True Martial World Chapter 1098

Chapter 1098: Young Master Blood Jade
Chapter 1098: Young Master Blood Jade

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"If you are buying, show some money and let’s talk price. If you aren't buying, don't stand here. We have a business to run," Yang Yanguang said impatiently.

If this stall were in a commoner’s part of town, he would always be polite, even to those who had no intention of buying anything. After all, amiability was conducive to a successful business. But in a warrior's world, there was no need to show any amiability. There was no need to show any form of courtesy to a someone who was obviously not there to close a deal.

Yang Yanguang wasn't wrong. Yi Yun was indeed not a potential buyer. His gaze had scanned gently across Xin'er and a seventeen-year-old girl. The two girls felt a trepidation that went down to their core. It was a sense of horror and helplessness like that of an injured deer under a butcher's knife.

"Which one of you here is in charge?"

Yi Yun looked at Yang Yanguang and said with a voice that hid a forbidding killing intent. However, at Yang Yanguang's cultivation level, he could not sense Yi Yun's aura at all.

He scoffed and was just about to deliver a few derisive jibes when suddenly, his eyes lit up. He ignored Yi Yun and began walking into another direction.

As Yang Yanguang walked, he said, "Haha, Young Master Blood Jade, welcome! My apologies for making you come so far!"

Yang Yanguang was all smiles.The wrinkles on his face were so crunched together that they could even trap flies.

The Young Master Blood Jade he mentioned was the Bloodlust Sect's core disciple. He was rather well known in Sun Burial Sandsea, but it was mainly infamy. The Bloodlust Sect cultivated in unorthodox techniques. Cultivators of their heritage would not be able to repress the Yin frost Qi in their bodies and, with time, would begin thirsting for the blood of others. They actually drank blood to balance and nourish the Yin frost Qi in their bodies. This gave the Bloodlust Sect a notorious reputation. Warriors who died at the hands of the Bloodlust Sect typically ended up as desiccated corpses.

Although the Bloodlust Sect's reputation was poor, it was powerful. The Heaven Amplification Trading Company ignored the reputation of those they had relations with. As long as they had strength and they could benefit the Heaven Amplification Trading Company, Yan Tiancong would choose to befriend them.

Young Master Blood Jade completely ignored Yang Yanguang's excessive attention. His eyes were locked onto the row of young girls behind Yang Yanguang.

As he looked, he stroked his chin and revealed a satisfied look.

"Not bad!" Blood Jade said with a nod.

"Haha, didn't I say so!? I did send an invitation by sword courier to you, personally inviting you to come to Jade Luster City and choose sex slaves. How could I possibly try to fool you with inferior goods?"

At that moment, a youth with a folding fan in hand walked over with a beaming smile. Yi Yun's eyes flashed coldly when he saw that person.

It was none other than Yan Tiancong!

Behind Yan Tiancong was another elder. He had white hair and his skin was somewhat gray. His eyes were deeply recessed so that he seemed to be lacking in vitality.

Yi Yun remembered the elder to be Yan Tiancong's master, His Excellency Huayu.

His Excellency Huayu's sect was Yan Tiancong's backer. He seldom did things for the Heaven Amplification Trading Company, but the Heaven Amplification Trading Company would give a sizable amount of treasures to His Excellency Huayu on an annual basis.

With Yan Tiancong and His Excellency Huayu were two other azure-clothed elders following behind in a polite and ingratiating manner. They were the Heaven Amplification Trading Company's Elders, and compared to His Excellency Huayu and Young Master Blood Jade, they were much too inferior.

It was as the saying went, enemies often cross each other's path.

Yi Yun was very pleased to encounter Yan Tiancong here. However, he was currently disguised using the Thousand Mask. It was still quite a troublesome task to kill Yan Tiancong in the market around the teleportation array without anyone suspecting his identity.

If Yi Yun were to use any of his unique moves against His Excellency Huayu, it would definitely attract the attention of the Seven Star Dao Palace.

"Nice, very nice!"

Young Master Blood Jade laughed heartily. His laughter was high-pitched and sounded like a eunuch's.

He leaped onto the stone platform and looked at the girls.

Xin'er's face was pale and she had nearly buried her head into her chest. She was afraid of letting Young Master Blood Jade see her, but even so, she failed to escape her predicament.

As Ji Shuiyan's personal maidservant, Xin'er possessed special talent.

"Haha, I like this girl a lot. I want her!"

"And this one!"

Young Master Blood Jade immediately pointed out twelve girls, leaving only three or four unchosen.

"Then, it shall be these twelve," Young Master Blood Jade said nonchalantly.

"About that…" It pained Yan Tiancong when he heard Young Master Blood Jade demand so many. After all, there were experts from various large sects coming to Jade Luster City these days. Yan Tiancong wanted to offer them gifts, but the best thing that the Heaven Amplification Trading Company could produce were these supreme-grade sex slaves, ones that drew the envy of others. If he were to give all of them to Blood Jade, he would need to go through the trouble of finding more.

"Why? You can't bear to part with them?" Young Master Blood Jade frowned slightly and said with a light tone. "Other than using them, I would occasionally need some blood for food. A young girl's blood is quite delicious. Twelve girls might not even be a year's expenditure for me. Yet, you aren't willing?"

Young Master Blood Jade's words sounded like a devil's cackle in the Divine Secrets Trading Company girls' ears. His use of the word 'expenditure' meant that he did not see them as humans.

"How could that be? Of course, I'm willing!"

Yan Tiancong hurriedly changed his tone as he gave an obsequious smile. He waved his hand at Yang Yanguang and said, "Advisor Yang, find a few old woman and wash them clean before sending them to Young Master Blood Jade's room."

"Yes, master." Yang Yanguang was all smiles. But just as he was about to give the order, he suddenly frowned. He noticed that the poor loser, Yi Yun, was still standing by the side of the stone platform.

Yang Yanguang was somewhat incensed. He signaled to a few of his strongmen with his eyes and they began walking to Yi Yun.

"This is not a place a loser like you should linger around. Hurry and scram. Don't disgust Young Master Blood Jade with that mug of yours!"

A strongman reached out his arm to grab at Yi Yun, but the instant he stretched his hand out, he felt his wrist turn cold. Following that, an excruciating pain transmitted to his head. He turned his head and noticed his right hand had already disappeared. It had been cleanly lobbed off his wrist!

"Ah!" The strongman cried out tragically as he looked at Yi Yun in horror. The stubbled and worn out face was looking coldly at him, as though he was looking at a corpse.

The strongman had not seen Yi Yun make a move but his hand had already been sliced off!

"Punk! You are courting death!" Yang Yanguang was enraged, for he never expected Yi Yun to suddenly attack so ruthlessly. This was the Jade Luster teleportation array, the territory of the Heaven Amplification Trading Company. Yet, he dared to attack a first-grade guard of the Heaven Amplification Trading Company!


Young Master Blood Jade turned his head to look at Yi Yun. His pupils had a few dark red patches and his lips looked exceedingly lustrous. He licked his lips and revealed an amused smile.

He never expected that this trivial figure, that he previously wouldn’t bother to acknowledge, would suddenly attack. "Interesting. There is truly no lack of people in this world that do not know the meaning of death. Unfortunately, a middle-aged man's blood is not delicious at all. I can't even be bothered to drink it."