True Martial World Chapter 1122

Chapter 1122: Massive Array Collapses
Chapter 1122: Massive Array Collapses

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Yi Yun walked slowly towards Liu Ruyi. Each footstep sounded like the last beats of Liu Ruyi’s heart.


A Golden Crow's cry reverberated from within Yi Yun's body as the broken sword in his hand let out a bloodthirsty hum. The real and certain killing intent suffocated Liu Ruyi.

"Wait!" Liu Ruyi suddenly shouted, "Yi Yun, do we need to engage in a life-and-death battle? As a deputy palatial lord of the Seven Star Dao Palace, I have many last-ditch techniques. The only reason I hesitate to use them is that they result in me losing a great deal of my blood essence and hurt my core. I do not want to use them but if you force me to, I will definitely do it."

Yi Yun's expression did not change at all, nor did he slow down. He continued his slow approach.

Liu Ruyi could not hide her terror as she nervously said, "Yi Yun, we can negotiate. My Seven Star Dao Palace has a deep heritage and if you spare me this once, all past transgressions will be settled. I can also give you excellent pills, elixirs, and beautiful sex slaves. All at your choosing. However, if you were to kill me, the Seven Star Dao Palace would definitely seek revenge. They would not only kill you, they would wipe out the Clarity Pool Sword Sect as well."

Liu Ruyi raised the issue of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect; however, Yi Yun was not moved. The Heart of the Sword within him condensed as his stance got more intense.

Liu Ruyi was completely flustered when she suddenly looked at Ling Xie'er and said, "Yi Yun, don't you want to save her. She could dissipate any time now. However, I have a soul-nurturing mystic technique that can preserve her sentience. It would allow her to survive for hundreds of thousands of years."

Liu Ruyi would have been better off not mentioning Ling Xie'er. The moment she said that, Yi Yun's killing intent surged like an erupting volcano. A sword beam shot out straight at Liu Ruyi.

"Die!" Yi Yun bellowed.

Despite begging for mercy, offering temptations, and even using Ling Xie'er as a bargaining chip, she was doomed. Liu Ruyi was someone Yi Yun had to kill!

"I'll fight it out with you!" Liu Ruyi screamed sharply. In her despair, she burned her blood essence and lashed out with her whip. Amid the terrifying power, there were countless of black deep rifts that opened up in space.

Destructo-creation Sword!

Yi Yun held nothing back. He did not have much Yuan Qi left, so he similarly used the power of his lifeblood.

The sword beam effused a sanguine aura as nomological powers gathered at the sword tip. His present Heart of the Sword was solely focused on killing!


The entire stone temple was instantly reduce to countless tile fragments!

Old Man Ji made a constant retreat. Despite the spatial barriers isolating him, he could sense an immense pressure. He hurriedly produced his Yuan Qi barrier to protect Ling Xie'er.

Yi Yun and Liu Ruyi's battle left tremors throughout the land as dazzling energy beams seemed to pierce through all obstacles.

After about thirty seconds, the whip phantoms and the sword beams began to dissipate. The energy blasts calmed completely as Old Man Ji stared straight into the spatial prison. All he could see was Yi Yun standing there, with a massive sword scar in front of him. The ground beneath him had been torn apart, stretching out for thousands of feet. Within the sword scar burned flames that scorched the land. Just the sight of this terrifying sword scar left one shuddering in fear!

He looked into the sword scar, and in there stood a person completely covered in blood. What was a pretty palatial gown and exquisite hairdo had been reduced to the look of a mad woman. She turned wrinkly and pathetic after burning her blood essence. She now fully looked the part of an old woman.

Yi Yun's strike contained Time and Withering laws that had drained Liu Ruyi of her vitality.

Liu Ruyi looked at Yi Yun with a tragic smile. "Yi Yun…The Seven Star Dao Palace…will definitely kill you before wiping out the Clarity Pool Sword Sect…"

Yi Yun sneered and replied, "There's no need for the trouble. In the future, I'll visit the Seven Star Dao Palace personally and wipe out everyone there!"

Liu Ruyi's eyes glared at him as black blood flowed down the corner of her parched lips. She took her last breath, and was then buried deep underground.

Yi Yun lowered his sword as his chest heaved up and down. An unusual redness flashed across his face.

Burning blood essence and consecutively killing three strong opponents! This was an extremely difficult task for Yi Yun, who had just stepped into the Dao Palace realm and had yet to stabilize his cultivation realm.

Yi Yun caught his breath and walked to Old Man Ji and company. He looked at the sleeping Ling Xie'er, who was in Xin'er and Yue Xiao's arms, under the protection of a Yuan Qi barrier.

The battle was isolated in a different space and the aftershocks were repelled by Old Man Ji. Ling Xie'er's eyes were tightly shut as if she was having a good sleep. However, her body remained translucent like a veil cloth and seemed ethereal…

"I have killed all those who harmed you," said Yi Yun softly.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The entire underground world began to quake as solid boulders plummeted from the top. The spatial barriers were also beginning to collapse.

Yi Yun looked up and around at his crumbling surroundings and said, "This massive array is about to collapse."

The worldly array was completely drained of its energy. And the quake left behind by the destruction of the massive array would bury the underground world. As such, the divine alchemist's cave would also be buried.


Amid the rumbling sounds were the roars of the humanoid monsters.

"Enter the tower. It's too dangerous here." Yi Yun took out the God Advent Tower.

"But what about this girl?" Xin'er asked.

Ling Xie'er was too weak to withstand the spatial teleportation, as well as the spatial fluctuations, in the God Advent Tower's space.

"I'll bring her along with me." Yi Yun took Ling Xie'er into his arms.

Another boulder plummeted as Old Man Ji and company quickly entered the God Advent Tower. As for Yi Yun, he stored the God Advent Tower before hoisting Ling Xie'er and flying back to the divine alchemist's cauldron.

Upon returning to the lake's side, Yi Yun took all of the scrolls left behind by the divine alchemist.


The samsara wheel in the lake shattered as the lake began to stir.

With his sword in one hand, he slashed down into the lake and moved, together with Ling Xie'er, alongside the sword beam to the bottom of the lake.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sword beam constantly moved downward as it split apart the strong boulders at the bottom of the lake, eventually leading to the deepest depths of the lake.

Dark red lava stirred in this region as terrifying heat waves constantly burned at their surroundings. Other than obsidian, there was nothing there.

Yi Yun landed by a tiny lava outlet. It was almost completely dark gold in color, and Yi Yun could feel its extremely violent pure Yang laws. It constantly bombarded Yi Yun's protective Yuan Qi.

Sensing a fluctuation trickle from the Heretical God Fire Seed, Yi Yun quickly and carefully placed Ling Xie'er onto a boulder beside the lava source.

The boulder had been baked into a translucent red. It illuminated Ling Xie'er's body while Yi Yun enveloped her with Yuan Qi. The pure Yang laws were weakened and filtered through Yi Yun's protective Yuan Qi, turning them into a lukewarm wind that gently nourished Ling Xie'er's spirit body.

"The pure Yang laws here are most suitable for nourishing you. Xie'er, I'll make you wake up." Yi Yun said softly. Even though Liu Ruyi had previously mentioned that she could save Ling Xie'er, Yi Yun still wantonly killed her. This was partly because he did not believe her, and partly because Yi Yun was confident that he could save Ling Xie'er himself.