True Martial World Chapter 110

Chapter 110: The Selection’s final battle
Chapter 110: The Selection’s final battle

At noon, in the outskirts of the Tao tribal clan’s city, the sound of drums thundered in the sky!

Two hundred warriors of the Tao tribal clan rode their horses on the plains in a line.

Two hundred horses might not seem as much, but in reality, they created a dust storm while running in the wilderness plains.

In the vast wilderness, to rear a horse was a luxury. The Tao tribal clan only had a few hundred cavalry warriors; by taking out a large number, they cheered on the finals!

The platform had long been set up. The Tao tribal clan’s Patriarch, grand elder had came in person, waiting to witness a historic moment. They were waiting to see their Tao tribal clan leave the vast wilderness and to head outside, into the world.

After the scene was set up, Zhang Tan rode on his horse to the center of the arena.

Today was the last day of the selection.

After the semi-finals, there were only twenty remaining Mortal Blood warriors.

The twenty people were extremely nervous. It decided the outcome of their future. Success was like a carp leaping through the dragon’s gate, while failure meant wasted effort, and they would carry on their poor lives in the vast wilderness till they died of old age.

That sort of fate was too tragic, and thought of it was depressing.

“The third round of the Kingdom’s selection. The topic will be” Zhang Tan said in a long tone as the people held their breath…

“The topic is…actual combat!”

When Zhang Tan said the two words, “actual combat”, the people stirred with excitement.

“Actual combat? Hahaha! Finally they are testing actual combat!”

“Right! With actual combat, one can immediately tell who is stronger and who is weaker!”

“Great! I’m not good at fancy things like Spirit. Neither am I good at demonstrating my cultivation technique. But for actual combat? I’ve never feared anyone! I’ve fought with experts in my tribe ever since I was young. After years of practicing martial arts, I’ve undergone so many battles!”

The warriors, who had passed the semi-finals, began rubbing their hands with glee. They all agreed that this should have happened early on! They had never heard of the tests Zhang Tan did, so how could they do well?

It would have been easy if they had just tested actual combat ability right from the start!

It was fair and easy to understand! What’s the f**king point of testing all these useless things?

The participants were excited, and so were the audience.

It was a sight to watch actual combat. It could also reveal the the true form of those who had resorted to trickery. There was no trickery in actual combat!

Among the contestants, Lian Chengyu and Tao Yunxiao looked towards Yi Yun. The former displayed a grim smile, while the latter revealed a sardonic smile.

They had been waiting too long for an actual combat.

They originally did not have much hope for it, but Zhang Tan gave them a pleasant surprise.

It was finally time to prove themselves!

“Good, very good! I can’t wait for it. I want to maim you, you little bastard, giving you a living death!” Lian Chengyu sent the voice suddenly into Yi Yun’s ear.

Yi Yun looked at Lian Chengyu; but since he didn’t know how to transmit words silently, he could not be bothered to answer him.

Lian Chengyu’s eyes blazed with hatred. He clenched his fists as he couldn’t wait another second. He wished Zhang Tan would quickly finish speaking, allowing him to fight Yi Yun!

At this time, Zhang Tan was still announcing the rules. In this battle, weapons were allowed, because weapons are a part of a warrior’s battle power. By practicing with weapons, warriors have to use a large amount of spiritual energy, so if weapons were forbidden, it would be unfair.

As for the outcome of the battle, the battle would go on till one person admitted defeat, or until one lost the ability to carry on fighting!

The order of battle was decided by the Jin Long Wei. There was no drawing of lots. Whoever the Jin Long Wei wanted to fight, they had to fight.

The final ranking was decided by the Jin Long Wei, and there was no need to explain to anyone.

Soon, the first round was about to begin. Yi Yun and Tao Yunxiao, who shined in the semi-finals, were not called up.

But Lian Chengyu was called up to the arena.

His opponent was a person who barely passed the semi-finals. The opponent was a Yellow rank grade one person, so he was unlikely to pass the Kingdom’s selection.

Lian Chengyu’s strength was alarming. The battle lacked any suspense as that person was defeated easily by Lian Chengyu, who reached the second round.

As for Yi Yun, he entered into the second round without fighting.

This made many people, who wanted to see Yi Yun’s strength, angry. The Jin Long Wei examiners were too biased to this guy.

“He may avoid the first, but he can’t avoid the second! Sooner or later you will be exposed.” Lian Chengyu who easily won was pleased as he sneered at Yi Yun, “Others might not know your background, but I know everything! You have just practice martial arts for three months! Your strength is only enough to abuse characters like Zhao Tiezhu. Have you ever fought a real expert? I’m afraid you don’t even have any battle experience!”

“For me, I’ve sparred with Instructor Yao since I was young. I’m at the peak of the Qi Gatherer realm. I’m already at the limit of the Qi Gatherer realm. What makes you think you can fight me!?”

Lian Chengyu knew Yi Yun was a genius, but while Yi Yun induced purple mist during his demonstration of his technique, or he had good Spirit, it only proved that Yi Yun had talent. So what if he was talented? Today was a real battle. A genius had to grow in order to instill fear in others!

He wanted to maim Yi Yun in this battle, destroying his confidence, so that he was nothing but dust in the future!

Lian Chengyu’s hate for Yi Yun was like the river waters of the East River, a never ending flow.

Yi Yun took one look at Lian Chengyu and said, “You want to battle me, first beat your opponents. There are over ten people here. Your strength isn’t the best among them, who knows, you might be defeated in the next round.”

After listening to Yi Yun’s words, Lian Chengyu laughed, “You are still taunting others when death is at hand, you are really stupid!”

Just as Lian Chengyu said that, Zhang Tan suddenly shouted, “Next round, Yi Yun! Lian Chengyu! Enter the arena!”

This voice shocked the numerous contestants. They had come to the realization that Yi Yun and Lian Chengyu were bitter enemies. They were waiting to watch a show, but they knew there was a chance they might never meet in battle.

But they never expected that Yi Yun’s first match was against Lian Chengyu!

Was this a coincidence? Or a deliberate arrangement?

“It may be because Thousand Households Zhang had noticed the hostile relationship between the two and deliberately arranged it!” Someone said with affirmation, for how could it be this coincidental?

“Isn’t this helping Lian Chengyu? It was all Lian Chengyu could wish for.” The people looked at Lian Chengyu and saw an excited Lian Chengyu. He was like a wolf that spotted a lamb after starving for a month. It was as if his whole body was burning.

“Good! Good! Just to my liking! Even Thousand Households Zhang is helping me, hahaha!” Lian Chengyu was elated. He looked at Yi Yun with his eyes red with excitement. People tend to lose their rationality when they are in extreme anger.

“Today is the day of your death!” Lian Chengyu transmitted his voice that was infused with a grim smile.