True Martial World Chapter 1137

Chapter 1137: Myriad Pavilion
Chapter 1137: Myriad Pavilion

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A teleportation array's Yuan Qi reverberated as Yi Yun and Ru'er's figures appeared.

"Senior, right in front of us is Myriad City," Ru'er said.

Yi Yun and Ru'er had finally reached their destination after traversing several teleportation arrays to go from the Red Cauldron Sect to the core area of the Myriad Divine Territory.

The Myriad Divine Territory was extensive and at its core was Myriad City.

After walking out the teleportation array, Yi Yun looked in front of him and took in the sights of the entire Myriad City. It was constructed on a massive plain and there were continuous rows of pavilions at a glance. Furthermore, there were immense amounts of Yuan Qi gushing towards Myriad City from the entire plain. From afar, one could acutely feel a sense of shock and awe at this sight.

"Senior, flying above Myriad City is forbidden. I'll procure a carriage for you," said Ru'er.

"Alright, go ahead." Yi Yun nodded.

He was completely unfamiliar with Myriad City so Lin Tiancheng had offered to have Ru'er accompany him as she had visited Myriad City several times. She knew it like the back of her hand so she saved Yi Yun a lot of trouble.

"In the future, don't keep calling me senior. Just call me by my name," Yi Yun said.

Although he did not mind the misunderstanding regarding his age, he found it odd to be called senior all the time.

"Then…Senior, I'll call you Young Master." Ru'er said somewhat embarrassed. "Then, Young Master, please don't call me Miss Nangong. Just calling me Ru'er would do."

Ru'er had taken her mother's maiden name and Yi Yun had been addressing her as Miss Nangong throughout the trip. It left this young girl somewhat struck with reverence and awe.

"Alright," said Yi Yun.

Ru'er quickly procured a horse carriage. The horses that pulled the carriage were tall and majestic. They effused Yuan Qi all throughout their bodies making them appear magnificent and extraordinary. After Yi Yun entered the carriage, he realized that the interior was extremely spacious and luxurious.

"It's said that Myriad City gathers all the good things in the Myriad Divine Territory or even the entire Yang God Empyrean Heaven. Not only is it filled with treasures, there are all sorts of outlets for pleasure. The Myriad Immortal Pavilion would also hold a Myriad Exchange every ten years. The appearance of the most precious treasures in the Myriad Divine Territory attracts the entire Yang God Empyrean Heaven and even warriors from other Empyrean Heavens."

"It would be another three years before the next exchange. Young Master, I'm sure you will be able to buy whatever you want at that exchange. It has everything, giving Myriad City its fame." Ru'er informed Yi Yun of the situation as she sat inside the carriage.

"There's no harm waiting three years. Let's first stay in the Myriad City for the time being," said Yi Yun.

"Alright, then it's necessary for us to take a trip to Myriad Pavilion. That is where we exchange for currency in Myriad City, as well as where we purchase or rent property for residential purposes," said Ru'er.

Yi Yun nodded. On the journey, Ru'er had told him that although the Myriad City also traded in World Stones and Chaos Stones, the true top treasures were not exchanged with World Stones but 'Myriad Runes'.

Myriad Runes were jointly issued by the ten major factions of the Myriad Divine Territory. There was only one way to obtain them—pawning treasures to these major factions. The more valuable the treasures, the more runes they could exchange for. As for low-grade treasures, none of the ten major factions would be willing to accept them.

In short, exchange trading was popular in the Myriad Divine Territory. The only reason for the issue of runes as a currency was to ease the computation of an item's worth.

The carriage moved down the roads at a quick pace and after entering the city, Yi Yun saw two rows of bustling stores. The roads were filled with people and it bustled way more than the capital cities of mortals.

There would be powerful auras appearing on the street from time to time. The warriors that walked the streets were not weak. It was very difficult to see so many experts gathered elsewhere.

The Myriad City that was typically filled with many warriors would probably be even livelier when the exchange happened. It would be a grand event.

Even if Yi Yun wasn't here to purchase ingredients to refine the Hollow Soul Pill, just the visit had already broadened his horizons.

"Young Master, we have arrived at Myriad Pavilion."

The carriage stopped in front of a massive pavilion and there were huge influx and outflux of warriors.

Ru'er led the way and soon, a Myriad Pavilion manager came forward.

"Sir, can I help you?" The manager smiled friendly.

Yi Yun passed him more than a dozen interspatial rings which he had obtained when he killed his enemies.

"Help me exchange the things inside that are of use. In addition, help me find a residence that is suitable for cultivation," said Yi Yun.

"Alright. Please enjoy the tea over here. I'll be right back." The manager said as he took the interspatial rings over.

The Myriad Pavilion was under the Myriad City's jurisdiction. Warriors came here in order to exchange for Myriad Runes so it was natural that the business would not scam them in the exchange. If not, there would have been other warriors kicking up a storm before Yi Yun.

And while waiting, the manager had sent a catalog over.

When Yi Yun opened the catalog, his eyes lit up. In it were the prices of items by the various major merchants.

He used his soul to search within and quickly found treasures that interested him greatly.

Before obtaining the divine alchemist's notes, Yi Yun would not have thought much of these items but now, these treasures were just too useful to him.

Nearly all the treasures were priced using Myriad Runes and the ones that were labeled with World Stones were extremely few in number.

"How expensive…"

Ru'er felt her eyes ache when she looked from the side. The sale of the entire Red Cauldron Sect could not even afford a tenth of the treasures that cost tens of thousands of runes easily.

As for Yi Yun, he had eyed a few treasures in the catalog that were worth hundreds of thousands of runes.

"Oh? They even have Heaven Desolate Grass here, 900,000 runes. This is an extremely valuable spirit herb recorded in the divine alchemist's notes. Although it's slightly poorer in quality to the Soul Returning Root, it's absolutely something that one can only come by with luck."

900,000 runes sounded very expensive but Yi Yun did not think so. He compared it to the prices of the other treasures and a large number of the treasures that Yi Yun felt were not even worth a hundredth of the Heaven Desolate Grass was priced at 200,000 to 300,000 runes.

The price was clearly illogical.

Yi Yun stroked his chin. From the looks of it, there were so many kinds of treasures in the world that even the Myriad Divine Territory was not fully aware of the price of every treasure.

Taking the Heaven Desolate Grass as an example, it was said to be extremely precious in the divine alchemist's notes but many of the recipes that had it as an ingredient might have been exclusive to the divine alchemist or had been lost over the passage of time. This made many people unable to recognize the value of the Heaven Desolate Grass. If not, Yi Yun wouldn't have found it expensive if it were sold for twenty to thirty million runes.

"I need to get my hands on this Heaven Desolate Grass."

As Yi Yun ruminated over things, the manager returned.

"Sir, this is your rune jade charm. After inspecting it, all you need to do is project your spiritual mark into it and the jade charm cannot be used by others." The manager had returned with a jade disk.

Yi Yun took over the jade charm and injected his spiritual energy into it. Immediately, his expression sank.

How poor…

The more than a dozen interspatial rings had only been exchanged for 85,000 runes.

With that, how could he even afford the Heaven Desolate Grass? Yi Yun could not even afford a single spirit herb that he had eyed.

He was helpless when he thought about it. The people that he had killed previously were mostly at best at the Dao Palace realm. The things stored in the interspatial ring were things Yi Yun could not use and the true treasures he possessed such as the God Advent Tower, 'Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon', the divine alchemist's notes, etc obviously could not be used.

In fact, the wealth Yi Yun had at present was rather substantial. However, at the Myriad Exchange, the treasures he wanted could only be worth more than he had. The people that made the trades were old monstrous Supremacies or even Divine Lords that had lived for millions of years!

Compared to these people, Yi Yun was poor.

"Sir, as for the residence you wanted, I have already found the suitable cultivation grounds in Myriad City. Sir, please feel free to take a look." The manager took out a map.

"There's no need." Yi Yun pondered for a moment before looking up and say, "I've changed my mind. Find me some storefronts that are rather quiet."

The manager faltered slightly and immediately nodded with a smile. He said, "Alright, let me check for the empty storefronts."

There were many people that came to Myriad City for business so it was nothing odd.

"Young Master, why did you choose a storefront?" Ru'er asked in astonishment.

"The prices of the herbs I need are rather high. The runes I have at present are somewhat short of the amounts required. Furthermore, to ensure that I can obtain them, I probably need even more runes. Since I want to refine pills and cultivate my mind over the next three years, I might as well open a store," said Yi Yun.

Yi Yun had gone from the mid-stages of the Dao Manifestation realm to the Dao Palace realm in one fell swoop. The leap in cultivation had been too great that no matter how high Yi Yun's nomological insights were, he could not ensure that there wasn't a problem.

He needed time to let his cultivation sink in. Three years was actually not even enough.

As such, Yi Yun planned to cultivate while studying the divine alchemist's notes and selling the useless pills he refined. Since Myriad City had a bustling economy, he was bound to have business even if he ran a store that was located somewhere quiet.

Yi Yun was also confident in the quality of the pills he refined. Even without the pill recipes that he had inherited from the divine alchemist, the most ordinary pills that Yi Yun refined would have their quality greatly enhanced.