True Martial World Chapter 1105

Chapter 1105: Dire state
Chapter 1105: Dire state

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In the underground world beneath the sand, Yi Yun felt hot wind blowing at him. It made him feel like his body was burning.

Even though Yi Yun cultivated in pure Yang laws, he still found it difficult to withstand the heat. It showed just how overbearing the pure Yang Yuan Qi was.

Yi Yun continued his descent but, after hundreds of thousands of feet, he still failed to see the bottom of the cave.

Eventually, at a depth of about a million feet, Yi Yun discovered a vast underground lake.

He was truly amazed to find a lake lying beneath the desert.

But when he looked closer at the contents of the lake, he was surprised. The fluid was dark red in color and there were waves of hot air emanating from it.

Yi Yun focused, and realized that the fluid in the lake was not water but appeared to be molten metal.

Even the fluid that flowed into the lake from tributaries was flowing molten liquid.

Such a river flow…and lake. If this molten liquid were to evaporate, would there eventually be a shower of metallic rain?

Such thoughts flashed across Yi Yun's mind as he marveled at the world.

Suddenly, Yi Yun felt a jolt in his heart and a chill run down his back. He turned his head and saw that in the molten liquid river, a head had silently emerged. A pair of turbid and dull eyes were staring at him intently.

What is that!?

Yi Yun became extremely alarmed. The head was about the size of a face basin. Its facial features looked like they had been burnt away by the molten metal, leaving behind orifices that looked as terrifying as could be.


The head flew out of the dark molten metal, splashing molten liquid in every direction.

It was a humanoid biological creature with a height of three meters. It had burly arms that were as thick as Yi Yun's thighs. Its muscles were taut, and looked extremely strong and majestic. It was chained by shackles that had been bathed red from the heat. It held a thick and broad saber in hand that was about the length of a human's height. As it walked, molten metal dripped down its skin, cooling upon contact with the ground and forming dark metallic beads.

Was it monster or man?

Yi Yun never expected the underground world to have such things of indiscernible origin.

Boom! Boom!

The humanoid creature was extremely heavy. Every step it took left a deep footprint. But what alarmed Yi Yun the most was its extremely powerful aura. It far exceeded his.


The humanoid creature suddenly charged forward after crushing the ground with one foot. It slashed its saber at Yi Yun. It had no nomological insights or saber intent but it had terrifying speed and strength!

Yi Yun was astounded. The strike was so fast that it exceeded the speed of his sword draw by several times!

Three-foot Passage Sword!

If he could not match its speed, he would make up for it with his laws!

Yi Yun's strike distorted space, forming a spatial cage. However, before the cage could completely close up, it was broken apart by an immense force!

When a warrior's attack reached a certain limit, it could tear apart the void. This was precisely what the humanoid creature's strike was capable of!


The spatial forces immediately exploded. Without any other choice, Yi Yun could only clash head on with the pure Yang broken sword.


The saber and sword struck each other as Yi Yun felt a tremendous impact overwhelm his body. His arms turned numb as his body trembled violently. His palms were nearly ripped apart.

With a solemn grunt, blood seeped out from his mouth.

What sort of colossal strength was this!?

Yi Yun was utterly astonished. Before he could understand what he was facing, he received a vicious assault. Furthermore, this creature’s strength was redoubtable!

Despite it being a simple slash, it possessed immense power, the kind that happens when speed and strength reached an extreme.


Just as Yi Yun managed to barely hold off the saber's slash, the humanoid creature threw its shackles at him!

The shackles clanked, and they seemed to split space into two. Yi Yun's eyes constricted as he quickly retreated!

He knew very well that if he tried to block the shackles with his sword they would wrap around it, preventing him from being able to use his sword.

Yi Yun retreated hundreds of feet back before he managed to gain footing. He clasped the pure Yang broken sword tightly as his gaze turned solemn.

Not only was the humanoid creature's offensive strength amazing, its defensive strength was equally astounding. Yi Yun did not dare to engage in a head-on clash with it. It would not be a laughing matter to be injured in an underground world with unknown dangers lurking.

He could only defeat his opponent through ingenuity.

"This monster's intelligence shouldn't be high. I have to win with my intellect…

Yi Yun stretched out his palm silently as a black wheel began spinning in his palm. Yi Yun had decided to find an opportunity to strike the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence into the humanoid creature's body. By doing so, it would be doomed regardless of how strong its defense was.

However…just as Yi Yun was planning to take action, he stopped. The 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence that he had just conjured dissipated.

The scene happening before his eyes sent a chill running from his feet up to his head.

Behind the chained humanoid creature, about seven heads emerged from the slowly flowing molten river.

Every head was the size of a face basin and their facial features were empty like they had burned away.

And immediately following that, an even larger head emerged from the middle of the seven heads. The larger head was different, its face didn’t appear to be burned away. Instead, it had clear features with metallic flakes that gilded its face like a simple helmet.

The humanoid creature with a helmet had an even stronger aura. It was clearly the leader of the other humanoid creatures.

There were so many of them!?

Yi Yun reeled bitterly. He struggled to deal with one but now, there were seven of them and an even more powerful leader!

It was hard to believe that there was such a terrifying existence in this underground world. If there were even more of these terrifying creatures, even the Seven Star Dao Palace would be destroyed by them.

Yi Yun had already known that the item buried in Sun Burial Sandsea was extremely impressive. However, from the looks of things, he had probably underestimated it.


If he did not flee when he could not fight them, he would only be sending himself to his death.

Without another thought, Yi Yun turned around and flew away. He pushed his speed to the maximum and simultaneously used spatial laws.


The humanoid creatures let out a deep bellow as they began chasing Yi Yun!

Their muscles bulged as they ran quickly on the ground. Their feet struck the ground heavily, causing it to quake violently and leaving a burning sandstorm in their wake.

Even at Yi Yun's full speed, he was unable to escape the humanoid creatures. Instead, the gap between them was narrowing.

The creature that helmed the group was four-meters-tall and its speed was an order of magnitude faster than Yi Yun’s!

They were about to catch up to him!

Yi Yun's heart palpitated. He would face certain doom if he was caught!

However, at that moment, something that made him feel a sense of despair happened. As he probed with his perception, he discovered that he was coming to the end of the underground world!

Although the underground world was vast, Yi Yun had entered into one end of it. Now, he had naturally reached the end of the road!

Was this also the end for him?

Yi Yun racked his brains, trying to find the way out of his current peril!

However, just as he was in desperate straits, a faint, old voice suddenly rang in Yi Yun's ears—"Come here to me!"