True Martial World Chapter 1130

Chapter 1130: Sea of Flames
Chapter 1130: Sea of Flames

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Who is it!?

High Ambassador Tianshu turned wary. He discerned that a young man had torn through space before appearing. Was that where the Clarity Pool Sword Sect's spatial node was located?

"Haha!" To think you are actually revealing the spatial node's location to me. That’s equivalent to telling me how to crack the array!"

High Ambassador Tianshu guffawed. How foolish was this person, that they’d send the Clarity Pool Sword Sect to the gallows?

However, High Ambassador Tianshu stopped after two chortles. When he saw how the youth approached him with sword in hand and sensed his strange aura, it sent a chill down his spine.

"Who are you?" High Ambassador Tianshu asked with furrowed brows. He had guessed that the person came from the Clarity Pool Sword Sect, which meant he was likely a member of its upper echelons. He looked young, but he could very possibly be an old monster.

"Your Seven Star Dao Palace has been pursuing me, and yet you as a high ambassador of the Seven Star Dao Palace doesn't recognize me?" Yi Yun said sarcastically as he appeared within two hundred feet of High Ambassador Tianshu. When High Ambassador Tianshu heard Yi Yun's words, he was baffled.

"You are…Yi Yun!?"

High Ambassador Tianshu was alarmed. He had obviously gotten a description of Yi Yun's face but he was certain that Yi Yun would die in the Sun Burial Sandsea, so he did not pay too much attention to it. He was only truly concerned about the Clarity Pool Sword Sect's ancient array, hoping to practice his skills in array techniques by cracking it.

How could he possibly fathom that Yi Yun would return safely after going to the Sun Burial Sandsea a year ago? Even stranger, how did he suddenly possess such a powerful aura?

In an instant…

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

People from the Seven Star Dao Palace started flying over after they sensed the situation. The four deputy palatial lords of the Seven Star Dao Palace had gone to the Sun Burial Sandsea so, under the present circumstances, the people staying behind to watch the Clarity Pool Sword Sect were only the Seven Star High Ambassadors and the Dao Palace Elders.

"To think that someone would willingly come and seek death. I thought the entire Clarity Pool Sword Sect was old turtles governing a bunch of young turtles. What Clarity Pool? It's clearly a pool used to rear a bunch of cowardly turtles."

A person flew over while laughing loudly. However, when he landed in front of Yi Yun, he choked on the words he had yet to finish. The person was someone familiar to Yi Yun—High Ambassador Yu Heng.

"Yi Yun!? You…"

High Ambassador Yu Heng was surprised. As the Seven Star High Ambassador that had the greatest amount of contact with Yi Yun, he understood Yi Yun the best. He could clearly sense Yi Yun's domineering aura after a year. A sweep of the cackling gray flames in his eyes made one freeze.

Could it be…

High Ambassador Yu Heng suddenly realized that the only way for Yi Yun to have such a dramatic increase in strength was because he had a fortuitous encounter. He could not help but link it to the Sun Burial Sandsea's phenomenon. Did Yi Yun reap a huge harvest at the Sun Burial Sandsea?

"You actually managed to escape Deputy Palatial Lord Liu and company?" High Ambassador Yu Heng asked. Logically speaking, there was no way Yi Yun could have survived an encounter with the four deputy palatial lords.

"Escape?" Yi Yun sneered. He did not wish to waste his breath on these people. "You should ask them when you meet in hell."

"What?" Before High Ambassador Yu Heng could react to the underlying meaning behind Yi Yun's words, he saw a pure Yang sword beam slice through the void, appearing in front of him in the blink of an eye.

"Little bastard, do you think you are my match?"

High Ambassador Yu Heng had a gruesome expression as his whisk flew out of his sleeves, sending thousands of silver threads out at Yi Yun's sword.

Cha! Cha! Cha!

The silver threads wrapped around Yi Yun's sword beam.

Without a change of expression, Yi Yun swept his right hand, producing his Destruction Dao Domain that devoured the silver threads!

Peng Peng Peng!

The whisk's silver threads were severed!

High Ambassador Yu Heng's heart beat violently. He was alarmed and furious. Yi Yun's strength was more terrifying than he could have imagined.

"I do not know what fortuitous encounter you have had, but even if you received all the benefits of the Sun Burial Sandsea, you can never match me!"

High Ambassador Yu Heng roared as his body merged with the whisk, transforming into a stream of light that shot straight at Yi Yun's throat.

Seeing High Ambassador Yu Heng's imposing strike, Yi Yun flicked his finger and sent a gray fire plume floating at him.

The tiny fire plume appeared inconspicuous at first, but it quickly seemed to make the heaven and earth lose all temperature. It was as if all the surrounding powers of pure Yang and fire had been consumed by the tiny plume.

"Burn, Heretical God Fire Seed."

Yi Yun softly said as the tiny fire plume suddenly burst!

Surging flames spread out as if gray constellations of stars had plummeted to the mortal world!

"This is!?"

High Ambassador Yu Heng and High Ambassador Tianshu were completely enveloped by the gray flames. They desperately conjured their Yuan Qi barriers to protect them but to no avail. Their barriers were consumed by the inferno.

Immediately following that, tragic screams sounded out from everywhere. The Seven Star Dao Palace disciples that had rushed over were burned to ash!

"Ah, ah, ah!"

High Ambassador Yu Heng let out a hoarse bellow, for he finally understood that he was no match for Yi Yun at all. When he recalled Yi Yun's words about going to hell to ask his question, he finally realized the horrifying possibility—

Perhaps the four deputy palatial lords of the Seven Star Dao Palace had been killed by Yi Yun!

The four deputy palatial lords had been killed by Yi Yun alone. How was this possible?

And yet, Yi Yun had released a terrifying inferno that slaughtering them like they were pigs or chickens. He had no choice but to believe in this shocking conclusion!

He gritted his teeth and crushed a voice transmission charm, sending out information on the current happenings, as well as calling for reinforcements. But in a moment, Yi Yun had already appeared behind High Ambassador Yu Heng.


Yi Yun thrust out his sword, completely condensed from the Heretical God flames. The terrifying Heretical God's flames tore through High Ambassador Yu Heng's chest, completely consuming his innards in flames!

Black ash spewed out of High Ambassador Yu Heng's mouth as his eyes gradually lost their luster. What sort of fire was this…


High Ambassador Yu Heng transformed into a cloud of flying ash!

As for High Ambassador Tianshu, who was not as strong as High Ambassador Yu Heng, he had been engulfed by the Heretical God flames. His Yuan Qi barrier had been eaten through, causing his flesh and skin to rupture. It was an excruciating pain.

"Wait! I have thirty-six scrolls of array techniques obtained from an ancient ruin. I can give it to you as long as you…"

High Ambassador Tianshu's voice came to an abrupt halt as the pure Yang broken sword swiped across, separating his head from his neck.

Both the Seven Star Dao Palace High Ambassadors were dead!

Meanwhile, Jian Buyi, Jian Wufeng, and Jian Xiaoshuang had arrived outside the battlefield through the spatial node. Since Jian Wufeng's practice in spatial dimension laws was inferior to Yi Yun's, it took him a longer time to travel through the spatial node. He appeared just in time to witness the devastation.

The scene of the Seven Star Dao Palace disciples that had entrapped the Clarity Pool Sword Sect over the past year being consumed by the inferno left them reeling in shock. The gray flame was just too terrifying.

Could it be…that this was the Yang spirit that Yi Yun had obtained from the Sun Burial Sandsea?

However, according to Jian Wufeng and Jian Buyi's experience, the more powerful a worldly spirit item, the harder it was to command. How could such a terrifying Yang spirit be refined by a junior like Yi Yun?