True Martial World Chapter 1136

Chapter 1136: Myriad Immortal Pavilion
Chapter 1136: Myriad Immortal Pavilion

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The Red Cauldron Sect which had been like a candle in the wind had finally pulled through.

To the Red Cauldron Sect sect master, he had been revived as if he had been given a new lease of life. He brought his daughter, Ru'er to pay their respects to Yi Yun. When he came to Yi Yun's residence, he realized that Yi Yun was in meditation so he could only quietly wait outside for Yi Yun to finish his meditation.

"Come on in." Yi Yun said.

Only then did the Red Cauldron Sect sect master push the palatial door open and give Yi Yun a respectful bow.

"Senior Yi, I'm the Red Cauldron Sect's sect master, Lin Tiancheng. Thank you for saving my life, Senior."

Ru'er, who was standing beside Lin Tiancheng, quickly bowed a junior's salutation. To the Red Cauldron Sect, Yi Yun was definitely an extraordinarily mighty senior.

"We have only reaped the benefits of each other. I need that piece of Soul Nurturing Wood so saving you was just in passing and nothing worth mentioning. As for the Soul Nurturing Wood, it is extremely useful for me, so if it comes down to numbers, I might have come off cheap." Yi Yun said frankly.

"Senior, you are too polite. Without you, the entire Red Cauldron Sect might not be preserved. Ignoring the Soul Nurturing Wood's worth, it is useless to my Red Cauldron Sect no matter how valuable it is. It might even invite catastrophe on us."

Lin Tiancheng spoke earnestly for he did not covet the Soul Nurturing Wood. He had long guessed that it was likely an extremely valuable treasure but it was not something he could possess.

Yi Yun thought highly of people who could curb their greed. He said, "I got off cheap on this transaction. The Soul Nurturing Wood is too useful for me so I will not make you get off with a bad deal. Take this and consider it as some compensation."

As Yi Yun spoke, he flicked his finger and an interspatial ring flew straight into Lin Tiancheng's hand.

When Lin Tiancheng caught it, he saw that there were a large number of jade slips and pill bottles inside. They were heritage cultivation techniques, pills, and relics.

"Although they are few in number, they are ten times more valuable compared to the things I left your sect a year ago. Just consider it as barely compensating you for the value of the Soul Nurturing Wood. Do not reveal this to others or leak anything about the Soul Nurturing Wood. If not, it will only invite trouble on yourself."

Yi Yun had killed too many enemies over the years. He had accumulated a lot of wealth but Yi Yun's foundation was too powerful. His requirements on the quality of resources were extremely high. A typical Supremacy's collection might not be of use for Yi Yun's cultivation. Hence, Yi Yun gave these things away wantonly without feeling the pinch.

To the Red Cauldron Sect, the items in the interspatial ring were enough for them to expand and raise the sect's strength to a whole new level. As such, how could Lin Tiancheng not feel agitated?

He took a deep breath and did not refuse it. He had heard from Ru'er's recount and knew that these were nothing to Yi Yun.

"Thank you, Senior."

"Alright, do you know where in the Myriad Divine Territory is the most prosperous when it comes to trading?"

Although Yi Yun had seen records regarding the Myriad Divine Territory in the divine alchemist's notes, they were from hundreds of millions of years ago. After such a long period of time, the factions in the Myriad Divine Territory had long experienced great changes.

Yi Yun was somewhat worried, unsure if he could obtain the things he wanted from the Myriad Divine Territory.

Yi Yun wanted to use the Soul Returning Root to refine a cauldron of Hollow Soul Pills.

Not only could the Hollow Soul Pills save Ling Xie'er, they were also very beneficial to Yi Yun.

According to the divine alchemist's records, consuming the Hollow Soul Pill allowed one's soul to undergo a metamorphic change, allowing one's mental strength to strengthen greatly.

A warrior's soul was especially important to them. A strong soul was required to gain insights, control laws, produce soul assaults, perception probing, refining of medicine, refining of weapons, setting up arrays, etc.

Yi Yun's soul wasn't weak but he was not satisfied.

He had the Purple Crystal and the control of the Purple Crystal relied on his soul and mental strength.

Every use of the Purple Crystal's powers drained a non-negligible amount of the power of his soul.

For example, in the refinement of pills, Yi Yun's greatest talent was attributed to the Purple Crystal.

Through the Purple Crystal's extraction and control of the medicinal essence flow, Yi Yun had demonstrated extraordinary talent in the Desolate Heaven technique in his early years. He was superior to Luo Huo'er, who had been practicing the Desolate Heaven technique for years, in various aspects.

If he had a powerful soul, it would only redouble his might. His control of the Purple Crystal would only become easier.

However, the refinement of the Hollow Soul Pill required him to find other supplementary herbs. And any one of them was extremely valuable.

The two most difficult supplementary herbs were called 'Netherworld Sand' and 'Heaven Aqua'.

Both herbs were natural treasures born in two different extreme environments after being nourished by the spiritual energies of the world. The environments that met the conditions were already hard to find. And even these environments might not necessarily produce 'Heaven Aqua' or 'Netherworld Sand'.

Of course, the two herbs were of lower value compared to the Soul Returning Root in Yi Yun's hands.

According to the size of the Soul Returning Root, if he found sufficient 'Netherworld Sand' and 'Heaven Aqua', Yi Yun was able to refine about six or seven Hollow Soul Pills.

Ling Xie'er needed probably two and the rest could be used by Yi Yun to enhance his soul.

"Senior, the biggest trading company in the Myriad Divine Territory is the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. It has a long lustrous history and has a huge stock of heavenly treasures. Senior, you will definitely be able to find what you want there."

Myriad Immortal Pavilion?

Yi Yun had seen the name in the divine alchemist's notes. However, the Myriad Immortal Pavilion was not even in the top ten trading companies hundreds of millions of years ago. He was surprised that it had now become the biggest faction.

The Myriad Divine Territory's trade comprised of many of the large factions of the Yang God Empyrean Heaven. To be able to reign supreme in this area, the amount of profit they received every year was unimaginable.

"Tell me about the Myriad Immortal Pavilion."

Lin Tiancheng said politely, "Senior, the Myriad Immortal Pavilion controls about seventy percent of the trade in the Myriad Divine Territory. The pavilion lord of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's name is Tang Qianyu. He is a legendary figure in the Myriad Divine Territory. He had become a Divine Lord tens of millions of years ago and pushed the Myriad Immortal Pavilion to its present peak. Senior, such a figure is someone that exceeds your imagination…"

Tang Qianyu?

Yi Yun nodded. The Myriad Divine Territory was not something an ordinary small divine territory could compare with. As the top faction of the Myriad Divine Territory with immense amounts of treasures in their warehouses and in control of massive amounts of trade on a daily basis, they would have been robbed clean if not for a Divine Lord holding down the situation.

The Myriad Immortal Pavilion that had a Divine Lord holding it down probably could find the 'Netherworld Sand' and 'Heaven Aqua'. However, about the price…

Speaking of price, Yi Yun found it troublesome.

His present situation was awkward. On one end, his foundation was excellent. His quality requirements of heavenly treasures were extremely high but compared to old freaks that had accumulated their wealth for years, he was actually extremely poor.

Compared to those old freaks, he had no advantage.

"Whatever. I'll first go to the Myriad Immortal Pavilion and decide on my plans."