True Martial World Chapter 1120

Chapter 1120: Worldly Array
Chapter 1120: Worldly Array

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Master Tianxiao's death left Old Man Ji reeling. Yi Yun had managed to kill Master Tianxiao in such a dangerous situation. He had yearned to kill the traitor himself, but now Yi Yun had done it for him.

What sort of young man was he? Such talent was completely unheard of. It was difficult to even imagine it.

"None of you can stop me from killing who I want to kill. Your lives will soon be mine." Yi Yun's voice sounded like it came from the deep abyss of the netherworld.

Demonblood, Demonfiend, and Liu Ruyi all had ugly expressions but, after hearing Yi Yun’s words, Liu Ruyi’s mouth curled into a sneer. She glanced coldly at Yi Yun and said, "Aren't you afraid that the strong winds from blowing your own trumpet will cut your tongue? Do you think that killing the inconsequential Tianxiao means you are assured victory? So what if he dies? The massive array of Sun Burial Sandsea is on the brink of collapse anyway. It doesn't matter even if he isn’t here to divine a path!"

Liu Ruyi's voice was suddenly filled with killing intent. Her aura grew more sinister as the whip beside her waved about like a giant python.

Yi Yun's strike had only infuriated her!

After he broke through to the Dao Palace realm, his strength had indeed increased by leaps and bounds. However, it was a fool's errand to try and clash with the combined forces of the trio.

In a life-and-death battle, the people from the Seven Star Dao Palace would not fight Yi Yun one-on-one. Next to Liu Ruyi, Demonblood and Demonfiend's auras were also rising. They were no longer like children, but resembled devils.

"Young Master Yi…" Old Man Ji and the two maidservants watched the scene in front of them anxiously. With the three from Seven Star Dao Palace cornering Yi Yun, and each one of them extremely powerful, how could Yi Yun withstand their combined attack? He was already outnumbered.

However, Yi Yun did did not show a hint of panic. He stood composed, with the pure Yang broken sword in hand.

"Young people are rash, so of course he would not know that he's on death's doorstep." Demonfiend thought with an inward sneer. The Seven Star Dao Palace had a combined technique. With their strength, this technique could instantly wipe out Yi Yun.

What a joke. Did Yi Yun really think he had any chance of fighting them alone?

However,…he was in no rush to kill Yi Yun. He had indeed been taken aback by the strength Yi Yun demonstrated. Before exerting all means to kill Yi Yun, he first wanted to expose the punk’s flaws!


Demonfiend suddenly leaped forward. Demonic aura stirred around him as he struck out with both claws, spewing immense energy!

This strike was not aimed at Yi Yun, but at Old Man Ji and the others behind him!

"You killed one of mine in front of me! Now I'll kill one of yours in front of you!"

Demonfiend knew that Yi Yun cared for Ling Xie'er tremendously. If he didn’t, he would not have come to rescue her despite the overwhelming odds. So by killing Ling Xie'er, he could make Yi Yun lose his calm. Or Yi Yun would try to rescue her again and put himself in a vulnerable position!

However, just as Demonfiend attacked, he saw the corners of Yi Yun's mouth curve upwards. The smile of contempt left Demonfiend bewildered.

He suddenly felt that something was extremely amiss. However, before he could give the warning, Yi Yun's broken sword had thrust toward the ground.


Like a bolt of lightning hitting the ground, the ground that was already in shambles was instantly enveloped by a powerful Yuan Qi blast. Tiles flew out as the land quaked!

Simultaneously, Liu Ruyi’s group sensed that the space around them was changing. Amid nomological fluctuations, powerful spatial barriers began to entrap them!

"What's going on!?" Demonfiend's attack struck a spatial barrier, but the spatial barrier showed no signs of damage other than a violent tremor.

Yi Yun said, "Don't waste your strength. It's the worldly array of this place."

"World array? Hasn't it already collapsed?" Demonblood looked at Ling Xie'er, who still weakly lay in the arms of the maidservants Xin'er and Yue Xiao.

However, he and his partners came to realize that there was layer after layer of spatial barriers isolating them from the group.

The Heretical God Fire Seed's spiritual body had been tormented to the point of obliteration. How could the massive, decrepit array be activated?

"It should collapse completely after this." Yi Yun said nonchalantly. He had put a great deal of time into studying the divine alchemist's notes, and had fused the Destruction and Chaos laws into the massive array's core. Finally, he had absorbed the Heretical God Fire's core, giving him control of the worldly array. Therefore, he knew it extremely well.

Even as the worldly array faced destruction, he was able to use it to do certain things.

It was because he could use the spatial barriers to protect Ling Xie'er that he did not send her inside the God Advent Tower. If not, he would have risked sending her inside regardless of how violent the spatial fluctuations from the transmission were.

Now, the massive array's powers were nearly depleted. The worldly power that had accumulated had surged into his body and, by expending that energy, he was able to activate the spatial barrier once.

However, once was completely sufficient.


Yi Yun's broken sword spewed out a flame-like luster. In his mysterious and strange eyes, the gray flames gently danced.

"All of you can die now." With that said, Yi Yun appeared in front of Demonblood. "Let's begin with you."

"You…" Demonblood's expression changed. Inside the spatial prison, he was isolated from Liu Ruyi and Demonfiend.

They had planned on finishing Yi Yun together, but now, Yi Yun had used the worldly array to force him into a one-on-one battle!

But soon, Demonblood's expression turned ferocious. "What a joke. Do you think you can defeat me in a duel?"


The sword struck out suddenly and instantly traversed the distance between Demonblood and Yi Yun. Before even a moment passed, it had appeared in front of Demonblood!

Yi Yun's Sword Dao was about being indomitable. At that moment, he wanted nothing but murder!

Ling Xie'er's translucent body was evidence of the pain she had suffered. And it was all because of the people from the Seven Star Dao Palace!

"Die!" Yi Yun roared!

"The one who will die is you!" Demonblood bellowed as he struck out with two demonic claws. Fiendish blood gas that was as thick as water lingered around his claws. It stained the surrounding space red and, in the mist, there was the faint wailing of numerous people.

Demonblood practiced demonic techniques, of which killing was the mark of mastery. His hands had been stained by the blood of tens of thousands of warriors. As for Yi Yun, he would become the freshest and most delicious part of that mixture!

But at that moment, the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence appeared under Yi Yun's feet. The Destruction Dao Domain, a Pure Yang Dao Domain, and a Space-Time Dao Domain appeared simultaneously.

Yi Yun’s sword hummed like a dragon's roar as it slashed down like it would render the very sky asunder. Instantly, the world seemed to turn another color as if everything was covered in a layer of dust!


After the strike, everything seemed to turn silent!

Demonblood stood silently. He looked forward and suddenly, he spewed out a mouthful of blood. His demonic claws had been severed!