True Martial World Chapter 1131

Chapter 1131: Storming the Dao Palace
Chapter 1131: Storming the Dao Palace

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The gray inferno raged in the void, leaving Jian Wufeng to take a deep breath. In just a year's time, Yi Yun had become unknown to him. From the looks of it, Yi Yun had obtained a divine item in the Sun Burial Sandsea, causing his strength to increase by leaps and bounds. However, Jian Wufeng and Jian Buyi knew that the real reason Yi Yun could even obtain and refine such a divine item was that he was a power to be feared.

Even ignoring the fact that he had defeated the deputy palatial lords of the Seven Star Dao Palace, just being able to refine the Yang spirit into his body at the Dao Manifestation realm was unbelievable.

"You, come here." Yi Yun grabbed a heavily injured person from the Seven Star Dao Palace from across the void and held him high.

The person was in such excruciating pain that his mind was not his own. When he saw Yi Yun he trembled in fear, but his eyes flashed a ruthless look as he hoarsely roared, "Yi Yun, to dare attack us, you and the Clarity Pool Sword Sect will not escape from the Seven Star Dao Palace's revenge!"

"Revenge?" Yi Yun smiled slightly. "There's no need to wait. I shall now personally pay a visit. Lead the way to your Seven Star Dao Palace."

Although Yi Yun had killed High Ambassador Yu Heng before he could crush the voice transmission charm, he didn't care if the transmission did send. When he decided to take action, he had decided to settle this once and for all.

"Yi Yun…wants to storm the Seven Star Dao Palace now?"

Yi Yun's words left Jian Wufeng and company reeling in shock once again.

The way he wiped out this group from the Seven Star Dao Palace was truly astounding. But these people did not make up the main force of the Seven Star Dao Palace.

The Seven Star Dao Palace was a top-tier sect in the Central State Divine Territory. It was protected by a massive array and had no shortage of experts.

However, they could no longer stop Yi Yun. With the Seven Star Dao Palace grunt in hand, he transformed into a stream of light and flew far into the distance.

"Let's follow," said Jian Wufeng. Jian Xiaoshuang was following behind like she was in a dream.

Just fifteen minutes ago, they had been besieged and unable to leave. In the blink of an eye, Yi Yun had turned the tables and was about to storm the Seven Star Dao Palace.

The Seven Star Dao Palace was located on an immortal mountain in the Central State Divine Territory. Clouds covered the mountains with a thin, everlasting air lingering. When seen from above, seven palaces were laid out like a seven-starred constellation. It had a massive presence.

To mortals and ordinary warriors, this place could be called the Seven Star Immortal Palace. It was a famous and sacred place that was not to be violated.

But on this day, a figure with electrifying killing intent came crashing down from the sky, before landing in the square in front of the Seven Star Dao Palace's entrance.

"Who is it!?"

The disciples guarding the entrance immediately rushed forward. All of them took a domineering stance, as they wanted to know who was foolish enough to appear at their entrance without any proprietary or thought.


A person that was on his last breath slammed in front of them. The disciples were immediately stunned when they saw this.

The figure was in a tragic state. His entire body was charred black, and from the clothes he wore, they could tell he was from the Seven Star Dao Palace.

"Elder…Elder Chu!?" One of the disciples managed to recognize the person, and only barely.

This was actually one of their Elders!

"Elder Chu, what happened? Didn’t you go to wipe out the Clarity Pool Sword Sect? Why are you in this state…" The disciple asked in disbelief.

Elder Chu looked up into the sky above the square, right at Yi Yun's figure. "Quick…we…have all been killed by him…"

The disciples felt their heads buzz. Only then did they recall that a figure had thrown Elder Chu in front of them.

They looked up in shock at Yi Yun. This was the person that had killed Elder Chu and the rest?

At that moment, Yi Yun began speaking. He said, "Today, I'm here to wipe out the Seven Star Dao Palace. Anyone who hinders me shall be executed without a second thought."

"If you value your life, all you need to do is get out of my way and descend the mountain."

Yi Yun looked at the palaces in front of him. All of them would soon be dyed red with blood.

However, Yi Yun would not kill the tens of thousands of Seven Star Dao Palace disciples. All he wanted was to erase the existence of the Seven Star Dao Palace in the Central State Divine Territory.

"Wipe out my Seven Star Dao Palace? What an ostentatious claim!" The two disciples felt emboldened to yell at Yi Yun, for they had the entire Seven Star Dao Palace backing them from behind.

But in an instant, they felt a gentle breeze as the figure flew past them.

Puah Puah Puah!

Instantly, sword scars appeared on the two disciples as they spewed blood from their mouth and died!

The remaining disciples turned limp with fear. Their limbs turned cold. They could not see how Yi Yun had made his move. All they saw was two people die in a flash!

With that, none of them dared oppose him. They scampered down the mountain in fear.

Yi Yun came in front of the mountain, only to be stopped by the array's fluctuation. He slashed down with his broken sword.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

The entire entrance vibrated and alerted everyone in the Seven Star Dao Palace.

"How audacious! Who dares attack our entrance!"

A few Seven Star Dao Palace experts charged out as they shouted fiercely. However, all they got was a sight of Yi Yun.

A sword beam flashed past as blood splattered across the sky!

Yi Yun walked through the entrance with a sword in hand. However, his clothes were not stained by blood at all.

"Quick, stop him!"

"Who is this person?"

The Seven Star Dao Palace disciples that dared to try and stop Yi Yun were effortlessly slain by sword slashes, unable to even get close to him.

Soon, the Seven Star Dao Palace disciples stopped trying to approach Yi Yun. His slow stroll and mysterious countenance were like a demonic murderer king in their eyes.

It exemplified the saying, 'if God is in the way, I'll slaughter Him. If Buddha stops me, I'll slaughter Him too!”

Yi Yun walked past a palace and raised his hand. The Heretical God Fire Seed's gray flame enveloped the entire palace, razing it quietly.

The immortal palace of yesterday quickly turned to ash under the Heretical God flame. Gray smoke billowed into the sky.

Countless warriors, and even mortals, witnessed this scene from below the mountain and even thousands of kilometers away.

They shuddered in fear. What sort of terrifying enemy did the Seven Star Dao Palace, that had stood there for such a long period of time, provoke?

"Friend, do not be too hasty to act so ruthlessly."

At the moment Yi Yun came in front the final palace, an elder appeared in front of him and said this lightly.

Yi Yun came to a stop. Throughout his entire trip through the Seven Star Dao Palace, this was the first time someone had managed to make him stop.

The elder appeared to have been standing there the whole time. Only when he spoke did Yi Yun notice him. He had an unfathomable aura that made Yi Yun feel threatened.

This person…

"Are you the Seven Star Dao Palace's palatial lord?" asked Yi Yun.

He had engaged in wanton murder this entire time, but the palatial lord had not appeared. It was truly odd.

"Palatial lord? If you say so. I am but an old man that simply stays here and watches the mountains and the sea of clouds to pass the time," said the elder.

"Friend, you have burned down the Dao Palace. The few deputy palatial lords that went to the Sun Burial Sandsea have not returned, nor has there been news of them, so they have likely died by your hand. Now, the disciples of the Seven Star Dao Palace have all scurried down the mountain. The Seven Star Dao Palace can be considered destroyed. It is time for you to retreat."

Yi Yun looked at the elder calmly and asked curiously, "Are you really the palatial lord? Why does it seem like you don’t care if the Seven Star Dao Palace exists or not?"