True Martial World Chapter 1123

Chapter 1123: Reclusion Underground
Chapter 1123: Reclusion Underground

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

Yi Yun sat in the lava pool as lava bubbled and spewed underground. The dark gold lava eventually rose above his head, completely immersing him in the boiling pool.

The lava possessed not only burning heat and violent pure Yang laws, but also heat toxins. The toxins were strong enough to invade even a Dao Palace warrior's body, if that warrior was immersed in the lava for a prolonged period of time.

However, Yi Yun had a pure Yang body, and the Azure Wood Divine Tree within. These allowed him to detoxify the heat toxins.

Hence him sitting in the lava pool without worry, while also absorbing the pure Yang powers within.

Yi Yun's breakthrough to the Dao Palace realm was a forced one. He had also burned his blood essence to kill the three from the Seven Star Dao Palace. If he did not consolidate his realm quickly, his foundation might turn unstable, harming his future martial path.

The pure Yang powers in the lava pool appeared to be limitless. It was a perfect place for Yi Yun to recuperate.

Simultaneously, Yi Yun enveloped Ling Xie'er in his Yuan Qi barrier.

A month had passed, yet Ling Xie'er showed no signs of awakening. However, her spirit body was taking on a more solid appearance.

The goal was to nurture fire with fire; the Heretical God Fire Seed was a flame that had been born from the world. Therefore, the lava's underground fire could naturally become nutrients to nourish her.

As Yi Yun cultivated, he also constantly monitored Ling Xie'er's condition.

He had fused with the Heretical God Fire Seed, giving him a special connection with Ling Xie'er. He knew her condition like the back of his hand. Yi Yun's Yuan Qi barrier precisely controlled the lava's pure Yang energy, distilling it to a level that was within Ling Xie'er's tolerance level.

Cultivation knew no time. Yi Yun was engrossed in cultivation and only in his leisure time could he treat Ling Xie'er.

Those who knew that Yi Yun was here were already dead, other than Old Man Ji and company. Hence, Yi Yun was not worried that his reclusion would be disturbed by others. In the underground world, he was able to calm his heart as he listened to the daily ebb and flow of the lava.

Yi Yun knew that the Clarity Pool Sword Sect was still in danger. However, the expedition to the Sun Burial Sandsea had cost the Seven Star Dao Palace four deputy palatial lords as well as several Seven Star High Ambassadors. With the Seven Star Dao Palace losing a great deal of its strength, they could no longer easily wipe out the Clarity Pool Sword Sect even if they wanted to.

Furthermore, the Clarity Pool Sword Sect had an ancient array protecting their home. Breaking through that was also not an easy task.

As for Ling Xie'er, her condition left Yi Yun gripped by worry. She was a spirit body and her true body, the Heretical God Fire Seed, had already fused with him. However, her spirit body was extremely weak and healing her completely was easier said than done.

Above, in the Sun Burial Sandsea, the muffled thunderous rumbling gradually disappeared underground. The movement of the sand on the surface was quickly hidden by stillness. Most of the major factions, warriors that had come in search of treasures, did not know what had happened in the Sun Burial Sandsea as they continued their search.

As time went on, some warriors eventually gave up after failing to find anything. However, there were still others that continue searching diligently in hopes that a miracle might happen.

Even if they could not find the supreme treasure Yang spirit that had triggered the phenomenon, finding a few companion items of the Yang spirit would also greatly change their lives for the better.

"Sixth Junior Sister, bring Wu Xu and company back to the sect after another month's search. I'll stay behind to continue the search."

In the Sun Burial Sandsea, eight figures were walking in the desert. The person leading them was a stocky, middle-aged man. There was a faint Yuan Qi fluctuation shimmering over his body, isolating him the sand and heat.

And behind him were six young juniors of both genders. There was another woman in her thirties that was wearing a black dress. That woman was the sixth junior sister that the middle-aged man addressed.

These people were members of a small sect from the Myriad Divine Territory, named Red Cauldron Sect.

The Myriad Divine Territory was a neighbor of the Central State Divine Territory, with the Sun Burial Sandsea separating the two. The people from the Red Cauldron Sect had come from the other end of the Sun Burial Sandsea.

Ever since the Sun Burial Sandsea phenomenon of a year ago, the Red Cauldron Sect and many others had come to the Sun Burial Sandsea to try their luck. They hoped to find treasures that could strengthen their sect, but failed to find anything of worth.

The phenomenon that had once extended over a million kilometers had vanished in the past year, and there had not been any activity in a long time.

A few major factions decided to retreat when they discovered that the Yang aura in the Sun Burial Sandsea had weakened over the past few months. They suspected that the treasure had been taken away.

However, they also refused to believe that someone had taken it away. Firstly, they found it unbelievable that anyone would have had such an opportunity, and secondly, they had been scouring the Sun Burial Sandsea over the past year but never saw the treasure appear.

In the end, the number of people in Sun Burial Sandsea decreased to a point where it was no longer a tenth of what it was at its peak.

The middle-aged man and his junior sister had cultivated for years and had lived through thick and thin. Now, they were leading the Red Cauldron Sect's juniors on an expedition, with the intention of training them and giving them experience.

A fruitless year had given the black-dressed woman thoughts of abandoning hope but she shook her head when she thought of the situation her sect leader was in.

"Let's continue searching. The sect leader has been unconscious for a decade. Her frail life is constantly hanging by a thread and it can't continue. We have to find a treasure to save her. Without her, a small sect like ours can be wiped out at any time."

If her elder sister wasn’t in such a dire condition, they would not have come to the Sun Burial Sandsea.

Upon hearing the black-dressed woman's words, the middle-aged man fell silent. As for the juniors that they were leading, their faces also revealed melancholic and uneasy expressions.

A young girl wearing yellow had lowered her head further as her eyes turned increasingly red.

Indeed, they were in a terrible state. The sect leader was unconscious and the sect was in constant danger. Yet, their journey to the Sun Burial Sandsea bore no fruit…

"Junior Sister Ru'er, why are you beginning to cry again!?" said a young disciple loudly.

Ru'er quickly sniffed and shook her head, saying, "I’m not…"

"Fine, fine." The middle-aged man looked at Ru'er and felt somewhat stifled. Despite being their martial uncle, he was unable to hold up the skies for these young disciples.

"It's decided. We will continue searching for one more month," said the middle-aged man.

At that moment, the middle-aged man felt a rumble beneath his feet.

The Sun Burial Sandsea had been quiet for a long period of time. Therefore, the sudden quake shocked the Red Cauldron Sect group.

Even more shocking was that the rumble did not stop. Instead, the quake grew even more violent, reaching to the deepest depths of the land.


A sharp screech seemed to burst out of the land, pricking straight at their eardrums!

Instantly, the wind and clouds in the sky seemed to coalesce like they had been instigated by the screech.

"What's going on?" The middle-aged man hurriedly instructed the young disciples to fly into the air to find their footing.