True Martial World Chapter 111

Chapter 111: You owe me ten lives
Chapter 111: You owe me ten lives

Lian Chengyu could no longer wait to get up on stage.

Yi Yun also walked up the stage. He took a deep breath and firmly stood thirty feet away from Lian Chengyu. He did not expect that his first battle would be against Lian Chengyu. It sure was a destined battle!

Yes, Yi Yun had long wished to battle Lian Chengyu. Using his own fists to beat him up, like an eye for an eye.

This battle made Lian Chengyu, as well as Yi Yun, excited!

He had waited too long for this battle! After enduring for a long time, today was the day he would settle everything!

“It’s unexpected that Thousand Households Zhang actually helped Lian Chengyu. I kind of know what happened between Yi Yun and Lian Chengyu. It seems Yi Yun had backstabbed Lian Chengyu, so there is a huge feud between the two!”

“It will be great, both of them are from the same tribe so they know each other well. Lian Chengyu will definitely not go easy on Yi Yun!”

The people discussed with a feeling of schadenfreude. They were people from the Tao tribal clan, so to see an internal fight between members of the same tribe was a happy matter. Furthermore, one of them was Yi Yun; Yi Yun had been standing out the entire time, pissing off the Tao tribal clan.

“Thousand Households Zhang! I have a question, I wonder if I could ask?” Upon standing in the arena, Lian Chengyu did not take up a pose, but asked Zhang Tan a question.

“Speak!” Zhang Tan responded.

“Thousand Households Zhang, warriors have to go all out in battle, resulting in injuries, disabilities and even death. Since we having a direct showdown, in this battle, if someone were to die or be severely disabled, what would happen?” When Lian Chengyu said those words, everyone took a small gulp.

There was nothing wrong with Lian Chengyu’s words. It was not surprising for there to be injuries in a duel. But by asking this, it meant that he had made up his mind to maim Yi Yun during the battle. But he was afraid he would suffer the repercussions from the Jin Long Wei, so he asked at the outset.

As long as Zhang Tan agreed, he could make Yi Yun suffer.

This Lian Chengyu sure is cruel!

Zhang Tan frowned slightly and said indifferently, “There is plenty of danger in the vast wilderness. A warrior learns martial arts to face life and death battles. During normal practice, be it demonstrating, training or sparring, everything has to be done seriously and you to go all out. We demand that every battle is treated like a real battle. It is not surprising to have casualties in real battle!”

“As long as the other doesn’t throw in the towel, you can carry on attacking. If you were to cause death, your actions will not be held accountable!” Zhang Tan’s words raised an uproar among the crowd.

“As long as one side doesn’t admit defeat, then whether it be grievous injury or death, would one be held responsible?” Lian Chengyu asked. Zhang Tan’s words had a loophole. He just needed to beat up Yi Yun to the point of not being able to open his mouth, such as grabbing Yi Yun’s neck, or ripping off his chin!

Lian Chengyu knew that Zhang Tan knew about the loophole. His enquiry was just to confirm that he could use the loophole!

Zhang Tan looked thoughtfully at Lian Chengyu without a word.

Lian Chengyu knew that Zhang Tan could read his intentions. As such, he decided to openly say it, “I do not want to lie to the lord, but I have a great feud with Yi Yun! Yi Yun used a despicable method to steal my desolate bone essence. By stealing my resources, it’s as good as killing my parents. Yi Yun killed my chances of breaking through to the Purple Blood realm. He and I are mortal enemies!”

The loud words as exclaimed by Lian Chengyu stunned the crowd as they instantly began murmuring.

So that was the matter between Lian Chengyu and Yi Yun. Yi Yun had cut Lian Chengyu’s cultivation path; no wonder Lian Chengyu hated him so much!

“So it turns out Yi Yun is a thief!” Someone said privately.

“For a slave to steal his master’s item, it’s reasonable for the master to kill the slave. Furthermore that slave stole the desolate bone essence, so Lian Chengyu has even more reason to kill Yi Yun!”

“That’s right, cutting off the path ahead is a great vendetta. Even if Lian Chengyu killed Yi Yun, the Jin Long Wei wouldn’t say anything.”

“I thought it was just a tournament, but it has became a battle of vengeance. There will be no end to it! If the Jin Long Wei stood on the side of reason, they would not interfere.”

The crowd began to talk. Lian Chengyu could feel his blood boiling as he took it all in.

Lian Chengyu looked at Zhang Tan, waiting for his reply.

Finally, Zhang Tan nodded his head slowly. Indeed, based on the rules of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, and with the circumstances of their vendetta, it was reasonable for him to request for a deathmatch with Yi Yun!

“Thank you for the Lord’s bequest.” Lian Chengyu was overjoyed. The humiliation, frustration, and blows he had received for the past few months had exploded at that moment.

His aura grew stronger as his killing intent grew!

“The people support me, Thousand Households Zhang aids me! Good! Today following the trend, I’ll cripple this bastard’s martial arts, making him lead a living death!” Lian Chengyu cried in his heart!

Yi Yun looked indifferently at Lian Chengyu.

People began talking about him, blaming him. They showed their disdain and contempt for his stealing of the desolate bone essence. But for this, Yi Yun turned a deaf ear.

The current Yi Yun was like a deep well calm and unfathomable.

Lian Chengyu clenched his fists and said with a cheeky grin, “So what if you stole my desolate bone essence, even after eating it, you are still not my match!”

He began flexing his muscles resulting in the explosive sounds of crackling!

Bones like Thunder, Tendons as a Strongbow!

Lian Chengyu learned the Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist since he was very young, so he was well-versed with it. This display of his surprised the surrounding warriors in the crowd.

This Lian Chengyu was a ruthless person.

As every step Lian Chengyu took towards Yi Yun, his body’s joints and muscles rang.

“Ka Ka Ka!”

The ground below Lian Chengyu cracked. He was accumulating and growing in power!

“Young master Lian kill the little bastard!”

“Break his tendons and twist off his head!”

Amongst the crowd, the members of the warrior preparation camp shouted the wildest, cheering for their master.

To them, it was a time they could have their chin up high.

Yi Yun stood motionless until Lian Chengyu walked in front of him.


Lian Chengyu roared like a beast and pounced like a vigorous tiger!

Tiger Descends Flattening Dust!

Lian Chengyu swept out his leg towards Yi Yun’s chest. This kick of his could easily shatter a black ironstone the size of a stone roller. Landing it on any person will shatter them to pieces.

The crowd let out a cry!

At this moment, from Yi Yun’s point of view, time had suddenly slowed down. Lian Chengyu’s every move could be clearly seen in Yi Yun’s eyes.

After sparring with Lin Xintong several times, based on his own perceptivity, Yi Yun had gained a lot of insight. Furthermore, Yi Yun’s ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ had reached the state of perfect harmony, inducing the Purple Air Comes From The East. So by using ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ against Yi Yun, Lian Chengyu had sealed his fate!

All the flaws in Lian Chengyu’s moves could be seen by Yi Yun with a glance!

Even if Yi Yun did not use the flaws in Lian Chengyu’s attacks, he could easily stomp over Lian Chengyu with the gap in strength.

Seeing Lian Chengyu’s kick approaching with wind howling, it felt like knives crossing his face!

But Yi Yun did not move one step. At the instant when Lian Chengyu was about to hit, Yi Yun reached out his hand like lightning!


With a light sound, Yi Yun’s hand already held onto Lian Chengyu’s ankles!

Lian Chengyu’s charging action had been caught by Yi Yun and was abruptly stopped. It was as if Lian Chengyu had crashed into a bronze wall at high speed!

“What?” Lian Chengyu could feel a strong power transmitting from his leg, offsetting his charging momentum. His leg bent as he felt Yi Yun’s hands grabbing him like metal tongs. It was extremely painful.

“You…” Lian Chengyu was stunned, and the crowd instantly turned silent. Lian Chengyu’s high speed kick was full of power, how could someone catch it with his hand? Furthermore Yi Yun did not take a single step back!

“You’re courting death!” Although it was an unexpected turn of events that shocked Lian Chengyu, he did not lose his cool. After his right leg was caught by Yi Yun, with a roar, his body rose up and twisted, sending his left leg to Yi Yun’s neck!

Although Lian Chengyu’s reaction was fast, it made things worse!

“Pa!” Yi Yun reached out his other hand; Lian Chengyu’s left leg was caught by Yi Yun.

With both legs held by Yi Yun, Lian Chengyu’s entire body was suspended!

Yi Yun held onto Lian Chengyu’s legs and lifted him, as if holding a humanoid wooden pole.

“You!” Lian Chengyu’s blood rushed to his head. He was angry and resentful, and felt incredulous.

His attack had been perfect and was forceful; how could Yi Yun easily crack the flaws in it? how was this possible!?

Yi Yun looked at Lian Chengyu like a judge determining life and death. He said in a deadpan manner, “You have ten crimes!! You owe me ten lives!!!”

Saying that, Yi Yun held onto Lian Chengyu’s legs and swung him up.

Yi Yun moved his arms up and down three times continuously while holding onto Lian Chengyu’s legs, smashing him to the ground!


Yi Yun used Lian Chengyu as if he were a wooden plank, smashing it into the ground, causing the ground to crack and sending debris flying!

The top half of Lian Chengyu’s body had smashed onto the ground!

Lian Chengyu had trained his body for long, resulting in a physically tough body, so he was able to take that blow. But even so, his face was covered with blood as he saw stars!

This scene made everyone dumbfounded.

The high and mighty Lian Chengyu had charged towards Yi Yun, using all of his energy for a ‘Tiger Descends Flattening Dust’ attack, but it was easily blocked by Yi Yun.

Following that, there was a huge reversal. Lian Chengyu was grabbed by Yi Yun, and like a human pole, smashed into the ground head first.

This way of being beaten was so humiliating! How could that happen?