True Martial World Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Ten crimes
Chapter 112: Ten crimes

The members of the Lian tribal clan warrior preparation camp were completely stunned. They stared with their eyes wide open, mouths agape for a long while.

The invincible master Lian in their hearts, had been beaten so miserably by that bumpkin Yi Yun?

“What’s…the meaning of this?”

“Isn’t Lian Chengyu at the peak of the Qi Gatherer realm?”

Some people who knew Lian Chengyu’s cultivation level said stupendously.

The five realms of Mortal Blood, with peak-Qi Gatherer being the highest cultivation level of Mortal Blood, and an extreme existence. To be able to beat a peak-Qi Gatherer warrior, only a Purple Blood realm warrior should be able to do so!

“It can’t be? Is Yi Yun is a Purple Blood realm warrior?” Someone thought of that and trembly said.

“How could it be? A Purple Blood warrior would not need to participate in the Mortal Blood warriors’ contest. Also, the Jin Long Wei would not allow it. Besides, how old is Yi Yun? He’s only twelve, how can he be at the Purple Blood realm at twelve?” Someone mentioned Yi Yun’s age; and suddenly everyone stared speechlessly at each other.

Yes, Yi Yun was just twelve years old, two years younger than Tao Yunxiao!

A twelve year’s battle power that could beat up Lian Chengyu, what kind of monster is he?!

At this time, Yi Yun was slowly walking towards Lian Chengyu.

Lian Chengyu’s hands were trembling and he climbed out from the rocks. His face was covered with blood and his expression ferocious!

Yi Yun looked at Lian Chengyu with stabbing eyes.

“I said, you have ten charges! You owe me ten lives!!”

“For every crime, I will beat you once, just now… was the first!”

Yi Yun’s sonorous voice could be heard miles away. Everyone heard it clearly.

“The first crime!”

“You rear henchman and rule by oppression. You monopolized the tribe’s food and resources. The commoners work hard but the rations handed out to them isn’t enough to fill their stomachs. The clothes handed out are not enough. Every year people starve and freeze to death. Your hands are stained with the blood of many Lian tribal clan lives!”

“The blow previously was for them! This life was what you owe the commoners of the Lian tribal clan!” Yi Yun’s words shocked everyone. Initially, Lian Chengyu had accused Yi Yun of stealing his desolate bone essence, leading them to believe Lian Chengyu was a victim.

But in a turn of an eye, Yi Yun had accused Lian Chengyu of ten crimes!

Clearly, Lian Chengyu’s feud with Yi Yun was not as simple as Lian Chengyu said!

“You want to judge me on ten crimes? Who do you think you are?” Lian Chengyu managed to squeeze those words out from his mouth, he hated Yi Yun to the bone!

With Yi Yun having the absolute advantage and the upper hand, the reversal of the situation started with Lian Chengyu being mercilessly hit into the ground. In front of so many people, the haughty him had been hit in such an embarrassing manner. It made him go mad.

In the event of a sudden reversal and extreme humiliation, it was easy for people to go blank.

The current Lian Chengyu’s mind was blank. He had lost his ability to think. He could not calmly measure the difference in strength between him and Yi Yun. The only thought he had was to tear Yi Yun apart!


Lian Chengyu gritted his teeth and jumped to Yi Yun!

“Tiger Claws Smite Rocks”!

Lian Chengyu’s claws reached out as his bones rang!

Lian Chengyu was a martial arts prodigy in the vast wilderness. He had grasped the essence of ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ taught to him by Yao Yuan.

This ‘Tiger Claws Smite Rocks’ resulted in his bones and tendons to sound out as one. Using the power of his waist and spine, it was like a real tiger pouncing over.

But, there was no doubt in the results!

Yi Yun’s speed was too fast, far above what Lian Chengyu was capable of. At the same time, Yi Yun’s eyesight was able to make judgements in the middle of a battle. Besides his ability of making judgements having reached its peak, Yi Yun’s body and strength was better than Lian Chengyu, so no matter what Lian Chengyu used, it would be easily resolved by Yi Yun!


Lian Chengyu’s stance was received by Yi Yun!

Yi Yun locked on to Lian Chengyu’s wrist!

With “Ka Ka Ka” joint crackling sounds, Yi Yun’s hands clench tightly causing Lian Chengyu’s forehead to ooze with sweat due to the extreme pain!

“I don’t think I’m anyone great, but I’m qualified to try you for your crimes just because I’m stronger than you! In this world, the weak are enslaved and the strong are are regarded as lords!” Saying that, Yi Yun pulled Lian Chengyu’s hands down. Lian Chengyu had no way of resisting it so his entire body moved downwards.

Immediately, Yi Yun leaped up and struck Lian Chengyu’s chest with a knee!


Lian Chengyu violently sprayed out a mouthful of fresh blood. About eight ribs had broken, and his body flew in the air like a torn sack before heavily falling to the ground!

Yi Yun wiped off the blood on his hands and coldly said, “The second crime!”

“You forced the people of the Lian tribal clan to go up the mountains to pick herbs. Among those who picked herbs were children. Yet they had to climb up cliffs and go down valleys. There were countless number of people who fell to their deaths! And you were indifferent to those who have fallen to their deaths. No aid was given!”

“Once, I fell off the rocks while picking herbs and was on death’s bed. I was even buried in a grave. I managed to survive that disaster, but similarly I didn’t receive any aid. Even when I returned home to eat that thin rice porridge, it was my sister who sacrificed her meal for me! Without dying, not only did I not receive the sympathy and comfort from the tribe, I was ridiculed by your goons, thinking I wouldn’t live past a few more days even though I had survived once.”

“This second life is the what you owe to the medicine children of the Lian tribal clan, and also to me!”

After saying those words indifferently, Yi Yun walked towards Lian Chengyu again.

“You… you…” Lian Chengyu struggled to get up. Lian Chengyu’s mouth began to foam with blood like a dessicated goldfish.

His eyes were filled with boundless hatred for Yi Yun.

He had undergone ten years of honing and used various herbs. His bones and internal organs had been repeatedly trained up. So even after such a blow, he still had his fighting capacity.

“I’ll kill you!”

Humiliation, anger, the realization of the difference between ideal and reality, and with the failure to break through into the Purple Blood realm, together with the hate towards Yi Yun had made Lian Chengyu completely lose his mind.

Upon reaching this stage, no matter how deep one was, one would not be able to calm down.

Lian Chengyu was exactly so.

He charged towards Yi Yun and threw a punch towards Yi Yun’s face!

Without any suspense, Lian Chengyu’s punch was easily pushed aside by Yi Yun.

Following that, Yi Yun sent out a punch, hitting Lian Chengyu in the face.

Giving him the taste of his own medicine!


Lian Chengyu cried out terrible as his body tumbled in the air and flew off once again.

His face was already stained green, red, purple and black by Yi Yun. There was every color.

His nose had been punched in by Yi Yun. His two front teeth had been punched out by Yi Yun!

“The third crime, you used the Kingdom’s selection as way to leave the vast wilderness, misappropriating the Lian tribal clan’s food reserves to exchange with a large tribal clan for a piece of desolate bone. You then used the people to refine the desolate bone. The people were tricked by your woven lies about bringing them into the city. Because we had very little food, many in the Lian tribal clan starved or froze to death in the past few months.”

“And my sister had been working through the night to make arrows in order to exchange a piece of beast meat for me. But on the day of the distribution of rations, not only was there no beast meat, there wasn’t even fine grains. There was only a small bag of coarse grain. It was tantamount to sending us siblings to our death! My sister tried to struggle against it but nearly got beaten up by your minions!”

“This life, is one you owe those who starved to death in the Lian tribal clan, and also for me and my sister!” Yi Yun’s expression was cold, but his voice was confident. He announced Lian Chengyu’s crimes one at a time. The onlookers could only watch agap.

No one had expected the battle had turned into such a scene.

So Yi Yun had nearly been killed by Lian Chengyu. He was lucky to have survived.

But now was his time for revenge.

If what Yi Yun said was true, then beating Lian Chengyu was perfectly justified!

Of course, Lian Chengyu wanting to kill Yi Yun for Yi Yun’s theft of his desolate bone essence was also understandable!

The bitter vendetta between the two were the like the incompatibility of fire and water. At this moment, no matter who was right or wrong, whoever had the greater strength was right! Whoever was weaker deserved death!

This was the revenge rules of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom!

At this time, the members of the warrior preparation camp were totally stunned. They stared dumbfoundedly at Yi Yun without a word, as if he was a ghost.

Lian Chengyu and Yi Yun’s battle was like a battle between a child and an adult, completely one-sided!

They realized the possibility that their master would end up with a very sorry state today!

Lian Chengyu climbed again. His spirit was on the verge of collapsing!

Yes, compared to the physical wounds, it was the mental anguish that made it unbearable!

When people reach this stage, they might burst a socket and go mad.

Lian Chengyu was still not that mad, but he was very close to that point.

He charged at Yi Yun once again!

His attack was without any technique. The first three moves were the stances of the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’, but now, it was just brute force.

With the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ useless against Yi Yun, this brute force was meaningless against Yi Yun.

Lian Chengyu threw a punch at Yi Yun’s belly, but Yi Yun contracted his belly and condensed his Qi at his Dan Tian, receiving Lian Chengyu’s punch!

If it was ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’, Yi Yun would not have directly take on the hit. But such a fist, together with having received three consecutive heavy blows, Lian Chengyu’s attack power had diminished greatly, so Yi Yun was able to receive it without much pressure.

After receiving Lian Chengyu’s punch, he emitted a muffled sound. However Yi Yun did not even take a step back, he was giving Lian Chengyu a cold stare!

“The fourth crime, you hated me for inciting the people to revolt, and secretly attacked me, causing me to be on the brink of death. You owe me for this life.” Saying that, Yi Yun punched Lian Chengyu in the belly.


Lian Chengyu’s body curled up like a shrimp. No matter what way Lian Chengyu attacked Yi Yun, Yi Yun would return it in the exact same way!