyi waved her hand, seven people dressed in seven-starred Daoist robes flew out from behind her. Each one carried a series of array flags, and each series was a collection of seven flags, making a forty-nine array flag formation.

The seven people jointly began laying the Seven Star Gate Rupturing Array. This siege array of the Seven Star Dao Palace needed the combined efforts of seven array masters. Liu Ruyi refused to believe that the Clarity Pool Sword Sect's entrance could remain hidden under the Seven Star Gate Rupturing Array.

In little time, the Seven Star Gate Rupturing Array was laid. But seconds before it was about to be activated, a wisp of fire lit up in front of Liu Ruyi. It was the beam of light created by a voice transmission slip.

After Liu Ruyi received the voice transmission, her eyes lit up and, after a moment of thought, she waved her hand and transmitted her voice to High Ambassador Yu Heng before transforming into a beam of light and disappearing into the horizon.

"Oh? She has left?"

"Liu Ruyi actually left? She's the strongest among this group of people. Without her, there's only High Ambassador Yu Heng. Even with the Seven Star Gate Rupturing Array, their forces won’t amount to much against our Clarity Pool Sword Sect."

Everyone saw Liu Ruyi disappear in the projection array and were quite surprised. They did not know if it was a scheme.

"It's likely because of that voice transmission slip. It must’ve contained some important information or that vicious woman, Liu Ruyi, would never go back on he

r word. Her threats are definitely not empty. She promised to flatten the entire area, so how can she so easily retreat?"

Jian Buyi pondered until, at that moment, a woman's voice was heard. "Young Master Yi, please take out the Heaven Secrets Compass. Perhaps there will be some clues."

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice. The person who spoke was Ji Shuiyan, who had come with Yi Yun.

Yi Yun's mind stirred as he took out the Heaven Secrets Compass. He noticed that there was a faint glow in the Heaven Secrets Compass that emitted a unique energy fluctuation.

Upon seeing this, Ji Shuiyan said, "Young Master Yi, if I'm not wrong, something must have happened at Sun Burial Sandsea. It's possible that the phenomenon has happened once again, allowing the Seven Star Dao Palace to pinpoint the general location. The reason why Liu Ruyi left is that she wants to seek the treasure."

Ji Shuiyan's suggestion made sense. Only the unknown treasure in Sun Burial Sandsea could possibly make Liu Ruyi hastily turn away and head for the Sun Burial Sandsea while ignoring the Clarity Pool Sword Sect.

"We cannot let them snatch it first," said Jian Buyi.

The phenomena that had occurred in Sun Burial Sandsea was only known to people as the birth of a unique treasure. But with the reactions of the Seven Star Dao Palace and the Heaven Secrets Chapter, one would likely think that it was quite a sensational treasure.

"There is a teleportation array that is connected to the external world 500,000 kilometers out. If we were to teleport the important disciples out of Clarity Pool Sword Sect, it might expose our position to the numerous array formation experts of the Seven Star Dao Palace outside. They might discover the energy fluctuations, so it's best that only one or two disciples are sent out. Also, it cannot be done too many times. Otherwise, the Seven Star Dao Palace might notice traces of clues."

Although Liu Ruyi had left, the Seven Star High Ambassadors also possessed exceptional combat strength. One or two might not be a threat but if four or five were to come, the Clarity Pool Sword Sect would be in trouble.

Jian Buyi believed that the Seven Star Dao Palace would not just up and abandon the Seven Star Gate Rupturing Array that they had begun setting up. With Liu Ruyi in retreat, there would be new Seven Star High Ambassadors coming. What’s more, the time until those reinforcements arrived would likely be very short. Their Clarity Pool Sword Sect was still facing grave danger.

"Junior Brother, you and I shall stay behind to preside over the array protecting us," said Jian Buyi. The Clarity Pool Sword Sect was, after all, their base. They could not risk it. If the Clarity Pool Sword Sect's ancient array was not watched over by Jian Buyi and Jian Wufeng, its strength would decrease greatly, increasing the risk of cracking.

With Jian Buyi and Jian Wufeng staying behind to defend the fort, the best candidate to head to Sun Burial Sandsea was Yi Yun.

The other disciples were inferior to Yi Yun. Indeed, there were even Clarity Pool Sword Sect Elders that could be weaker than Yi Yun.

However, Sun Burial Sandsea posed an extreme danger, even for Yi Yun. After all, his strength was much lower than monsters like Liu Ruyi.

"Yi Yun, if you were to go to Sun Burial Sandsea as you are now, you would be doomed if you meet the Seven Star Dao Palace. You have inherited the founding ancestor's heritage. I wonder if you know of the Star Transference Heaven Changing Book?"

Azure Yang Lord's Star Transference Heaven Changing Book was indeed something Yi Yun used before. Back when he slew Shentu Nantian and was the enemy of several Tian Yuan world family clans, he had used the Star Transference Heaven Changing Book to change his appearance, allowing him to leave the Great Empress mystic realm safely.

However, Yi Yun had later stopped cultivating in the Star Transference Heaven Changing Book, and it had been many years since he last used it.

"Yes. I have previously cultivated in it."

"That's good. I have a mask here called the Thousand Mask. It can only be used by one who cultivates in the Star Transference Heaven Changing Book. By wearing it, you should be able to conceal your true looks."

After Jian Wufeng said that, he took out a mask as thin as paper from his interspatial ring. When Yi Yun put it on, he recalled the cultivation technique of the Star Transference Heaven Changing Book. The mask transformed into a part of his skin when that happened.

Under such circumstances, even Jian Buyi and Jian Wufeng were unable to tell Yi Yun's true appearance with their perception.

"Perfect. I won't dare claim that the Seven Star Dao Palace Palatial Lord will be fooled, but for people at the Seven Star High Ambassador level, this mask will completely cover your appearance. Yi Yun, follow me. I'll bring you to the teleportation array!"

Jian Buyi nodded satisfactorily. He was well aware that the treasure in Sun Burial Sandsea was not something just anyone could obtain. Even if he sent Clarity Pool Sword Sect disciples like Jian Fenghong, it would amount to nothing. In order to obtain such supreme treasures, one needed sufficient divine providence. If not, ignoring the ability to obtain it, once it was obtained, it would only invite trouble. In a warrior's world, there was no lack of examples of people dying from the rare treasures they obtained due to a lack of providence shining its light on them. There were even some rare treasures that caused the death of so many people, they were deemed 'ominous items'.

Ji Shuiyan's guess was not wrong. Sun Burial Sandsea had indeed had an unexpected occurrence.

At that moment, a red beam of light shot into the sky from deep in Sun Burial Sandsea. It transformed into red clouds that seemed like a burning inferno. The fiery clouds spread out for millions of kilometers!

This sight was not only limited to Sun Burial Sandsea's vicinity. The dazzling red clouds were visible even to people in the cities a great distance from the Sun Burial Sandsea.

What was going on?

Many people did not know what had happened in Sun Burial Sandsea till they saw the magnificent phenomenon. Only then did they realize that something monumental had happened in Sun Burial Sandsea.

Meanwhile, in a dense forest hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from Sun Burial Sandsea, Yi Yun was ejected from a spatial storm after space warped.

The long-distance teleportation left Yi Yun somewhat dizzy.

He looked at his surroundings and silently remembered the location of the teleportation array. Following that, he looked up and saw the red clouds in the sky.

Was it that exaggerated?

Yi Yun faltered for a moment. Although he had guessed that something unexpected had happened in Sun Burial Sandsea, he never expected it to be of such immense scale.

From the looks of it, the expedition to Sun Burial Sandsea would attract even more people, and that would only stir up a bloody storm.