True Martial World Chapter 1129

Chapter 1129: Squaring Things
Chapter 1129: Squaring Things

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Old Man Ji was still unsure of what was happening when he was teleported out. He saw a crowd of people gathered around him, and among them stood a trembling Ji Shuiyan. Her eyes were welling up.


Ji Shuiyan was completely in a daze. Was she dreaming? So much time had passed and there had been no news of Grandpa. Furthermore, he was at the core of the Sun Burial Sandsea, a place fraught with extreme danger. Even so, there he was, still alive.

"Yan'er?" Old Man Ji was also shocked.

"Miss!" The girls Xin'er and Yue Xiao could not curb their emotions, and their tears poured out. The Divine Secrets Trading Company had been wiped out and they were captured by Yan Tiancong. Then they were almost given away as sex slaves, so this reunion after a separation of life and death made it impossible for them to stay composed.

"Xin'er, Yue Xiao, why are you here? Didn't I instruct you to escape in the secret tunnel?"

"Miss, it's a long story. It's all thanks to Young Master Yi…" As Xin'er spoke, she could not help but throw herself into Ji Shuiyan's arms. Although she was Ji Shuiyan's servant, they were as close as sisters.

Yi Yun withdrew the God Advent Tower and walked away. He had no intention of disturbing Ji Shuiyan's reunion.

However, the tiny God Advent Tower had been noticed by Jian Wufeng. He was quite stunned. Could that tiny tower be…

The Clarity Pool Sword Sect had a replica of the founding ancestor's God Advent Tower, but Jian Wufeng wondered if the one in Yi Yun's hands was another replica or the real deal. However, fake or no fake, the value of the tower was inconceivable. It was something he could sense simply from the aura it exuded.

Although he was alarmed, Jian Wufeng did not probe further. Regardless of its authenticity, it was an opportunity that belonged to Yi Yun.

"Seniors," Yi Yun came before Jian Buyi and Jian Wufeng and asked, "What's the situation here at the Clarity Pool Sword Sect?"

In fact, Yi Yun had his guesses when he saw everyone prepared for battle the moment he passed through the spatial node and entered the sect.

A hint of anger flashed in Jian Buyi's eyes as he said, "The people from the Seven Star Dao Palace have been constantly searching for our location in a bid to crack the array. They have been extremely aggressive! They know we are monitoring them so they keep making declarations, asking us to surrender as soon as possible and tell them your location. I had no choice but to seal the entrance. Not a single disciple has been outside for experiential training.”

Yi Yun was not surprised when he heard that. After his leap in strength, these people could no longer cause a stir in his heart.

"Let's not talk about that. Now that you have safely returned, and considering our Clarity Pool Sword Sect hasn't fallen after a year, we’ll be safe even if we gave them a few more years. As for you, what happened in the Sun Burial Sandsea?" Jian Wufeng knew that Liu Ruyi and company had gone to the Sun Burial Sandsea. What he didn’t know was if Yi Yun had bumped into them. He was curious as to how Yi Yun was able to return safely without any trouble from them.

"Let's talk about those things in the future. Since I have returned, it's time to square the vendetta with the Seven Star Dao Palace." As Yi Yun spoke, a cold glimmer flashed in his eyes.

Jian Wufeng, Jian Buyi, and the surrounding disciples were stunned. Square the vendetta? Now?

Before they could ask him anything, Yi Yun suddenly took a step forward and instantly moved to the spatial node that connected the Clarity Pool Sword Sect to the external world. He reached out and tore the space open. A huge stride was taken and, with the flash of a beam, a broken sword appeared in his hand.

He had been walking in mid-air, crossing a thousand feet with a single step; hence, he appeared to vanish in the blink of an eye.

"Yi Yun!?"

Jian Wufeng was alarmed when he saw this scene. He had a hunch when he heard Yi Yun say those words, but he never imagined that Yi Yun would just leave without discussing such a huge matter!

There were people from the Seven Star Dao Palace outside!

“Junior Brother, let's quickly follow him!" Jian Buyi was also shocked. Although Yi Yun had returned with an extremely powerful aura that even the sect masters felt pressured by, and a pair of mysterious gray eyes, the opponent was still the powerful and unfathomable Seven Star Dao Palace!

Once the spatial node's location was exposed, it could lead to the cracking of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect's array. At the very least, it would expedite the process.

Jian Buyi and Jian Wufeng could only tear through space to accompany Yi Yun.

Jian Xiaoshuang gritted her teeth and, at the instant when space mended itself, her petite figure flashed inside it, following her masters.

She was unsure of how she felt about all this. While being besieged by the Seven Star Dao Palace, Jian Xiaoshuang had been constantly telling herself to endure any grudges. Even if the Clarity Pool Sword Sect was massacred, she had to escape with the grudge on her shoulders and live on in shame. Her goal was to wait till she had the strength to bury the Seven Star Dao Palace with her own hands!

But today, seeing Yi Yun casually rip through space before charging out, a militant enthusiasm suddenly rose up in her heart, and she could not help but charge out too.

Perhaps it was her trust and reverence of Yi Yun. Or she had been infected by Yi Yun's immense confidence. Whatever the reason, all she wanted to do was face and witness everything alongside him.

"Junior Sister Xiaoshuang!"

Jian Fenghong was alarmed. He could ignore the fact that Yi Yun and the two seniors had gone out, but Jian Xiaoshuang had left as well!

Jian Fenghong was momentarily flustered. He knew that he would be useless outside and that it was better to stay behind to keep up the morale of the others. He raised his hand and projected the situation outside in the sky.

Instantly, killing intent rose inside the Clarity Pool Sword Sect.

Everyone was nervous and confused. Although Yi Yun was very powerful, why did he choose to battle the Seven Star Dao Palace now? The Seven Star Dao Palace had four deputy palatial lords, a mysterious palatial lord, and the seven high ambassadors!

"Cowards of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect, I know you can hear me! I once advised you to open the gates and pledge allegiance to the Seven Star Dao Palace, and I would ensure your safety. Unfortunately, you have all refused my kind exhortations. Now, I have changed my mind. The day I, Tianshu, crack the array is the day your Clarity Pool Sword Sect meets with a massacre!"

Outside the Clarity Pool Mountain stood a seven-starred robed, middle-aged man with long hair guffawing. He was one of the seven high ambassadors of the Seven Star Dao Palace—High Ambassador Tianshu.

High Ambassador Tianshu had studied arrays for tens of thousands of years. His knowledge of the art of arrays was said to be the best in the Seven Star Dao Palace. Upon hearing that the Clarity Pool Sword Sect had an ancient array protecting it, High Ambassador Tianshu yearned to have a go at cracking the Clarity Pool Sword Sect's array.

He knew that the ancient array was intricate, but no matter how intricate it was, it was definitely not at its peak after being around for so many years. His cracking of the array was only a matter of time. He enjoyed the feeling of slowly pushing the Clarity Pool Sword Sect to its death as he gradually provoked the despair in their hearts.

"Hahaha! I know you have risked everything on Yi Yun, but that little bastard doesn't know his own strength. He actually went to the Sun Burial Sandsea to seek death. My Seven Star Dao Palace's four deputy palatial lords have gone there and it is certain they will return fruitful. Yi Yun is just a Dao Manifestation realm junior, an ant under our foot. He is definitely doomed!"

High Ambassador Tianshu laughed loudly as he estimated that he would need no more than a year to crack the array. As an array expert, he enjoyed the process of cracking an array.

But suddenly, High Ambassador Tianshu felt his heart skip a beat. The array flags in his hand stiffened as he suddenly looked up. He saw a person tearing through space and emerging a thousand feet above him!