True Martial World Chapter 1097

Chapter 1097: Bitter Encounter in the Market
Chapter 1097: Bitter Encounter in the Market

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Sun Burial Sandsea was a vast region fraught with danger. The ordinary merchant companies would avoid traversing the Sun Burial Sandsea for long periods of time. As such, some array masters had established various teleportation arrays in Sun Burial Sandsea.

The space in Sun Burial Sandsea was unstable, so the creation of teleportation arrays was easily accomplished through the use of natural spatial nodes.

These teleportation arrays belonged to various factions, and their use required a fee paid to the owning faction.

With the phenomenon suddenly arising in Sun Burial Sandsea, the business of these teleportation arrays rapidly began to flourish.

Yi Yun naturally wouldn't miss the shortcut that was made available through the teleportation arrays. He was already arriving behind many others, so using teleportation arrays was all he could do to close the gap.

Yi Yun bought a teleportation array map and hastened to the closest teleportation array in Jade Luster City. There, he saw all kinds of warriors.

Due to the huge influx of people into the Sun Burial Sandsea, many were gathered around the teleportation arrays, forming a rather sizable economy.

Warriors and merchants were gathered in the market, selling a large variety of products.

To traverse the Sun Burial Sandsea, assorted pills, charms of varying effects, and disk arrays were essential. There were also itinerant warriors that had come out of Sun Burial Sandsea and were interested in selling the natural treasures they had harvested. Many people saw an opportunity for profit, so they had come hoping to earn a tidy sum.

In fact, many of the gathered people were not there for the Sun Burial Sandsea's phenomenon. They simply lingered around the teleportation array to do business.

Out of all the stores, the ones selling pills, relics, and natural treasures were the most plentiful. They filled the streets.

There were also cultivation techniques, weapons, ancient items of unknown origin, and minerals. If one had a keen eye, they could buy something valuable at a cheap price. Yi Yun even saw a stall that sold sex slaves and female slaves.

That stall was located in the middle of the market, and it had more than ten beautiful girls dressed in thin clothes. They stood in a row on a circular stone platform. Their hands and feet were bound by thin golden chains that were engraved with an array. These chains limited the girls’ Yuan Qi circulation, making them as helpless as ordinary mortal girls and unable to even consider resisting.

Yi Yun sighed softly. These girls had alluring looks coupled with depressed expressions. Their eyes were clouded as if filled with despair at the prospect of their future. Moreover, two or three of the girls appeared to be fourteen or fifteen. Their bodies were still pubescent with tiny lumps on their chests. Yi Yun shook his head. For them to end up as female slaves or sex slaves at such a young age was a terrible shame. It was unknown how much suffering they would undergo if a cruel male warrior were to buy them.

"Come on and take a look! Choose anyone that catches your fancy! These sex slaves are brand new and guaranteed virgins. Their Primordial Yin still remains, ripe for the picking. Buy them now, and use them in any way you like. Be it a waiting concubine or a maidservant, it's your choice!"

Beneath the stone platform, an old man with a scrawny mustache shouted. Beside him stood about six brawny men who looked domineering.

Upon seeing the old man, Yi Yun's mind stirred. That's…

He suddenly came to a realization as he looked up at the platform. His gaze locked onto a girl that looked fourteen. Her head was lowered and there were streaks of tears on her round face. Her frail body was still lightly trembling.

It's her!

Yi Yun remembered the girl. She was Ji Shuiyan's personal maidservant, whose name he vaguely recalled to be Xin'er. Whenever Ji Shuiyan came to his room at night to serve him alone by pouring him wine, Xin'er had been guarding the door in an obedient manner. The maidservant had her head lowered so Yi Yun did not notice her at first.

Following that…Yi Yun saw another seventeen-year-old beauty with a slim figure. She had an ashen expression but Yi Yun had a deep impression of her. Back when he was immobile in Sun Burial Sandsea, it was this girl, dressed in yellow maidservant garb, that had pulled the curtains open to tell her mistress he wanted to see her.

The two female slaves were the maidservants of the Divine Secrets Trading Company!

Yi Yun drew a deep breath as his eyes flickered with great killing intent. There was no doubt that this was an act of the Heaven Amplification Trading Company!

As for the shouting old man with the scrawny mustache, he was the Heaven Amplification Trading Company's advisor, Yang Yanguang!

Upon realizing this, Yi Yun's expression turned nasty. Ji Shuiyan said that she had made arrangements for her people. There was a tunnel inside the Divine Secrets Trading Company that led out of the city. Once she gave the command, her trusted followers would escape Jade Luster City through the tunnel. As such, Yi Yun had not been worried about the people from the Divine Secrets Trading Company.

Now, from the looks of it, there had to be a traitor in the Divine Secrets Trading Company, leaking out the news of the tunnel. If not, Yan Tiancong had taken precautions, allowing him to capture the fleeing followers.

"How dare you, Yan Tiancong!"

In Yi Yun's mind, Yan Tiancong was not even worth mentioning. However, this insignificant wretch had disgusted Yi Yun time and time again.

Yan Tiancong was also the cause of Yi Yun being pursued by the Seven Star Dao Palace.

Now, Yan Tiancong had been utterly ruthless to the Divine Secrets Trading Company. Yi Yun had already implicated the Divine Secrets Trading Company, so this only added to his fury.

At that moment, Advisor Yang noticed Yi Yun, who was standing in front of the stone platform. Yi Yun was still using the Star Transference Heaven Changing Book through the use of the Thousand Mask. His youthful face was gone, and he was now a middle-aged man with stubble who appeared to have experienced the vicissitudes of life.

All his enchanted weapons had been kept and he only wore an ordinary set of clothing that was slightly old and tattered. He hung a wine gourd by his waist—Azure Yang Lord of the past had also traversed the world with a wine gourd by his waist.

However, Yi Yun did not use a sword anymore and returned to using a saber. Also, he did not conceal his cultivation level, letting it remain at the mid-stages of the Dao Manifestation realm. In the Central State Divine Territory, if a true sect's warrior at middle age reached the middle-stages of the Dao Manifestation realm, he would only be considered below average. He was destined to not attain to much in the future so he would attract little attention at Sun Burial Sandsea.

"Hi there, are you interested in these female slaves?" Yang Yanguang stroked his scrawny mustache and sized up Yi Yun, who did not look like someone with money. Furthermore, his cultivation level wasn't high. He was likely an itinerant warrior that wasn't doing well. Such people definitely weren’t there for the Sun Burial Sandsea's phenomenon, for they would only be courting death. At best, they would risk their lives to pick a few crappy herbs in Sun Burial Sandsea so that they could earn a tiny sum in the market.

Upon thinking of this, a look of contempt flashed in Yang Yanguang's eyes. He lost interest in Yi Yun. How could such an itinerant warrior even think of buying a few sex slaves to engage in pleasure? He should be pissing a pool and looking at his reflection. These girls were, after all, painstakingly chosen from the Divine Secrets Trading Company. Not only were their looks and figures outstanding, they also had martial talent. Furthermore, in the Divine Secrets Trading Company, that foolish woman Ji Shuiyan had treated her subordinates well. These maidservants were given precious herbs for consumption, so how could some poor loser afford them?