True Martial World Chapter 1110

Chapter 1110: Elixir of Resurrection
Chapter 1110: Elixir of Resurrection

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The inner sanctums of the temple were dark and chilly despite the blazing heat in the underground world. It was extremely strange.

Yi Yun followed the girl to an elixir room.

A massive alchemical cauldron was set up in the vast stone temple. It was ice-cold and the lid was covered in a layer of dust. Beside the cauldron were several black scrolls.

These black scrolls were remarkably old. They were under thick layers of dust which Yi Yun swept away with his Yuan Qi. When he cast his perception into the scrolls, he immediately felt it being sucked into them.

These were…enchanted treasures specially made to keep detailed records?

In a warrior's world, jade slips were typically used to record information. The amount of storage space in a jade slip was quite large, and usually sufficient. However, these black scrolls were specifically refined in order to store data, and allowed for much greater capacity.

Yi Yun walked to the black scrolls and unfurled them. Most of them were notes of alchemical procedures and various recipes.

A large number of these recipes were extremely complicated. According to the records in the black scrolls, some of the elixirs refined from these recipes were even heaven-defying. There were ones so powerful that it left Yi Yun in disbelief.

A portion of these elixirs and relics were used by the Divine Lords to make breakthroughs. What’s more, Yi Yun found a few recipes that filled an entire black scroll. A black scroll had a capacity of more than a hundred times that of a jade slip, yet some were used only to record a single recipe.

And the resulting elixir made from one of the recipes were prepared for a realm above Divine Lords…

Above Divine Lords?

Yi Yun drew in a cold gasp. Up to that point, Yi Yun had a very vague understanding of the realms above a Divine Lord. However, he was certain that the realm of Divine Lords was not the end of the path of martial arts. The black-dressed woman that created the Azure Wood Great World was at a level that far exceeded a Divine Lord.

Also, there was the bronze giant. Its immense strength also far exceeded a Divine Lord's.

Upon seeing these things, Yi Yun understood that the owner of the black scrolls was an alchemist. Or rather, a divine alchemist.

Alchemists and Desolate Heaven Masters were of a lineal descent. However, Desolate Heaven Masters used Fey bones to refine relics. As for alchemists, they used all sorts of spiritual vegetation. As the two areas of expertise did not overlap, there was a huge conflict in the energy extraction of Fey bones and spiritual vegetation. Therefore, very few alchemists would dabble in both fields. They either mastered the Desolate Heaven technique or alchemy.

In the Yang God Empyrean Heaven, most practitioners were trained in alchemy due to the scarcity of Fey bones as compared to spiritual vegetation. Very few people trained in the Desolate Heaven technique.

However, the practitioner that worked in this stone temple trained in both the Desolate Heaven technique and alchemy. Furthermore, his attainments in both fields could be described as being at the crest of perfection.

Yi Yun was also proficient in the Desolate Heaven technique but, when compared to the person who had left the black scrolls behind, the difference was like night and day.

Yi Yun continued reading, finding that most of the black scrolls were used to record recipes, with more than half of them being for relics and elixirs. The refinement techniques were extremely complicated and Yi Yun did not have the time to peruse them carefully. He could only search for things that were useful for him.

Until…he saw a black scroll that was nearly empty. The black scroll that had a capacity of more than hundred times a jade slip’s only contained a mere paragraph. But this paragraph left Yi Yun shaken.

The paragraph of a few hundred words took Yi Yun about a minute to finish reading. After that, he looked around in astonishment. He finally understood the origins of the Sun Burial Sandsea.

According to the legends, the Sun Burial Sandsea was formed due to the crashing of a sun. According to Ji Shuiyan's grandfather's divination, the land of extreme Yang had given birth to a Yang spirit after hundreds of millions of years.

But Yi Yun learned from this scroll that the desert of extreme Yang was actually created when the divine alchemist cremated himself.

The fire for the cremation was a divine fire that came from within his body!

The great worlds were filled with endless wonders. Many mysterious lands would condense mutated fire seeds as a result of any one of a few fortuitous coincidences. A tiny wisp of fire could burn the heavens asunder.

These fire spirits or fire seeds were of different grades depending on their strength. Top Desolate Heaven Masters and alchemists would seek all the fire spirits and seeds in the world, and refine them into their body as a form of supplementation for themselves. They could then use them to refine more elixirs.

This divine alchemist was such a person.

Furthermore, he had taken the concept to its limits. Before he became a divine alchemist, he had obtained a mysterious flame of unknown grade, beyond the scope of canon in the Sinkhole outside the 12 Empyrean Heavens—Heretical God Fire Seed.

Using the flame and his outstanding talent, he became a divine alchemist.

And after he became a divine alchemist, he obtained a flame ranked third in the 12 Empyrean Heavens—Empyrean Cleansing Flame.

When the two flames met each other, they merged into something that shocked even the divine alchemist himself.

The combined flame continued taking the form of the Heretical God Fire Seed. It could even be said that the black Heretical God Fire Seed that came from the Sinkhole was slowly consuming the Empyrean Cleansing Flame.

From then on, the divine alchemist began using his perception to nurture the Heretical God Fire Seed. Gradually, his alchemical skills attained heights previously thought unimaginable.

The divine alchemist was born in the Yang God Empyrean Heaven, but his most impressive days were spent in the Sinkhole.

Only when he was nearing death did he return to the Yang God Empyrean Heaven. He buried the Heretical God Fire Seed in the Sun Burial Sandsea.

As it was a cremation, the inferno scorched an area tens of thousands of kilometers across. The flames were filled with extreme Yang power, resulting in forests withering and lakes evaporating. The very mountains were weathered away, eventually forming a massive desert.

From then on, the origin of the Sun Burial Sandsea became a legend that depicted the plummeting of a radiant sun into the mortal world.

No one other than the divine alchemist knew that he had chosen to cremate himself there. The cremation spot was concealed by the divine alchemist through use of a formation array. No one could find it until hundreds of millions of years later. As the array's energy drained, the cremation spot slowly exposed itself.

It resulted in the phenomenon of a few months ago. The astounding phenomenon that had covered an area that extended over a million kilometers attracted famous figures from every corner.

However, no one knew that the tiny Sun Burial Sandsea actually hid such an astonishing secret!

If they did, every peerless expert in the entire Yang God Empyrean Heaven, or even other Empyrean Heavens, would have come in search of the divine fire.

The only reason it remained so well hidden was that…too much time had passed.

Several hundreds of millions of years, in addition to the divine alchemist's massive array formation and desire to conceal his work, prevented anyone from making any connection between the Sun Burial Sandsea and the divine alchemist of hundreds of millions of years ago.

As for why the divine alchemist had set up the array to conceal everything in the Sun Burial Sandsea, it was not to select a successor to inherit his heritage but because of his daughter—Ling Xiaoxiao!

In the divine alchemist's last years, that spanned tens of millions of years, he had constantly pursued two results from the peak of alchemy.

One of them was the—Elixir of Immortality!

The other one was—Elixir of Resurrection!

The former allowed one to attain immortality!

The latter allowed one to be resurrected from the dead!

Each one defied the very heavens by changing destiny. It was against the will of heaven.

The divine alchemist set up that specific cremation spot in order to refine an Elixir of Resurrection, meant for resurrecting his only daughter, Ling Xiaoxiao, who had already been dead for tens of millions of years!