True Martial World Chapter 1117

Chapter 1117: Nine-Treasured Dao Palace
Chapter 1117: Nine-Treasured Dao Palace

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Although Yi Yun did not know what cultivation level the divine alchemist had attained, he was certain that he exceeded the level of Divine Lord!

How could such immense power not blast a junior to pieces?

Fortunately for Yi Yun, he had the Azure Wood Divine Tree that could accommodate everything. Also, the Heretical God Fire Seed was completely willing to work with him in the fusion.

This made Yi Yun achieve a miracle! His cultivation level was rising at an unimaginable speed.

Dao Manifestation realm of perfection!

Flames blazed, rising towards the sky as Ancient Fey phantoms seemed to form above the leaves' surfaces. They were roaring or galloping.

Yi Yun felt like his body was about to explode. Despite having all sorts of advantages and nomological insights that allowed him to make this breakthrough, being able to raise his cultivation level by several subrealms was still an astounding feat.

He was already at the Dao Manifestation realm of perfection and there was nowhere for the energy to go. If he continued accumulating it, the consequences would be unthinkable.

If this were any other time, Yi Yun would have chosen to stop and release the excess energy from his body, allowing it to naturally dissipate.

However, in this moment, Yi Yun had no intention to stop. The opponents he faced were the deputy palatial lords of the Seven Star Dao Palace. He only found his strength insufficient and needed to make one breakthrough after another!

All that lied above the Dao Manifestation realm of perfection was establishing the Dao Palace!

The energy he had gathered was already sufficient to establish the Dao Palace. However, it was very dangerous to establish it without the accumulation of time required in the Dao Manifestation realm of perfection!

"I'll risk it!"

Yi Yun gritted his teeth, and the four nine-leaf Dao fruits in his dantian began to narrow the gap between them as they gradually fused together!

The first step of establishing a Dao Palace was to fuse the Dao fruits. If Yi Yun was not careful in doing so, especially in his present situation, his dantian might end up exploding!

"Xie'er, help me!"

Yi Yun muttered inwardly as the Heretical God Fire Seed in the Azure Wood Divine Tree suddenly blazed in an extremely quiet manner, as though it did not produce an inkling of heat.

The body of Ling Xie'er, who had been trapped by the Soul Locking Whip, was translucent. Her flame of vitality was like a candle in the wind, easily extinguishable at any moment.

Yet suddenly, her lashes trembled lightly. Her eyes gradually opened, revealing that they lacked any luster as she looked at Liu Ruyi and company quietly.

"Oh? This girl still remains conscious?" Liu Ruyi said with a frown.

"Heh heh, it's probably a momentary recovery before her death. It’s already extremely impressive for a mere sentient projection to last so many days. If it were a human warrior, just a few days under the Soul Locking Whip would have resulted in excruciating pain from the soul being ripped apart. All they could do is plead for death." Demonfiend said with a chuckle, his voice sending shudders down the backs of others.

"Deputy Palatial Lord Demonfiend is right. The pain of the Soul Locking Whip is not something ordinary people can withstand. But the more it is so, the more it indicates how much of a treasure the Yang spirit is. Congratulations to all of you for obtaining such an impressive treasure. The Seven Star Dao Palace will grow in power and become a mighty faction in the Yang God Empyrean Heaven," said Master Tianxiao by the side in a fawning fashion.

He had already been roasted till he resembled a dried up peach core. However, he did not dare mutter any of his grievances. Thankfully, the girl was about to be vanquished, so he had finally endured it to the end.

But at that moment, Master Tianxiao suddenly felt something. He looked at his compass and realized that there was something strange happening to it.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

The underground world began to rumble like there was an earthquake.

They even sensed that the inferno array Ling Xie'er had used to trap them had turned unstable.

"Oh? It seems like problems have surfaced in the array?"

Master Tianxiao was more than a little flustered as he quickly attempted to divine with his compass. However, the hexagrams were in chaos. He had no way of knowing what had happened.

"What are you panicking for!?"

"This girl is the core of this world after all. Refining her will naturally induce instability in the array. It seems clear that this girl cannot last any longer." The elder, Demonblood, licked his lips. He seemed rather disheartened that he could not torture Ling Xie'er any further.

The quaking of the array continued but the trio did not pay it any mind. It continued for two hours before finally coming to a halt.

"Is she dead?"

Just as Demonblood was about to check Ling Xie'er's vitals, there was a sudden boom! The ground beneath them ruptured as molten metal spewed out from the ground!

"What's going on!?"

Demonblood struck out with a large palm, holding back the erupting molten metal. As for Liu Ruyi, she appeared beside Master Tianxiao to protect him.

Although she did not really care if Master Tianxiao died, he still had some use in locating the Heretical God Fire Seed's true body.

"Why does the array appear like it's collapsing?" Liu Ruyi asked anxiously.

Liu Ruyi was right. At that moment, Yi Yun had fused with the Heretical God Fire Seed in the core of the massive array. He was in the final stages, and had used the Dao of Primordial Chaos to open up the Life and Death locks to the massive array. With pure Yang breaking pure Yang, it resulted in the massive array that had been running for hundreds of millions of years in a dilapidated state to finally be pushed to the brink of collapse!

"Dao Palace, condense!"

Yi Yun bellowed as all his veins protruded. His vessels were about to crack as the four nine-leaf Dao fruits in his body reached the final stages of condensation. The faint embryonic form of a Dao Palace began to fill Yi Yun's entire dantian.

Yi Yun's eyes burned with gray flames as he felt his dantian about to explode. But with the Azure Wood Divine Tree's ability to hold in all forms of power, Yi Yun was able to forcefully absorb all the energy in his body. Not a single bit was wasted.

In order to prevent his energy from leaking, Yi Yun sealed all the pores on his body, even if they were bleeding! At that moment, he truly looked like a demonic god!

Yi Yun had only been cultivating for less than sixty years. In all his breakthroughs, he had never once made such a huge leap in cultivation level!

The amount of blood on his body increased to the point that it formed a blood shell. The embryonic form of the Dao Palace within his body was constantly flickering and, when the energy condensed to an extreme, he heard a loud rumble as though something had shattered. The Dao Palace that had filled the entirety of Yi Yun's dantian suddenly contracted!

In just a few seconds, the Dao Palace shrunk by ten times. Its originally phantom state suddenly turned translucent and solid, like it was made of crystal or glass.

Dao Palace established!

The Dao Palace was in the shape of a pagoda but each level had nine edges. It was the Supreme Nine-treasured Dao Palace!

Just like how mortals constructed pagodas, the number of edges represented the pagoda's treasured state. For example, there was the Wishful Eight-treasured Pagoda or the Petite Six-treasured Pagoda.

A warrior's Dao Palace was similar, with the highest form being the Supreme Nine-treasured Dao Palace!

And from the rooftop of the Dao Palace hung four glass beads. These were left behind by the four Dao fruits.

Upon seeing the tiny Dao Palace floating in his dantian, the bloodied Yi Yun let out a long roar. At once, all the blood encrusted on him shattered. He had finally broken through to the Dao Palace realm!